Website designing has evolved over time and there have been a many new ideas being implemented in the market. Let us find out in this article about these new trends in the year of 2013.

Website designing has changed a lot since the time when websites were simply used to create an online presence. In the past websites were only accessible through computers or better known as desktops. By the end of the millennium i.e. by the year 2000 people slowly started moving towards using mobile phones. This trend changed fast because technology developed to a great extent. Nowadays people use smart phones, tablets, laptops, and ultra books. Everybody wants instant information at the touch, not the click, of their fingertips. This means that they should be able to access a website even if they are sitting on a bench in a park. This requirement has lead to a rise in need new web design ideas that make a website fit the screen of a tablet or smart phone. Below I share several trends that have changed the way we view and use websites and how they should be designed going forward.

Design for the Mobile Screen

Nowadays people spend more time on their phones and tablets rather than on a desktop, so it is a must for a web designer to create a website that can be viewed easily on mobile screen as well as on a desktop. While designing for the small screen you must remember that website elements should be smaller but clear for viewing. Also, it would be great if you can provide the user a choice between desktop view and mobile view on the website itself.

Infinite Scrolling Design

You must have seen websites that have an infinite scrolling element. Meaning, the minute you scroll down the screen more and more content starts showing at the end. A better example of this is Facebook’s wall. You must have noticed that every time you scroll down through your Facebook wall more and more news feed start showing up at the end. This phenomenon is known as an infinite scrolling screen design. But if you are planning to use this design then remember it is only suitable for a product selling website or a photo sharing website. Practically this design will not suit a simple website that is created only to show business or service information. Also, if the data on your website changes in real time then you can surely use this design idea.

Creativity in the Background Themes

Many websites nowadays have added a lot more creativity to the background themes of their website. For instance, some people love to add big pictures in the watermark style or even some designers add interactivity to the backgrounds and wallpaper. Now you cannot just put text on the website that someone will read, now you need to be more creative to keep the visitors engaged on the site.

Efficiency in Coding

With the presence of so many customizable themes and CMSs available in the market coding has also become much simpler and efficient. Now a designer does not need to worry about missing brackets or semicolons because most of the things are already taken care of.

These are still just a few ideas. Who knows what we will see in the coming months. But I am sure these ideas will be helpful for you in website designing.

Danny Nevill is an online marketing specialist and founder of Universal Web Design - an affordable web design company based in Colchester

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