Thinking about developing your own online store? Check out these tips for effective ecommerce website development.

Considering your own ecommerce website? Here are some tips to consider

You are probably very familiar with the concept of optimizing your site for Google to get more organic traffic. However, it is often forgotten that these sites need to be practical and easy for customers to use. Getting them to arrive at your site is only the first of step in guiding customers from an entry point to the payment processing pages. Here are some valuable ecommerce tips to consider when preparing your next web development project.


Detailed Product Descriptions

The more detail the better! If a customer is confused on exactly what they are buying, they are much less likely to make the purchase. Anywhere from one hundred to two hundred words should be adequate. In addition to a description of the product and its uses, be sure to include the size, shipping, and the weight of the product.


High Quality Photos

Use high quality photos of your products. Ideally, your customers should be able to zoom in without any pixilation. Having high quality photos will reduce the mystery of what the customer is actually getting. This will cut down the number of returns you will have to deal with. Photos from multiple angles are recommended.


Customer Contact

Customers like to be updated about their orders. Make sure you have a system that sends them an email confirmation of their order. Also, send an email when the product ships. After they receive their product, send them another email asking if they were pleased with their product and experience. Customers like to stay informed.



You want your entire website to be set up for analytics. This includes page views, visits, goal tracking, and order tracking. You want to know where your traffic is coming from, and what pages they generally exit from. Try Google Analytics. It’s free.


Contact Information

List your contact info on every page of your ecommerce site. This includes a phone number, address, and email. This will ensure more effective communication with your customers if any problems arise. It also assures customers that your business is legitimate.


Product Reviews

Customers like to voice their opinions, and a positive review can do a lot for your website. Don’t worry about the possibility of negative reviews. If you are doing a good job, your reviews will reflect that and ultimately help business.



Make sure that all of your policies are easily accessible to the customer. You can cut down on inquiries if you present information regarding shipping, returns, defects, and delivery dates on your website. An FAQ page is always a good idea.

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