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Why Responsive? Does my website have to have Responsive Web Design?

Well, technically no.

You don’t need RWD. You don’t need cheaper overall design costs, substantial SEO benefits and increased click-thru rates. You don’t need a leg up on your competition, and you have to be on the cutting edge of a potentially crucial business development.

But ask yourself – what kind of company are you? When innovative trends emerge, does your company get there first…or do you lag behind the competition?

Either way, you want to be first. You want your company’s brand to be synonymous with quality, your vision to be considered forward-looking, and your strategies used as a blueprint.

So again, does YOUR website need responsive website design? The answer is a clear and resounding YES.

Note the following facts about Responsive Design and why it's justifiably called “the next big thing” in software design.

An SEO advantage

Responsive design allows your website to be compatible across multiple devices across desktop, mobile and tablets. This allows you to essentially have the same website, and identical URLs for all platforms. A uniform website has several interesting effects:

The results of course, are better SEO – and by extension, improved search engine ranking and increased traffic.

Google advises you to go responsive with your mobile designs…what more do you need?

Watch Responsive Web Design Video in Action

Watch Responsive Web Design Video in Action



A more user-friendly interface

Have you ever visited a poorly designed mobile page, where you struggled to read the size 6 Font and kept clicking on the wrong buttons?

Have you been frustrated surfing on a site’s dumbed-down and featureless mobile version?

Responsive Web Design allows you to easily zoom and scroll through a clean and efficient website. This along with quick page load time ensures that you decrease your bounce rate; with RWD, you can “stick” mobile users and reap the traffic and sales benefits of doing so.

Responsive web Design by Uniwebb

A smart investment

So why responsive? Its common sense really; when you have responsive design, you don’t need to spend money on mobile apps or mobile-specific development.

Furthermore, RWD, with more streamlined coding and fewer http requests, has less operational hazard which saves time and money on IT costs.

Most importantly, responsive is the progressive solution, and “getting there first” can be an enormous advantage going forward. When Responsive Design finally becomes standard, you will have already have saved tons while crafting the optimum RWD strategy.

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