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Posted in Web Development 28 Sep

We can all use a little help with web design. Be it color pallets or coding, file sharing or font inspecting, you need good tools to improve your skills and keep up your A-game. There are hundreds of applications out there but here are five free tools that every designer should have...

Posted in Web Hosting 28 Sep

Recognizing a bad Web host is one of the hardest things that you can do because most hosts now hide behind great marketing terms and advanced terminology that you might have a hard time understanding.

Posted in Business Marketing 28 Sep

Owning a successful website is one of the principal objectives for many who go online. The ultimate purpose of having a website is to reach out a large target group of people.

Posted in SEO 28 Sep

Due to the massive impact felt by many webmasters and SEO's with the first version of Penguin, many were braced for the effects of Penguin 2.0. The good news is that the impact was not felt as widely as the first version.

Posted in Website Design 28 Sep

Websites are made up of lines of complicated codes. It’s so much more than just strings of letters and numbers on a screen. It requires creativity and passion to make a website which resonates with visitors.