Elevate Your Mortgage Customer Service Team with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Transform Mortgage Customer Support with AiX,

AI Customer Service Platform
Revolutionize Mortgage Customer Support:

AiX Instantly Addresses 75% of Client Inquiries.

Plus, an additional advantage:

Our sophisticated AI technology rapidly handles queries while achieving an outstanding accuracy rate exceeding 95%.


Effortless Precision

With ongoing enhancements, AiX by RPAiX continually evolves, offering ever more accurate and dependable responses, making it a leading AI Customer Service Platform.

conversation bot

Conversational Bot

Use AiX, our AI Customer Service Platform, for seamless communication with users. Automate your customer service effortlessly, no coding required.


Exceptional Support:

Enhance your customer service with AiX, providing quicker and more precise solutions that lead to greater customer satisfaction.



Leverage AiX's innovative marketing tools  on our AI Customer Service Platform to boost sales, generate leads, enhance revenue, and streamline sales processes.

Enhancing Business Efficiency with AiX’s Unified Solution for the Mortgage Industry.

Unlock the full capabilities of your mortgage business with AiX's Unified Solution. Our mortgage AI chatbot development services expertly merge automation, client interactions, ticketing, borrower data, and sophisticated reporting into a single, integrated AI Customer Service Platform.

AI Customer Service Platform

Feature Highlights of Our AI Customer Service Platform

Enhance your customer service operations with AiX. Our AI-powered chatbot development services transform business-customer interactions through innovative features like advanced chatbot capabilities, seamless help desk integration, proactive customer engagement, and a comprehensive analytics suite. AiX is designed with customizable interfaces, multilingual support, scalable solutions, and continuous learning algorithms that adapt to your evolving needs. Elevate your customer service excellence today with AiX—where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional customer care.

advacned chatbot capabitities

Advanced Chatbot Capabilities

Utilize the power of AiX, our AI Customer Service Platform, to deploy state-of-the-art chatbots that engage customers in real-time conversations. These bots are equipped to handle inquiries with high precision, significantly reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Real-time analytics dashboard

Real-time, Comprehensive Analytics Suite:

Leverage the full potential of AiX with its comprehensive analytics capabilities. Our AI Customer Service Platform provides detailed insights into customer interactions, support effectiveness, and system performance, allowing for data-driven decision-making.


Self-Learning Algorithms

AiX constantly learns from each interaction, thanks to its self-learning algorithms. Our AI Customer Service Platform adapts and evolves to deliver increasingly accurate and relevant responses, ensuring your customer service remains top-notch.

helpdesk integration

Seamless Help Desk Integration

Integrate a robust help desk system within AiX, our AI Customer Service Platform, that streamlines ticketing processes from initiation to resolution. This integration ensures that customer issues are managed efficiently through automated routing and resolution recommendations.

customizable user interface

Customizable User Interface

Customize the user interface of AiX to reflect your brand’s aesthetics and usability preferences. Our AI Customer Service Platform offers extensive customization options to ensure that the customer service experience aligns with your brand identity.

Proactive customer engagement

Proactive Customer Engagement

Our AI Customer Service Platform empowers your team to proactively engage customers using predictive analytics that anticipate needs and offer solutions before the customer even reaches out. This proactive approach enhances the overall customer experience and loyalty.

multilingual AI support

Multilingual AI Support

Expand your global reach with AiX’s multilingual capabilities. Our AI Customer Service Platform supports multiple languages, making it easier to cater to a diverse customer base without language barriers.

Advanced customer data API

Advanced Customer Data API

Our AI Customer Service Platform enables seamless integration and access to customer data for personalized AI-driven interactions and insights.

Scaleable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, AiX is designed to scale with your business needs. Our AI Customer Service Platform can handle increasing volumes of interactions without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Why choose AIX as your AI customer service platform

Why Choose AiX for Your Mortgage AI Customer Service Platform?

Opting for AiX means partnering with a leader in AI solutions tailored to the mortgage industry. Our platform is dedicated to enhancing your client interactions through state-of-the-art technology and unwavering support. Implement AiX today and revolutionize your mortgage customer service, ensuring every client interaction is impactful and effective.









We cater our AI-powered chatbot software development services to many industries and institutions.

Our Journey to Redefining Customer Service with AiX

The Challenge
Customer Services Challenge


Once upon a time, in the bustling world of customer service, there was a company striving to keep up with the escalating demands of its growing customer base. The challenges were manifold—increasing inquiries, a need for multi-language support, and the pressure to deliver quick and accurate responses around the clock.

The Revolution Begins
The Revolution begins

The Revolution Begins:

Enter AiX, our AI Customer Service Platform, born out of the necessity for innovation and efficiency. With a vision to transform customer interactions, AiX was designed to automate and enhance every aspect of customer service, making it not just better, but revolutionary.

The Transformation
Ai Customer Service Platform - transformation

The Transformation:

From the first day of integration, AiX began to make waves. Its advanced chatbot capabilities could handle 75% of customer queries instantly, speaking in languages as varied as the customers it served. The seamless help desk integration meant that no ticket went unanswered, no matter the hour.

Proactive Engegement
Proactive engagement with AIX

Proactive Engagement:

AiX, our AI Customer Service Platform, wasn't just reactive; it was distinctly proactive. By analyzing patterns and predicting customer needs, AiX engaged customers with solutions even before they reached out. This not only boosted satisfaction but also fostered a sense of truly personalized service.

Learning and Growing
Ai Customer Service Platform - self-learning

Learning and Growing:

As time passed, AiX continued to learn and adapt. Its self-learning algorithms, a cornerstone of our AI Customer Service Platform, evolved daily, fueled by each interaction and driven by the goal to serve better. The platform's analytics capabilities provided deep insights, helping the company make informed decisions that continuously improved customer interactions.

Today and Tomorrow
Ai Customer Service Platform

Today and Tomorrow:

Now, the company stands as a beacon of customer service excellence. AiX has not only elevated their service levels but also transformed them into a model of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Looking to the future, the company sees AiX as an integral part of its journey, ever-evolving and always innovating.

Join the Revolution
AI Customer Service Platform

Join the Revolution:

This isn’t just our story—it could be yours. With AiX, your business can also experience a transformation in customer service. Engage, innovate, and grow with our AI Customer Service Platform. Begin your journey today and redefine what customer service means to your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AiX?

AiX is an AI Customer Service Platform developed by RPAiX, under Uniwebb Software. It's designed to enhance customer interactions through advanced artificial intelligence. As a fully-featured live chatbot platform, AiX includes a comprehensive Inbox system, allowing for seamless management of customer queries. This integration enables businesses to automate responses, analyze interactions, and maintain high efficiency in customer service operations, making it a versatile tool for modern enterprises looking to upgrade their customer support systems.

How does AiX integrate with existing customer service systems?

AiX an AI Customer Service Platform,  is designed for seamless integration with a variety of customer service systems and CRMs through APIs and customizable integration tools, ensuring it complements your existing workflows without major disruptions.

What types of customer queries can AiX handle?

AiX an AI Customer Service Platform, can handle a wide range of customer queries, from simple FAQs to complex transactions and support issues, by utilizing its advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities.

Can AiX provide support in multiple languages?

Yes, AiX our AI Customer Service Platform, supports multiple languages, making it an ideal solution for global businesses looking to provide localized customer service across different regions.

Is there a trial period available for AiX?

While AiX does not offer a traditional trial period, RPAiX provides a Free account on this AI Customer Service Platform that includes up to 100 messages per month with all enterprise features, allowing businesses to evaluate its full capabilities.

Can AiX adapt and learn from customer interactions?

Absolutely, AiX is built on self-learning algorithms that analyze customer interactions to continually adapt and enhance the AI Customer Service Platform's accuracy and customer satisfaction.

What kind of analytics does AiX provide?

AiX offers comprehensive analytics that provide insights into customer behavior, agent performance, and AI efficiency, helping businesses refine their customer service strategies on this AI Customer Service Platform.

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