Uniwebb introduces the 50/50 Start-up Assistance Program - a system to help growing companies fund needed software solutions.

A successful formula for most Startups is a combination of great ideas and great technology.

When meeting with a diverse array of Northern California clients, Uniwebb CEO Bo Sepehr noticed an unfortunate problem. Many brilliant and innovative entrepreneurs simply did not have the capital to fund this necessary technology.

“This year, I sat down with my team and we made a decision – to welcome risk and pursue partnerships with Startup companies,” Bo explained. “If a company comes to us with an innovative and creative project, we will see if we can figure something out. We are confident enough in our talent and judgment to choose winners.”

In this sense, ‘figuring something out,’ means Uniwebb will discount up to 50% of a software project’s cost. In return, they ask for some negotiable equity in the Startup’s company or future revenue.

Regardless of the terms, Uniwebb offers the following to every Startup partnership:

• Access to Uniwebb’s professional design, development and marketing teams with 24/7 communication
• Agile software solutions provided by elite programmers 
• Weekly review sessions between partners
• Uniwebb’s proprietary Content Management System
• Assistance with business research, strategy, and investment fund-raising.
• Extended maintenance for bug-fixing and necessary updates.

Recently, the “50/50 Plan” announcement was covered by numerous media entities including Wall-Street.com and the San Jose Mercury News. Uniwebb anticipates the program to elicit significant attention from Start-up entrepreneurs in Northern California.

Learn more about the 50/50 Software Startup Assistance Program.  

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