Face it – your business site probably isn’t perfect. Yet. There’s often a little tweak or readjustment that you can make quickly and easily that will vastly improve it.

If you're not completely happy with your business website, here are six simple but effective ways to start improving it now.

Give It Personality

One mistake that businesses of all sizes make is thinking that in order to look professional, their website needs to be dull and devoid of any personality. While that assumption exists across all kinds of industries, it's simply not true. The most popular brands in the world have so many devoted customers because they're not afraid to have and share a strong personality. If you want your visitors to be more engaged with your site, giving it personality is the answer.

The simplest way to add personality is to change any boring, corporate-style writing on your site to writing that reflects how actual human beings speak to each other. While extremely formal business writing has its place in shareholder documents and similar corporate communications, adding more casual writing to your site will make it easier for potential customers to feel a connection to your business. If nothing else, you can start injecting a little personality into your social media posts from here on out.

Strip Away the Clutter

Good design doesn't mean cramming as many elements on a page as possible. In most cases, the best web designs are those that embrace a "less is more" philosophy.

Why is minimalism such a good trait for website designs to possess? The biggest reason for business sites is because it ensures visitors will be able to focus on the actual goal of the site. Since every business wants their site to convert visitors into qualified leads or customers, every element on the site should support that goal.

If an element of your site doesn't support that goal or even distracts from it, the best thing you can do is remove it. For example, while certain widgets may look cool, if they don't serve an actual purpose, you won't regret getting rid of them.

Check Its Speed

Having a fast website is important for two reasons. First, most Internet users aren't very patient. Because they have access to millions of options, if a site takes too long to load they're just going to head off to the next thing.

Second, Google has publicly stated that the amount of time it takes for a site to load can impact its search engine rankings. Both webmasters and business owners have written posts in forums about ranking decreases that they believe were linked to speed issues with their site.

What can you do if you check your site's speed and discover it's significantly slower than average? If it's still slow after removing any design elements, plugins or other components that you don't actually need, you may want to consider switching to a different host.

Consider a Complete Overhaul

Although it's not always necessary, there are definitely times when it makes sense to start from scratch. If there are literally dozens of changes you want to make to your site, a new design is probably the best answer.

The easiest way to figure out if this is the right course for you is to talk to a reputable design company. Most offer free consultations, and will be happy to break down the web design cost of making all the changes you want versus just creating a completely new site.

Another reason that a completely new design may be best is when it goes live, you'll be able to utilize press release sites and similar outlets to generate additional exposure for your business by announcing the relaunch of its site.

Add an Email Signup

If your business isn't engaged in email marketing, you're missing out on a great opportunity to connect with both potential and existing customers. If you do have an email marketing program but aren't actively promoting it on your site, you're missing out on a lot of potential subscribers.

The simplest way to remedy the latter problem is to add a prominent signup form near the top or side of your site. Additionally, the most effective technique to maximize the number of new sign-ups to your site is to give away a guide or other freebie to anyone who signs up through the form.

Start Blogging

If your business website is like most, it already has a blog attached to it. However, when someone goes to it, one of the first things they notice is that it hasn't been updated in weeks or even months. Since this is something many businesses do, there's no reason to feel ashamed. But just because you've let your blog languish doesn't mean you should continue doing so.

The best way to revive your blog is to make a commitment to consistent publishing. You'll be happy to know that a business blog doesn't need to be updated all that often in order to have a positive impact. You can literally get great results from consistently publishing one post every week.


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