Read how to create and sustain a strong social media presence and how to cash in on the direct and SEO benefits.

With each new algorithm update, Google continues to stress the importance of social media in its rankings. In order to run a successful SEO campaign, you need a strong social media presence. Here are 10 tips that will help your social media management. 


1) Create and Run a Blog

This is the quickest way to jumpstart your social media efforts. Supply your followers with frequent blog posts that they can share across multiple platforms. Respond to your reader’s comments to build a sense of community. Each time you write a new blog, post it onto your social media sites multiple times to ensure that your posts are not buried or forgotten. Be sure you keep your blog posts informative. Give your readers valuable information that they will want to share with others.

2) Customize (Facebook)

Customize your page timeline. Change your cover photo, your profile image, and your icons on the page. You want to create a consistent, professional, and attractive brand for your page. Also, remember to customize your Facebook vanity URL. Come up with a name that represents your business and is easy for people to remember.

3) Ask Questions (Facebook)

Facebook is a social site and people want to interact! Your posts don’t need to be brilliant, just get people talking. You can ask questions related to your business, or even something off base and fun like, “If you could have one weapon in a zombie apocalypse, what would you choose?” This is an easy way to interact with followers that will hopefully get them to return to your page. Also, do not forget to reply to their comments!

4) Username (Twitter)

Make sure your twitter name is not something that people will easily forget. It may take some tinkering to find a name that is not taken and fits the character limit, but it will be well worth the effort. Also, be sure to customize your background on twitter. This is an important part of your branding. You can find sites online with tools that can help you with this step.

5) Adding Followers (Twitter)

A great tactic for adding followers is finding your industries leaders and experts. Follow their followers. If they are interested in your industry, they may be interested in your business.

6) Hashtags (Twitter)

Research hashtags that are popular in your industry and use them appropriately. This will increase the exposure of your post.

7) Use Image and Video Galleries (Google+)

People love images and videos! Upload what you can into Google+’s galleries. Good quality pictures and videos will make others more interested in visiting your site.

8) Consistent Posting (Google+)

Google+ is a growing social media platform. There may not be many businesses in your industry heavily involved on this site. Why not become the first? Post regularly and reap the SEO benefits of having an active Google+ page.

9) “Circle Back” (Google+)

Hopefully, people will be adding you to their circles. Make sure you return the favor! This shows them that you care (in the same way as replying to comments) and can help boost your exposure.

10) Google Authorship (Google+)

This feature allows you to link your blog posts to your Google+ profile. Authorship can be valuable to visibility and page views, and who doesn’t want to take credit for their hard work?

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