Windows Phone Application Development

With the imminent release of Windows 8, it’s evident that Microsoft intends to rival both the iPhone and Android platforms. For that reason, our programmers have been researching and working with Windows applications

Our developers at Uniwebb Software have wide-ranging experience in developing Windows applications, including a familiarity with past versions of Windows Mobile, including WP7. Our programmers have expertise in Windows Mobile SDK 6.0, Visual Studio and Objective C and are passionate about developing quality custom mobile apps for Windows Phone and Tablet applications. 

Our developers are familiar with many languages & tools:

  • Visual Studio
  • GMS .NET compact Framework 2.0
  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • MS .NET compact Framework 1.0
  • Windows Mobile SDK 6.0
  • Java

Our developers specialize in all fields, here are a few:


Factors that Make Windows unique

  • Multi Tasking
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Multi Touch
  • Native Apps

Are You develop or upgrade your windows app?

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