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Posted in SEO 28 Sep

Due to the massive impact felt by many webmasters and SEO's with the first version of Penguin, many were braced for the effects of Penguin 2.0. The good news is that the impact was not felt as widely as the first version.

Posted in SEO 28 Sep

One of the most popular way of building links in today's ever changing and dynamic world wide web environment is Guest Blogging. Most SEOs are benefiting by this phenomenon and as a result bloggers are getting bombarded with dozens of emails a day asking if they accept guest posts.

Posted in Web Development 28 Sep

Affiliate turnkey websites are websites that are fully functional with almost everything that is needed for operating a business. In a majority of cases, another provider plans and lays out the domain names, website hosting features and scripts. Pre-made layouts and templates along with the appropriate codes already in place are contained in these websites.