Uniwebb Software is a Sacramento based software solution provider for the restaurant industry in California, the US and abroad. This case study focuses on how information technology enables a Restaurant Franchise to operate within the global restaurant market place and maintain a competitive advantage. Information technology is fundamental to all of its business areas.


This Restaurant was founded in 1998, with a single location in Palm Springs, California, and has experienced rapid growth since 2009. As of 2013, 14 locations are open and more are under construction in Southern California, Chicago, Colorado and Oregon, with additional restaurants in development in existing markets and the East Coast.

They aim to be the first fast-casual vegan chain to open nation-wide and promote their mission to help the country make a lighter footprint by doing the most social thing: EATING!


With its rapid growth strategy, the client was looking for a powerful solution that would allow them to do the following:

  • Easily manage multiple locations.
  • Provide system-wide reporting.
  • Develop a way to reduce employee errors in order-taking
  • Create software to accept online orders
  • Use customer data to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Track inventory better to reduce waste

The goal at hand was to find a single point solution that could cover all of these needs.

When Uniwebb Software was hired as a consultant, we found that the client was struggling with outdated software which made it difficult to monitor and manage tables and order processing respectively. Additionally, there were no online ordering options for customers. Due to these factors, they had incurred heavy losses and faced poorly streamlined business processes and systems. An efficient solution was sought to resurrect the inert business.

Key Challenges:

  • Enhance conveniences and mobility for customer experience
  • Accommodate coupons and loyalty programs
  • Maintain security for business and patrons alike
  • Improve efficiency and reduce compliance costs
  • Enhance Pay-at-the-table and pay-on-the-fly payments
  • Streamline operations and efficiency



The new applications that Uniwebb produced included a number of advanced features and functions to directly address the operational needs of the client.

The online and mobile ordering software included an in-store ordering mode that allowed for seamless ordering and payment. An order placed by a guest on his/her smart phone appears in the kitchen instantly, the same as if a cashier had entered the order. The table number is automatically included with the order so that the food can be run out to the precise location.

This application allows the client to accept online, NFC, EMV and swiped payments right at the table. Uniwebb’s restraint solutions include options for tips, loyalty programs and coupons.

The flexible loyalty features of the application were able to deliver a powerful program that, among other things, offered instant rewards to guests based on cash spent. Offering a signup incentive reward made the program appealing to a successful number of customers. The application was able to quickly collect valuable guest information that could be used later for direct marketing and the promotion of new location launches. Fully integrated online and mobile ordering allowed guests to earn rewards both in store and online, increasing repeat customer visits.

The multi-unit management tools and enterprise reporting features offered by the application were the exact tools that the restaurant was seeking. System-wide menu changes and deployment of new locations were made very simple, freeing operations personal to focus less on technical duties and more on growing the business.

User training is a standard component of the Uniwebb Software implementation process; hence, the training gave the client’s team a thorough understanding of their new product. Furthermore, end-user adoption was simplified, thanks to the new application’s user-friendly interface and straightforward features.

Mobile Application:

Uniwebb developed a mobile application for their customer that provides an easy and fast way to order food. With the help of the mobile application, customers can order a meal, track the status of the order, find nearby restaurants, track loyalty points and view enticing offers around him/her.

With this mobile application the client’s customer is able to:

  • Find nearby restaurants
  • View relevant offers
  • Make an online order and payment
  • Track order status
  • Track earned loyalty points



Uniwebb’s Point of Sale Restaurant system enables client to automate and manage their entire ordering process. This system offers great time-saving features and functionality. With this system client gets following benefits:

  • Administrative costs lowered 30% to 40%.
  • Faster processing of Orders Achieved.
  • Effective online ordering system development.
  • Optimization of order process, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved order tracking, improving deliver speed.
  • Customers billed significantly quicker.
  • Improved record keeping.
  • Business growth of over 40%.


With the new system, the client is efficiently managing their business which gives them more time to spend in the dining area interacting with and servicing their customers. They have been more than impressed at how the software simplifies many of their operations and how smooth and fast Uniwebb deployed the system.

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