Uniwebb Software is a Sacramento based software solution provider for the shipping industry in California, the US and abroad. This case study focuses on how information technology enables a National Shipping Company to operate within the global shipping market place and maintain a competitive advantage. Information technology is fundamental to all of its business areas.


This client is a shipping company and has offices throughout the United States. The company provides a line of services that includes shipping, packaging, carting and international freight forwarding to its customers across the globe.


This client (Company) deals mainly with individual customers and small businesses. When Uniwebb Software was selected as a consultant, we found that the company was struggling to meet customer expectations. It had incurred heavy losses due to poorly streamlined business processes and systems. The company sought an efficient solution to revitalize their inert business.

In midst of various business problems, the biggest challenge was to improve the company’s sales channels and lead generation. They had an existing website – just a home page and contact form – but the majority of their business was handled offline

Key Challenges:

  • Generating Leads
  • Providing Immediate Quotes
  • Tracking Shipments
  • Lost Shipment Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Shipping Label Management
  • Shipping Cost & Timeline Management
  • Shipping Taxes Calculations
  • Analytic Measurement




Uniwebb understood the company’s current and ideal business workflow. They aimed to streamline the company’s information system and to better provide information for customers.

It was deemed important that the solutions would work on web and mobile platforms.

Uniwebb followed a lean and agile approach in order to clearly identify the differentiating features and objectives to be met by the project.

Uniwebb performed requirement elicitation and provided mockup/wireframes along with suggestions for enhancing the customer-service experience. All design and developments were completed based on the finalized wireframes from this phase.

Several successive iterations were made during the implementation phase which included exchange of input and feedback between the Uniwebb development team and the client.

Eventually, the website and mobile application went live, as per the schedule stated in the two companies' business contract.

Salient Features of the Website:

  • Live location tracking of each order using UPS technology
  • New order notification functionality.
  • Reminders for scheduled deliveries.
  • Order management with log of past orders
  • Various MIS reports to track and improve customer service


Introduction of a 5 Step Process to streamline ordering:


  1. Quote - Source quote by defining Where, When and How Much
  2. Prepare – Utilize guideline for preparing shipment
  3. Ship - Post shipment requests
  4. Track - Track shipments
  5. Pay - Select payment method (Account holders benefit from a regular invoice)


Mobile Application:


Uniwebb developed a mobile application for the client that provides a simple and convenient way to manage deliveries. With the help of the application, the client’s customers can track the status of packages, find company locations and customize shipments and deliveries.

With this mobile application, users can request to:

  • Schedule a delivery
  • Deliver to another address
  • Provide delivery instructions
  • Sign for a package
  • Schedule a vacation hold
  • Hold package at a company location
  • Find a nearby location using GPS
  • View the status of shipments
  • View the ship date and expected arrival date
  • Receive shipment history, including signature details
  • Forward tracking results
  • Create custom watch lists for monitoring important shipments
  • Add notes to shipments


In an additional functionality on the mobile application, customers can access the mobile website and create a mobile shipping label, schedule a pickup, get a rate quote, and more. Also, all shipments created on the website will automatically be added to an individual’s shipment list.



The updated shipping system has provided the capability of automating and managing the client's entire shipping process. The following statistical benefits were achieved following the project:

  • A 30% to 40% reduction in administrative cost
  • Faster processing of orders
  • Generation of quick online quotes for customers
  • Optimization of sales process & increase in customer-satisfaction
  • Ability to track the status of packages to ensure faster delivery
  • Easily Manageable Returns
  • Quick billing for customers
  • More accurate record keeping
  • 40% increase in business growth

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