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What is an AI-powered chatbot?

AI-powered Chatbots or chat bots are computer programs, based on artificial intelligence methods of communicating with intelligent systems using natural language processing (NLP) technology. AI-chatbots can integrate with messaging apps, web apps and other internet connected systems to automate business processes.

What’s Ginibot?

Ginibot is an AI-powered chatbot platform to help startups, SMEs and businesses engage more users, increase sales and automate business processes in the most efficient way. It seamlessly deploys on your website without any programming or coding knowledge in minutes. Ginibot is highly customizable and can integrate into your existing database systems to enhance and automate your business processes on the fly.

Can Ginibot automate any type of business?

Definitely YES. Ginibot is highly customizable and can be used for any business or industry type. What’s more? Ginibot can be used by your internal team for seamless communications.

Can AI-powered chatbot (Ginibot) be used for document collaboration?

Yes. In an enterprise environment, Ginibot can be customized to allow all team members inside an organizations to communicate, collaborate and share documents, digital files, images and videos in a safe and secure environment.

Can I integrate my Ginibot into my Facebook page?

Yes absolutely. In fact you can integrate Ginibot with any Chanel, you and your business associates use. Example of channels: SMS, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp along with messaging on your brand's website or mobile app

Can I test and try Ginibot for Free?

Yes. You can try Ginibot on your website for free in three simple steps:

  1. Enter your website URL
  2. Select a template of your choice
  3. Preview the changes and VOILA. You are ready to experience the bot on your website.
What’s in it for my business? How will my business benefit from Ginibot?

Ginibot benefits your business in the following ways:

  1. Makes your business accessible 24/7
  2. Communicates with your customers and responds to enquirers in real time in a conversational way.
  3. Levels up on customer engagement
  4. Talks to your customers in their language
I’m not a programmer, can I still deploy Ginibot on my website and test it?

Yes. No coding skills are necessary to deploy the bot. Just add your conversation to your already familiar spreadsheet and you are good to go!

Will I be able to monitor my company’s chatbot conversation live?

Yes. You can monitor all chatbot conversations and other activities on your own dashboard in real time.

What happens if Ginibot is asked a question and she’s not prepared to answer?

Ginibot‘ s handover feature passes conversation on to a live agent based on key phrases in the conversation. This enriches user experience in many ways.

Can Ginibot talk in my customer’s language?

Yes. Our “Gini” (AI-powered chatbot) speaks in many languages. English, Spanish, French...When your customers start conversations, she responds in their own language. Her multi-lingual capabilities, personalizes the user experience and allows your business to scale up to new markets.

Will chatbots replace my staff?

No. On the contrary. Chatbots assist your staff and team members. Ginibot allows your agents to focus more on other important activities by automating routine tasks. Therefore enriching your team’s productivity and performance.

Where’s Ginibot hosted?

Ginibot is hosted on cloud, Amazon AWS web services.

How many conversations can I have on Ginibot?
  1. You can have up to 30 conversation for FREE.
  2. $50.00 per month per user for up to 1000 conversations.
  3. $0.0015 per API call after 1000 conversations per user.
Can I detect my customer’s locations?

Yes. Using Ginibot Analytics, you can view your user’s locations when interacting with Ginibot from anywhere in the world. You also have access to other important KPIs to measure Ginibot’s performance.

Can I deploy Ginibot on-premise?

Yes. Ginibot supports both on-premise and cloud deployment.

How can Ginibot increase my business workforce productivity?

Ginibot streamlines and automates your repetitive tasks allowing your team to focus on more important activities. It also interacts with prospective and existing clients in an intelligent conversational way collecting details they provide. This allows for more qualified leads and huge time savings.

How do I view the details collected by Ginibot during the conversations?

All collected details will be reflected in a spreadsheet in real time.

Can I edit/add dialogs to the conversations?

Yes. You can seamlessly modify the conversation by making changes in the spreadsheet.

What’s Ginibot’s service uptime?

Ginibot service is up 99.95% of the time. It is hosted on cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), same operation time as in AWS.

Are Amazon Alexa and Google Home supported by Ginibot?

Yes. All Ginibot conversations can be integrated with both Amazon Alexa and Goggle home.

How long will it take for Uniwebb Software to custom develop and depoy Ginibot on my website?

It really depends on your business requirements and needs. However, if your conversation is already in place, it takes less than an hour to deploy the Ginibot.

Can Ginibot be deployed for HR functions?

Yes. Our AI-powered conversational chatbot can be deployed for:

  • HR Functions
  • Customer Support
  • Internal Team Collaboration
  • Help Desk
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Bookings
  • Your Industry
What separates Ginibot from other chatbots?

Deploying a chatbot usually takes a long time. Ginibot, however is highly customizable to suit your business needs, can be deployed in less than an hour and it is based on artificial intelligence NLP.

Does Ginibot AI-powered chatbot on Mobile phones?

Yes. Ginibot works on any device with internet connection!

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