Yes, Uniwebb is pivotal in the development process and the design of the project because the client relies on us to be the expert. After implementing over 100 projects, Uniwebb has established an internal philosophy with our team that makes it very clear to all of our expert level team members that they provide detailed suggestions, candid feedback, and be very transparent with clients about what they are thinking whether something is going to work or not work based on their opinion and experience and for them to back that up with data. Specifically, Uniwebb is going to be looking at user interface elements keeping them consistent making sure the client is really considering testing processes to automate the testing making sure that they are focusing on results oriented design concepts so we’re not just gold plating things but actually validating that the idea merits the investment it would take to complete it.

Uniwebb also utilizes feedback tools like Get Satisfaction for live sites that allows customers to give feedback to the company that provides the service. Customers can rank which features they want and it allows the community that uses the system to provide direct feedback. Clarity has also gone onsite with clients to meet with larger customers in order to provide a forum for receiving direct feedback from the end user as well.

It is our philosophy at Uniwebb to provide open, candid feedback to our clients on an ongoing basis, using forward, innovative thinking and best practices to streamline and deliver the optimal solution. We focus on providing a healthy balance of innovative and practical suggestions for your project as we go along.

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