In today's techno-driven world, the usage of Internet in business activities has built up the strong base of global business development. Websites like Yahoo, CNN and MSN are the web portals as well as the gateways into the Internet for many users. An effective web portal is a one which highlights all the respective areas.

A portal design attracts a broad range of users and is focused on the people with the specific passion or interest. Hence they can be also termed as 'online communities' or 'vertical portals'. The portal is developed by adding specific features that are not available even in the typical website. For example, if a user requires a discussion forum so as the visitors can share ideas or experience, a third-party application needs to be installed in the website which is quite complicated. In such cases, if you own a web portal, the task becomes easier!

The portal helps you to be active online in front of millions of prospects within seconds and helps you to stand unique among the competitors. With the intention to keep the competitiveness in today's market, the business information should be passed on to its employees, suppliers, partners and customers with quick updates of the entire business offering better services to the clients.

The core competencies of the web portal development include the following archetypes:

  • Business Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • E-Commerce Portal Development

A portal is a zealous online place that provides a platform for the buyers and sellers to conduct business activities. The flexibility of the portals in satisfying business requirements allows the modification activities to improve the presentation of products and services of the business. Portals are the best ways by which the business can be presented online.

Today, the complex business environment has turned to be simpler due to the use of an online presentation of business processes via portals. It has served the customers, employees and other business partners to a great extent in understanding the complex business features required for running the business smoothly. The portals act like a support where sellers can showcase their product features and cost in order to attract the large scale wholesalers or traders globally.

A portal can be considered as a large website with a range of functionalities and information services provided to the visitors for free. Some of the portals enable users to have limited use of certain services after due registration and logging in or after paying a certain amount so as to undertake the premium membership.

Portal development has become an inevitable strategy in the emerging business areas to run a successful business enterprise. The portal can be developed for any industry such as travel, job seeking purposes, forums, E-commerce, web portals and a lot more. Each one will be concentrated to enhance the corresponding industry services.

By: Sreeja Kammath

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In today's techno-driven world, the usage of Internet in business...

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