Software Project Management Services

Software Project Management Services

Software  Project Management Services

Software Project Management Services


Our professional project management team practices industry-standard methodologies. We have applied our skills to successfully manage complex and diverse projects, coordinating with teams across the globe. Uniwebb also has comprehensive experience managing vendors and suppliers, distributing 3rd party resources, and keeping outsourced projects on track, on time and within budget. We have all the required resources to manage projects across all relevant industry verticals.


Software Project Management: A solution proven necessary

In a regularly cited academic study “Project Success and Failure,” Dr. Ed Hoffman is quoted, “projects [often] fail because of poor alignment between IT departments and business users.”

According to the study, only 16.1% of 365 studied information system projects were completed on time and within budget. Over 52 percent of projects were partial failures and 31% were complete failures!

Other statistics affirm the study, with an estimated 60% failure rate for outsourced projects. Is outsourcing to be blamed or there is something else? What can be done better?

Consider what are the major factors responsible for project failure!

  1. Changing requirements
  2. Inconsistent stakeholder demands
  3. Insufficient time or budget allotment

What is one thing that can control the 3 major reasons for project failure: Successful Project Management.

Successful software project management requires industry experts and experienced project managers. Look no further than the Uniwebb project management team.


The benefits of Uniwebb Software Project Management

Our project management services help companies keep their web application, mobile apps or any other IT related projects on track, within budget and delivered on time.

If you are having trouble managing your outsourced projects and are having budget or efficiency issues, Uniwebb can help turn your project failure into a successful endeavor.

Software Project Management Services

Software Project Management Services

The benefits of Uniwebb software project management:

  • Uniwebb will act as a liaison between your team and developers
  • We effectively manage time zone issues and cultural differences so you don’t have to.
  • 100% transparency in project performance and tracking reports, so you’re never left in the dark.
  • We make sure that your project’s scope is comprehensive and the technology chosen is appropriate; finally, we ensure the finished product is completed as per contract terms.
  • A complete quality check for every project, so you can ensure that the project is bug free and ready to be taken to market.

What differentiates us is:

  • Educated and certified project managers, adept at achieving tremendous results.
  • Project management, planning & reposting using industry best-practice techniques and standards.
  • Exceptional decision-making on the fly through an efficient change management process
  • A dedicated project manager for each client.
  • The support of a comprehensive team trained in multiple disciplines.

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