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Posted in 14 Jun

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is an optical technique used to detect changes in blood volume. This data is useful for monitoring a range of cardiovascular health measures — like blood pressure, heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation — that can predict serious conditions, like heart disease.

Posted in 11 Mar

All over the news, there is no avoiding the current epidemic that is Coronavirus. Growing and spreading faster than we are able to contain it, the ability to prevent and treat this new strain of virus is paramount more so than ever.

Posted in 10 Mar

According to Clutch reviews, Uniwebb Software is one of the top AI robotics agencies in the world!

Posted in 27 Feb

Pharmaceutical companies have been racing to develop a coronovirus vaccine. However, even with modern technology, this needs significant trial and error, and always requires intensive testing on animal and human subjects before it can be mass-produced. Right now, there's still no coronavirus vaccination, and none is expected to be developed any time soon.

Posted in 26 Feb

Maps have been with us for a very long time, even as their uses — and the technology required to create and interpret them — has changed greatly. Today, individuals and companies use maps to plan routes, demarcate political territories and understand trends as time and demographic changes take hold.