This list shows you how to utilize Twitter to benefit your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

With the growth of social media, Google is constantly moving toward the integration of social and search results. This means that social media sites are having more and more of an impact on SEO rankings. Twitter, the most popular micro blogging site on the web, is a great place to start. If you don’t have a Twitter, make one as soon as possible! Here are some simple Twitter tips that could prove valuable to your SEO campaign.



You are obviously going to want to choose a handle (username) that is short and easy for people to remember. Just make sure it is still relevant to your brand. The handle is what appears at the end of your Twitter URL, so it is very important. The shorter your handle is, the easier it is for others to tweet.



This is the information part of your Twitter. The Bio line for your Twitter account will give you 160 characters to explain your brand. Use keywords that are the most important to your brand and tell people your mission. Let them know what you are all about. It would also be wise to include a link to somewhere on your main website.


Build Link Reputation

People need to know your Twitter exists. An easy way to do this is to tell people on your traditional website to follow you on Twitter. Finding ways to integrate and promote your Twitter using your website will ultimately help your Twitter in the search engines. The promotion of your brand across platforms and the combination of Twitter and SEO can be immensely valuable.


Keyword Rich Tweets

First of all, the “lead in” for each tweet is important for Twitter SEO because it determines what till show up in the tweet’s title tag in a Google search result. Around 40 characters are factored into these title tags. This starts with the account name, and then uses the first characters of the tweet. This makes the first words you choose important. You might want to throw some keywords in early.

Although the “lead in” is very important, your full tweet is still being indexed by the major search engines. So use keywords early and often. Think about which keywords will serve you best in the long run, but are also relevant to your current topic of discussion. Do not force in keywords that will compromise the readability of your tweet.



Make your posts easy for others to retweet. Keeping them around 120 words will allow other users to easily add “RT @Handle” in front of the tweet. The easier your posts are to retweet, the more retweets you will get.


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