Data Product Manager - San Diego, USA
(5+ years of Experience)

Analytics , Data Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning , Nlp , Predictive Model , Python , R , Segmentation , Statistical Modeling

Data Product Manager

San Diego, CA

Job Description and Responsibilities
What we expect from a Data Product Manager

Must be an expert and have prowess in advanced statistical techniques and machine learning
Must have Strong Quantitative, Analytical and Reasoning skills
Be Enthusiastic to learn new tools and techniques and adhere to the latest academic thinking gloablly and the business world
A natural leader - Exceptional self-drive and motivational skills
Exellent communication and inter-personal skills


Ideate and conceptualize data products based on business problem at hand
Manage solution development from start to finish
Develop project plans, deliver results through self and/or others while managing stakeholder interaction and feedback
Lead cross functional teams to implement strategies and deliver data products
Leverage Machine Learning techniques to develop products that enhance customer experience, optimise efficiency and mitigate risk, using:
Programming skills in Python, R, and more
Modelling techniques such as predictive and segmentation models
Algorithms for Computer vision and natural language processing
Digital analytics for understanding customer behaviour and enhancing experience
Contribute to the building of intellectual capital for DataLabs
Efforts that could culminate in patents

Preferred Qualifications & Experience

5 + years of experience
Quantitative major from premier institutes
Work experience from technology companies preferred but not essential

Required Skills

Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Data Science
Predictive Modeling
Statistical Modeling
2 years of experience with Hadoop, Big Data Technologies, and/or cloud computing platforms.


San Diego, CA, USA

Minimum Education

Bachelor of Science in computer science or equivalent

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