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Uniwebb Software has compiled 101 SEO resources to take you from SEO novice to internet marketing wiz. From what is SEO to social media to the fine points of microdata and mobile SEO.

We have decided to create comprehensive list of SEO information - not a link dump or a cheap ploy for traffic, but as an educational guide. We’ve shared some of these links with clients and assigned many to Uniwebb staff marketers and writers. Whether you are an amateur SEO, small business owner or just curious about the field, I offer and recommend this list to you.

What is SEO?



1. Wikipedia’s Search Engine Optimization page is a sound introduction to SEO that includes sources for further research.

2. SEO Glossary will give you a comprehensive list of definitions for common terms used in SEO.

3. The Beginners Guide to SEO provides information you need to get on the road to professional quality SEO.



4. Google explains what SEO can do for your company.

5. Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s web spam team. His blog contains valuable information on gadgets, Google, and SEO.

6. Google’s SEO starter guide is a 32 page PDF containing all you need to get started with SEO.

7. Google’s Webmaster help forum will help answer all of your webmaster related questions.!forum/webmasters

8. Google’s Webmaster Central Blog supplies readers with tips, advice, updates, and valuable information for webmasters.


Internet Marketing Rockstars


9. Neil Patel, cofounder of analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, blogs about SEO, analytics, and digital marketing.

10. Bruce provides information, tips, and helpful hints for people performing internet marketing optimization.

11. Industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang shares his research to help corporations connect with customers using web technologies.

12. Chris Bogan is a marketing consultant and speaker about social media marketing.

13. John Chow is a successful entrepreneur and the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards winner for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog.

14. Seth's blog covers the new face of marketing and how ideas are spread.

15. Brian Solis’s blog is ranked in the top 10 marketing blogs in the AdAge Power 150 and is also a Top 100 business blog as ranked by Technorati.

16. Adam Singer’s blog covers social media, digital marketing, and PR.


Top SEO organizations


17. News about SEO, marketing, and how search engines work for searchers.

18. Articles, forums, and reviews regarding search engine marketing and SEO.

19. This blog provides tips and advice for improving website SEO and inbound marketing.

20. Built as a knowledge-based SEO blog, SEO Hacker covers all things you need to know the subject.

21. SEO Chat is a community for SEO beginners and professionals allowing users to discuss and improve their SEO knowledge.

22. This blog helps businesses use social media to improve their SEO, increase sales, and improve their branding.

23. Honest SEO is designed to help people find honest SEO strategies.

24. SEMrush is the leading competitive keyword and AdWords research tool on the market. The site contains a popular SEO blog for professionals.

25. SEO Book contains free SEO tools, an SEO blog, and community forums.

26. Hubspot’s marketing blog attracts over 1.4 million subscribers and covers topics such as social media, Ecommerce, SEO, and marketing data.


27. Google Analytics is a software solution that provides statistics and analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

28. AdWords is Google’s primary advertising product used for advertisements on and Google.

29. Alexa is the leading provider of global web metrics such as top sites, internet traffic and related links.

30. Klout uses social media analytics to rank its users and their influence in social media.

31. SEOquake is a browser attachment that allows users to view the SEO parameters on any website.

32. Advanced Web Ranking is an SEO rank-checking product that allows you to improve your organic search traffic and revenue.

33. Chapter 5 in Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO, Keyword Research explains how keywords can make or break your website.

34. How to use the keyword planner in the Google AdWords dashboard.

35. This article tells readers how to choose keywords that will improve their website’s SEO.

36. Michael Mothner, an Inc 500 CEO, explains how to pick the right SEO keywords.


Meta Tags


37. Introduction to meta tags includes definition, usage, tips, and notes.

38. defines meta tags and explains how they impact SEO.

39. explains the difference between the difference between good and bad meta tags.

40. Find out why your source code matters in this article from Search Engine Watch.


41. Entrepreneur discusses why you should consider blogging for your small business.

42. This wikihow takes you step by step through the process of creating a business blog.

43. Problogger provides a number of links with advice for SEO optimizing your blog.

44. Uniwebb offers 23 tips for writing and marketing a great business blog.

45. Jon Cooper provides a comprehensive list of link building strategies.

46. SEO Book supplies us with 101 ways to build link popularity.

47. This guide, co-written by Neil Patel, is a link building resource for those looking for updated, in-depth information.

48. This guide covers the basics of backlinks and how to start a link building campaign.



49. An introduction to Social Media Optimization with links to multiple resources.

50. How to create a Facebook business page and how to make that page successful.

51. NY Times article explaining to how successfully market your business using Facebook.

52. Infographics demonstrating the relationship between social media and SEO.

53. Ten ways to use Twitter to benefit your SEO strategy.

54. Seven steps that will improve your social media optimization and SEO.

55. A marketing guide demonstrating how to use LinkedIn to increase traffic, leads, and SEO.

56. This article discusses the ways that Google+ can be used to help your SEO.

57. Business2community shows how Google+ can help your page rank, your local SEO, and how it can increase social signals.

58. Social Times features stories about everything related to social media.

Google Analytics


59. Here you will find videos and articles to help you master Google Analytics.

60. The Google Analytics Platform allows you to measure user interactions with your business across various devices.

61. The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics will take you through the set up process and help you understand the analysis.

62. This blog explains how to set up and use Google Analytics.

63. This blog contains fifty links to pages that help you learn how to understand and take advantage of Google Analytics.

Pay Per Click

64. Wikipedia provides a brief introduction and history of Pay Per Click.

65. Richard Ball walks you through the cost-per-click equation and warns about potential pitfalls.

66. This video explains how PPC works, how to save money doing it, and how to measure its success.

67. A contrast and comparison of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click.

On Email Marketing

68. Email marketing for dummies explains how to get started with your email marketing campaign.

69. Copyblogger explains why email marketing is more powerful than ever.

Valuable Studies

70. Search Metrics explains what distinguishes high ranking pages from low ranking ones.

71. Neil Patel tells us how more content increases ranking and conversions.

72. A list of high profile SEO case studies.

73. Read about the Quick Sprout traffic system used to drive traffic to popular sites.

What not to do

74. SEO tricks and shortcuts that will ultimately hurt your ranking.

75. This Moz article discusses SEO worst practices and how to avoid bad SEO.

76.’s list of 10 shameful SEO mistakes.

77. This site contains articles hoping to make local SEO simpler for readers.

78. Search Engine Journal article about local SEO strategies in the post Penguin 2.0 world.


YouTube Marketing:


79. This guide will tell you how to successfully market your business on the world’s largest video site

80. How to boost your YouTube Channel SEO.


81. Google Webmaster about rich snippets and structured data.

82. Moz’s virtual guide to rich snippets.

83. How to use schema tags for local SEO.

84. Find out why Schema could be the next big ranking factor.

85. All you need to know about creating and using rich snippets.

Responsive Design/Mobile SEO


86. Moz blogger Kristina Kledzik discusses why responsive web design will become an industry standard.

87. Google Developers talks about how to build smartphone optimized websites using responsive web design.

88. Search Engine Land’s Definitive Guide to Mobile SEO.

89. Moz article detailing how to build an SEO effective mobile site.


Yahoo SEO

90. Yahoo Directory featuring useful links to SEO resources.

Bing SEO



92. Bing’s SEO analyzer allows users to see if their pages are following best SEO practices.

93. This Search Discovery blog takes a look at how indexing occurs with Bing.

Affiliate SEO

94. Moz writer Paddy Moogan tells readers how to get SEO value from affiliate links.

Press Releases

95. Tips to optimize Press Releases for best search engine optimization.

96. More about writing press releases and avoiding Google algorithm penalties.


97. Heather Lloyd-Martin pens the 7 sins of copy writing for SEO.


98. blog about achieving high rankings for WordPress Sites.



99. Matt Cutts hits us with some SEO related humor.

100. What SEO experts do vs. what people think they do.

101. SEO jokes and memes.

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