Get the scoop on Google's new algorithm update - Hummbingbird - and the impact it will have on your business.

To coincide with its 15th birthday, Google introduced their new search algorithm update, Hummingbird. This has brought some uncertainty to the world of SEO. Many are wondering how Hummingbird will affect their SEO and their business. Hopefully we can sort some of that confusion out for you.

What is Google Hummingbird's Main Purpose?

Hummingbird was largely made to help conversational or voice search results. With more and more people searching via voice on their cell phones, Google saw it necessary to improve these results with their new algorithm update.

How Does Hummingbird work?

Hummingbird uses the intended meaning of a search phrase to find the results wanted. It pays more attention to each word in a query. This update will help prevent search results unrelated to the query from appearing. Theoretically, pages matching the meaning will do better than pages with just a few matching words.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

Businesses that used to rely on a rudimentary keyword strategy for their SEO will tank. Google has even stopped reporting keywords in Google Analytics, making it even more difficult to build an SEO campaign around this strategy.

However, if you do SEO the right way and are worrying about a potential negative impact on your rankings, don’t be. Google has said that there is nothing new or different that SEOs will have to worry about. Having original, high quality content is and will always be key. Companies that focus their efforts on the needs of users and generate content to satisfy those needs will find the most success.

So My Traffic Should Not Drop?

It is believed that Google had been running Hummingbird for at least a month before the announcement of its existence. If you have seen no drop in traffic recently, you will likely not see a big impact from Hummingbird.

The Google landscape may be changing, but the search marketing game has not. A successful SEO strategy should designed be to inform internet users. Strong website design, an informative and original blog, and a strong social media presence will ensure your survival in the Hummingbird era.

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