A guide on how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn in your SEO strategy.

Social media is continuing to become a larger part of SEO. A recent study from Searchmetrics has revealed that well-positioned URLs almost always have a high number of tweets, shares, likes, and +1s. Seven of the ten most important factors in SEO ranking now come from social media. These include Google +1s, Facebook Shares, Facebook total, Facebook comments, Facebook Likes, number of back links, and Pinterest.

If you are ignoring social media, your SEO is suffering greatly. A social presence is now often necessary for your company to thrive. Social media is not only important for SEO strategy, but it can build customers and clients’ confidence in your business. A company without any social presence will look less legitimate to customers. People expect your company to have a Facebook or a Twitter account, and they may judge you if you don’t; so being active in social media will help show customers that you are a legitimate business. Providing good, original content will show that you are a valuable one.

Start Your Own Blog

Your business blog can be a valuable platform for SEO strategy, by allowing you to share original content and news on your website. Preferably, you will be able to host your own blog. If not, you can use a website like Blogger or WordPress.

A blog gives you a connection between social networks and your static site. Instead of providing content for other sites, why not feature it on your website and gain the SEO benefits?

You don’t want to send social visitors back to a boring static site simply selling items or services. People want engaging content that is entertaining and informative. That is where the blog can be incredibly useful.

Approach to Social Media

Social media is all about making connections and getting your name out there. Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Use social media to leverage your blog content and to connect you with others in your industry.

You will have to publish your own original content to get attention in social outlets. Make these posts informative. They should serve as an initiation for discussion with your peers.

Find out who the major players are in your industry and try to connect with them. Send them a message, comment on their blog, or share their content. Hopefully, you will build relationships with others in your field which can lead to your blog posts being shared or retweeted. As stated earlier, shares and similar actions on social networks can improve your SEO as well as your brand image.


Valuable Social Media Channels


Facebook is a top driver for SEO rankings. It is a great way to bring visitors to your site and to socialize with your “fans” and friends. Create a Facebook page for your business/blog. Then gain a following by posting links to your own blog posts on a regular basis.


Create a Google+ page and start to build a following. Much like the Facebook approach, you are going to want to post links back to your blog posts on a regular basis. Engagement in Google+ also greatly contributes to your SEO. Try posting a compelling image with your blog or story to drive up +1’s and comments on your page.


Use Twitter to link to and promote your original content. Try to build your network by tweeting blogs and stories (even if they are not your own) that are relevant to your field. If you tweet someone else’s blog or story, make sure you give them credit and post their username. They may choose to follow you or post some of your original content later.


Pinterest is one of the premier websites for image sharing. Make sure you leverage your boards to gain a following and to post the best images from your blog posts. This will encourage repins, likes, and comments. And don’t forget to link back to your blog!


LinkedIn is where you will connect to all of your professional contacts. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to share your original blog content with other professionals in your field. I know I sound like a broken record, but linking to your blog posts will always help build your SEO and drive traffic to your website.


If you want to create an effective and lasting social media presence that will help your SEO, you need to establish your business as an authority in whatever you specialize in.

Remember that success in social media is about creating relationships and creating content that others will want to share.

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