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Project Overview

It is inevitable to go out of business if you are not keeping up with technology. The mattress industry in retail space is one that is greatly being impacted by its shock!

Traditional stores like Mattress Firm are claiming bankruptcy and closing shops left and right. As a result more retailers and marketplaces are increasingly looking for modern web and mobile technology to promote their services, attract more clients and increase sales and profit.
Uniwebb recently developed an enterprise level eCommerce web application for Memobed, a branded online mattress retailer in Northern California. They came to us with an idea of selling branded copper mattresses online and ship them in the box and wanted a fully streamlined business process in place to support their high-tech marketing system.

part of their marketing platform, they wanted us to create a similar portal as in Amazon Smile.

What does Memobed website do?

The Memobed ecommerce enterprise web application is a fully responsive app that can adjust to any screen size and is equipped mobile specific modules for enhanced mobile user experience. The web portal offers an online place for users to purchase copper mattresses and receive them in the box. A protal for non-profit organizations to register and participate in Memobed's charitable program. Marketing tool for NPOs to promote Memobed's banners and It also allows users to become affiliate partners. The Memobed web-mobile application, provides:

View items available for sale
Receive immediate disount when ordering more.
Read detailed information about Memobed mattress
Automatically detect user’s location
Provide instant shipping date and time
Search and select nonprofit organizations
NPO to receive donations when a mattress is purchased
View, monitor donations and change NPO
NPO landing page
NPO Registration
Rooftop Tax Calculation
Text messaging
User’s dashboard
Online financing with instant approval system
Affiliate program
Affiliate Marketing tools System
Media system
Customer satisfaction survey system during checkout.
Automated shipping tracking system
Text and video referral system
Mattress comparison
Automated email correspondence

Home Page

The home page lets visitors to login a secure environment, select inspection stations, view construction floor plans and inspect locations within the floor plan from a dynamic inspection checklist, detect possible defective items and submit to corresponding repair stations. Once items are repaired, inspector will be notified for re-inspection and final approval ready to be shipped.

Product Page

The product pagewas designed to convert browsers into buyers. Based on our research we proposed and developed the following features:
Custom designed image holders for the mattress to showchase mattress without zooming functionality
Visible product description without taking too much space
Product demo video
Dynamic discounting system

Order Process

We created a system to automatically detects when a shopper picks up an item and calculates approximate date and time of delivery. shopper has the option to manually enter his/her zipcode to calulate date and time of delivery.

Mattress Construction Design

We designed this mattress construction graphical work to show the details and describe layers of the Memobed copper infused gel memoery foam mattress

Shipping Tracking

Here you can track all delivery points of your package from the time it leaves Memobed's facility to where it's delivered to customers. We have fully integrated Fedex API

Search & Select Charity

A powerful search system to detect 501(c) approved nonprofit charity organizations and select as user's charity of choice. We have integrated Guidestar API to search for NPOs

Register Organization

Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity or its representatives can participate in Memobed's charitable program. We’ve created a fast and easy system for all charitable organizations to get started and begin to enjoy the program’s rewards. The flexible system makes it easy for organizations to get involved and receive donations. We made it so simple that anyone can get easily set up their account and start receiving donations without any paper forms or unnecessary busy work.

eCommerce Marketing Tools

We developed a variety of marketing tools for non-profits to enable their supporters to share information about the charity program offered by Memobed. They can sign into their accounts, click on “Marketing Tab, and there they will receive links to customized Memobed landing pages, select from email newsletters, buttons on websites, or social media posts to promote the program. We also create multiple size website banners and social sharing widgets to reach Facebook and Twitter followers.

eCommerce Affiliate Banner

We created a fully automated system for both affiliates and nonprofit organizations to dynamically create their custom banners with their names and place Memobed's link or banner on their sites and every time a customer clicks on it and buys a mattress and keeps it for 105 days, affiliate will get a defined referral fee for every sale. All customers will also receive a defined discount on any mattress they choose to buy.

Mobile Screen

Memobed did not want users to download apps, but at the same time they wanted to take advantage of native apps features where allowed. So we developed a fully responsive web application with native features and quality in mind.

Mobile Product Page

Memobed askded us to build a visually automated discounting system. Here users have the option to purchase more items and save a certain percentage on the total pruchase price. This was a bit of challenge since there are 6 items of different sizes and prices and we had to write an algorithm to calculate any combination on the fly.

Mobile Menu

Here we created multiple mobile specific menu system and design for users, non-profits, and customer portal


Get Started

Once we agreed on the details with Sheila at Memobed, our UI/UX designing team started to work on wirframes. So, we began by studying similar on-demand ecommerce aplications to learn from their mistakes and wins to build a better UI, wireframes and build a great application in the best possible way.

There are 3 parts to the application

For Customers
For Non-profit Organizations
For Admins

By the end on the planning stage, we had already created detailed wireframes and a working prototype in InVision App.

UI and UX Design

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To design the Memobed web portal we had to make it fully mobile responsive with native mobile features, since downloading an app was not an option. They wanted to make the application as seamless as possible and easy to navigate.

we gathered information about Memobed’s main competitors and analyzed their website’s features. Next we built a storyboard followed by wireframes and prototypes.

wanted us to design an animal character to appeal to their audiences and capture their attention through storytelling. So we went to our sketch board and designed several animal character choices. The winner was a cute parrot we named “Memojo” to associate with the brand name “Memobed”.

Memobed’s goal was to build an intelligent copper mattress technology and the choice of parrot supported that idea. Parrots are very curious and intelligent in general and some have the thinking power of a human toddler. So a talking parrot named “Memojo” was born to represent Memobed’s brand.
As part of artistic work we also created several human characters to tell stories throughout the website.

memobed screen shots

Web Development

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Technology Stack

Rails Technology
Rails 4.2
Ruby Technology
Ruby 2.3.1
Spree Commerce Bare Bone
Spree Commerce
PostgreSQL Database System
Twilio API
Twilio API
Klarna online financing API
Klarna API
Redis caching
cloud image storage
Cloudinary API
NPO Guidestar API
Guidestar API
sendgrid API
Sendgrid API
Fedex API
Fedex API
Rooftop Tax Calculation API
Taxcloud API