Your website design has the power to influence a visitor to make or postpone a buying decision. Do you think you can afford to ignore something that is so critical to your internet business proposition?

Having an e-commerce enabled website for your business is like having a 24x7 retail presence open to a potentially global customer base. This has tremendous business implications and can contribute much more significantly to your business growth if you paid attention to the basics of web design.

Web design that conveys your brand value

It is a well-known fact that customers are induced to buy a product not only by its features and benefits but also by the service as well as the experiential environment at a retail outlet. People do not buy products but the brand experience and there are many successful brands who have demonstrated the power of using the retail environment as an expression of the comprehensive brand experience. From automobiles to electronics to travel related brands, there are numerous examples of how brands have transformed their retail outlets into a unique brand asset.

Internet business owners who realize this know the importance of web design. Web design is to online marketing what a retail environment is to traditional markets. A website that offers a unique and memorable experience will not only attract repeat visits but also create inexpensive yet invaluable word-of-mouth publicity and recommendations from impressed visitors. How your website looks is just the surface of how deeply a professional and well-thought out website design strategy can influence your internet business.

Quick and clear message

Content is of prime importance on the internet and the more relevant your information and the more cleverly the information is presented on your website, the longer your visitors will stay on your website. The longer a visit the more likely the visitor is going to make an online purchase. User-friendliness and navigation of your website are some of the other key features which can influence the rating of your website.

Your business web design should be like a magnet

Your website should draw and hold only the material that nature has designed it to attract; in other words, attract your target clientele. People still judge a book by its covers and online visitors are no exception. Your website is the proverbial cover or face of your company, your products and brand in the online market. A well-designed website is a gold mine which will attract not just passing traffic but convert the traffic to e-commerce. Your business website should come up in searches. It may be difficult to predict anything that search engines may really do, but there are several tricks that a clever web designer or even you, the business owner can do to ensure your websites success in this regard

By: Jason Lagden



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