An AI Powered OCR or Optical Character Recognition software tool by Uniwebb Software. Upload image, autobuild template, Extract Text, Save in FHIR server and push data to any of your EMR/EHR system.
AI Powered OCR

Innovative AI solution to capture business data dynamically

Forget error-prone OCR rules and templates and drastically reduce routine manual data entry.

machine learning development

High Accuracy

Captures data with a whopping 98% accuracy from any types of paper documents, invoices, forms, images and more with customizable and hassle free dynamic template generation
IOT development

Fast deployment

Cloud based AIMOCR can be used immediately. No deployment is needed! Customizations can take as little as one day to days depending on complexity
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AIMOCR improves its accuracy by self-learning. The more you scan, the smarter it gets.
natural language processing

Reduction in Effort

AIMOCR captures data multiple times faster than mundane and manual data entry for a 98% reduction in keystrokes.
robotic process automation


AIMOCR can work in any environment within your business processes.
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Enterprise grade

AIMOCR is highly scalable and employs top-notch state-of-art security. It is primarily cloud-based but can be deployed on premise and can be customized according to your business needs.

How it works!

You take a scan of any document, mark regions that you want to extract, and assign labels to them. This creates a template in AIMOCR, which then is applied to the OCR data extraction from all similar documents. Extracted data is fed and stored to the specified resources on AIMOCR server.

Intelligently read any types of documents in the world

Bo Sepehr

Bo Sepehr


Uniwebb Software’s AIMOCR is revolutionizing cognitive data capture by its state-of-the art AI technology. Our goal is to free you from any types of manual and mundane data capture activity.

Key Benefits

Why waste your precious time on manual data entry? AIMOCR can accurately automate your data capture process.

Save money and time

Flexible, Save time and cost

Cloud-based for easy integration, deployment and customization. On premise as an enterprise solution.

Immedicate ROI

Immediate ROI

Works out of the box for instant utilization.

Free up resources

Free up resources

Achieves 95% accuracy on its own in 30 days

Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Works with any types of documents, not only invoices! to improve operational efficiencies

process all types of documents

Process any type of document

Capture data from any type of document, including invoices, purchase orders, and bills of lading

import vasious file formats

Import various file formats

AIMOCR seamlessly extracts data from PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs

Export data in four formats

Export data in four formats

AIMOCR can automatically export data in CSV, JSON, XLSX, or XML files

Easy integration

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate AIMOCR with multiple business systems, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and QuickBooks

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