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Facebook Business Pages –Improving the User Experience

Facebook Business Pages –Improving the User Experience


Facebook provides a smorgasbord of options and features for business pages and business owners. Sometimes, it can almost seem a little too much.

Facebook provides a smorgasbord of options and features for business pages and business owners. Sometimes, it can almost seem a little too much. Recently, Facebook’s site has created a number of new updates that flew underneath the radar. These new additions allow you to add a more distinctive and bespoke feel to your Facebook page – essentially giving it some additional character. We’ve come up with a number of ways to utilise these features and add to the whole social media experience.

Call to Action

Facebook’s always changing the small print – as we know from the numerous privacy concerns raised in recent years. However, this one can benefit business.

A couple of months ago, Facebook removed restrictions on call to actions on cover photos and users are now allowed to add one. Previously businesses couldn’t place their address, site or a call to action on the cover photo, however they can now do so on up to 20% of the image.

Of course, what’s 20% – well, Facebook has come up with a tool to help you establish that and ensure that you meet the restricted guidelines. This now allows you the chance to add your website, advertise an offer, or inform people of a new event.

Create a Personal Feel

At MySocialAgency we constantly tell our clients about the importance of adding the personal touch to their social media profiles. The ability to add a Featured Owner’s Page’ is the perfect tonic for this.

This page allows owners to appear next to business information in the ‘About’ area of their business page and is ideal for creating that personal feel.

It’s easy to do too – just go to the admin panel and select ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘update public info. Go to the left hand side of the page and then choose the ‘Featured’ option and you can ‘Edit Featured Owner’s Page’.

Featured Likes

For businesses who work with other businesses there is now a great option to allow you to showcase or highlight clients. Facebook now allows you to add featured Likes to your business page.

Firstly, click on ‘Edit Page’ and then the ‘Use Facebook as’ option. All you have to do is go to the preferred pages and then Like it. In the ‘admin panel and press ‘Edit Page’ and then the ‘Update Public Info. Here you can choose from the ‘Featured’ category on the left and then highlight the Featured Page Owners.


The new reply feature for business is a great way to reply directly to people who leave comments on posts. However, it has to be kick started in the admin area.

This can be achieved by going to the ‘edit page’ and then clicking ‘Edit Settings’. There should be an option at the bottom to ‘Allow replies to comments on my page’. Just tick this and now replies should be enabled.

These are just some of the features that can provide a richer and more beneficial Facebook experience.

Cormac Reynolds writes on a wide range of digital marketing topics and has written this article for My Social Agency – a UK digital agency.

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