Great responsive web design can be like rocket fuel for a growing business’ web presence. It’s no accident that industry experts can’t stop talking about responsive design, and this is why....

28% of Americans now access the internet more often on their phones than on their desktops.

Analysts across the board seem to agree that this trend will only grow as the smart phone market continue to boom.

As many prognostications and case studies confirm, responsive web design is a perfect match with mobile web development and a godsend for technologically savvy companies.

By its nature, great Responsive Design makes websites far easier to scroll and click through, attracting a slew of traffic and leads that would have otherwise bounced away from a slower and clumsier page. And you won’t have to pay or wait for a costly custom mobile app.

Just as important, SEO friendly responsive design allows you to use uniform URL’s across platforms, giving your search rankings a significant boost.

Consider this quote from the Google Webmaster’s Guide:

“Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.”

Because of Google’s secretive proprietary search algorithm, SEO strategy is rampant with speculation and uncertainty. But common sense and Google’s recommendations allow the development of best SEO practices, and Responsive Design is evidently an excellent idea.

The reasons for this: 1.) Responsive web design is effective and seamless for driving and keeping web traffic. 2.) RWD makes on and off-page website content easier for Google Bots to crawl and read. This allows Google to more quickly and accurately see valuable information. Making your content most visible to Google is definitely a good idea.


The evolution of web design research has given developers some known facts. Some of those: people like clean-looking, fast-loading and easy to read websites.

Not surprisingly, Responsive Web Design benefits from its largely minimalist (and more compatible) content design.

Hence, a desired aesthetic is merged with ideal software design, and the result is a powerful new web development trend.

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