The 21st century is a big turning point in the entire human history. This is the time when Information Technology has paved the way to more inventions and discoveries.

By far, one of the most amazing inventions in our time is the mobile phones. New models are introduced by several competing companies, and it seems like there is a never ending conquest when it comes to new features to be added in a phone. A decade ago, mobile phones existed but they were not yet capable of surfing the internet or even chatting through social media sites. Nowadays, a mobile phone is not just used for communication, but also for entertainment and association.

Aside from the main functionalities of a mobile phone, people nowadays seem so crazy about mobile phone accessories. This has led to the constant discovery of new trends in accessories. You can expect, therefore, that in the future, more creative, and more aggressive accessories will be available in the market. Here are some of the accessories which will be available in the future.

  • Mobile Cameras and Lenses

    Nowadays, the camera lens of a mobile phone is built in, thus lacking a high quality output on images. In the future, it is expected that cameras and lenses will also go mobile. This feature makes it possible for mobile phone users to capture images several kilometers away clearly like it has been captured in a close distance.

  • Mobile medical stylus

    The stylus existing today can only do what a stylus does - that is, work its way on the screen of your phone. However, it is expected that in the future, the stylus can also be used to measure medical aspects of your body, such as temperature, as well as early detection of illnesses. This will definitely require the need of using specialized software which can detect skin contact as well as the thermo energy of your body to provide all the output.

  • Finger Charging Batteries

    This accessory may sound odd, but this is what experts see as a potential accessory in the future. Nowadays, phone users encounter problem related to losing battery especially when traveling. Much more, it is difficult to find energy sources to power and recharge the batteries. As a solution, batteries which may be powered by the fingers are expected to be developed in the future. When the battery dies out, all you need to do is to hold it using your thumb and your index finger. Impossible it may seem, but the principle is exactly the same as what is being currently used in wrist watches.
  • Environment friendly mobile phone chargers

    Among all the mobile phone accessories mentioned, chargers are one the most important. They are not just created for beautification, but they are also important for the phone to be used. With the focus on creating accessories which are environment friendly given importance, chargers which can be powered by using renewable energy sources like solar energy may already be highly available in the future.

image credits: mi9.com , flip-out.biz

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