AI-Powered Chatbot For Restaurants

Artificial Intelligence Conversational Restaurant Bot Development

Automate your restaurant business processes, customer support, HR functions, sales force and a lot more.

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AI Powered Bot to help you boost sales and delight customers

Voice ordering.

Have your customers talk to a voice-assistant-enabled order taker from their own home or in your store, and their orders get queued into the POS system just like any other order.
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Kiosks that recognize you

Once you opt in to facial recognition asked by the bot, Kiosk will recognize your face and the bot makes suggestions based on your previous order history! (This data is not tied to credit cards or other personal information and can only be captured once guests have given their consent to opt-in.)

Powerful scheduling capabilities

Create and communicate work schedules in advance.
Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence and connect with a cloud-based POS, scheduling software and factor in granular information that could create operational and marketing opportunities. For example, it could determine which of your staff is capable of doing most up-selling, and give those team members priority for high-volume shifts.
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Predict sales, foot traffic, and study competition

By intelligent data analysis of your existing data source accumulated over the years!
AI can predict:
Your restaurant’s foot traffic, drink and food sales by automatically monitoring factors like weather forecast, local public or business events.
Level of stocks needed for specific event
Number of staff needed to serve at specific events
Automatically suggest pricing based on cost of goods and nearby competition menu prices.
And a lot more. We can automate anything you need :)

Delivery mapping and management tools.

Food delivery is becoming a more and more important part of today’s restaurant operation. We use an integrated AI technology to efficiently manage customer orders, monitor driver’s progress, and route guidance.
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Self-serve options for High volume restaurants

Use Advanced AI powered Kiosks and tablets to speed up services without sacrificing the human touch. Allow your servers to provide more quality service to your customers and free them up form repetitive and transactional demands.

Studies have shown that self-order, whether at kiosks or at tables, encourages higher check averages and results in healthier sales.

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