What are the advantages of switching to RWD?

With Responsive Design, you have to create one design which will automatically be adjusted on the screen size of the mobile device or any other device. This approach offers plenty of advantages:

  • It save time as you don’t have to maintain separate websites for desktops and mobile phones.
  • From SEO point of view, Responsive Design is good because it will have a single URL and thus Google juice is preserved. All the users will get same URL and same content also you don’t have to worry about situations where some sites link to your mobile site while other link to your desktop site.
  • It save money as you don’t have to spend money on making different webite for desktops and mobile phones.
  • You will get a consolidated data of mobile and desktop users in your Google Analytics reports
  • Since the mobile and desktop versions of your web pages will no longer have different URLs, you will also get the consolidated social sharing stats (Facebook Likes, Tweets, +1?s)
  • Its easy to maintain the Responsive Designs, they do not involve any server-side components. You just have to modify the underlying CSS of a page to change its appearance (or layout) on a particular device.
How do I check, whether the design is Responsive Design or not?

That’s very easy. Open the website in any desktop browser and re-size the browser. If the website’s layout changes as you re-size the browser, the design is responsive.

Can you share examples of some good websites that are responsive?

You are in it! Simply re-size your browser and experience responsive design with

If I go with the Responsive Design approach, will my website work in older browsers?

Yes . Responsive Web Design uses CSS3 media-queries and HTML5 (for better semantics) that are supported in all the major latest browser except older versions of IE. However, there are JavaScript based solutions – respond.js and modernizr for example – that bring the power of CSS3 and HTML5 to older browsers including IE6.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design is the approach where content responds to the type of device on which it is rendered. By using responsive web design technique a user will be able to see a website in a different manner for a different devices. Size and resolution are the two major factors of responsive web design. Say,if a user switches from ipad to desktop,the website will be automatically accommodate for the image size and resolution. In short,responsive web design technique enables a single website to be built for different devices like laptop, i pad,desktop etc.

How much experience does Uniwebb Software have in IT and software development?
Uniwebb has 200+ years of combined experience in IT & software development and has completed 100+ projects for our satisfied Clients.
What certificates does Uniwebb Software have?
Uniwebb is Microsoft certified and partner as an independent software vendor. Uniwebb also holds an SEO certification.
Does Uniwebb work with entrereneurial projects?
Yes, in addition to our corporate, non-profit, and medium sized business Clients, Uniwebb has successfully enabled funded entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses with branding, development, and support.
What types of companies and organizations does Uniwebb Software work with?
Uniwebb has worked with a wide range of small to medium sized businesses, non-profits, membership organizations, and more.
What types of payment does Uniwebb accept?
We accept checks, PayPal, credit cards, or ACH transfer. Both PayPal and Credit Cards require a transaction fee of 3.01%. Those fees are not our doing, and there are no fees for any other form of payment.
Does Uniwebb assist customers with the suggestion of new ideas, software, or any innovative approaches to a better service / web system?

Yes, Uniwebb is pivotal in the development process and the design of the project because the client relies on us to be the expert. After implementing over 100 projects, Uniwebb has established an internal philosophy with our team that makes it very clear to all of our expert level team members that they provide detailed suggestions, candid feedback, and be very transparent with clients about what they are thinking whether something is going to work or not work based on their opinion and experience and for them to back that up with data. Specifically, Uniwebb is going to be looking at user interface elements keeping them consistent making sure the client is really considering testing processes to automate the testing making sure that they are focusing on results oriented design concepts so we’re not just gold plating things but actually validating that the idea merits the investment it would take to complete it.

Uniwebb also utilizes feedback tools like Get Satisfaction for live sites that allows customers to give feedback to the company that provides the service. Customers can rank which features they want and it allows the community that uses the system to provide direct feedback. Clarity has also gone onsite with clients to meet with larger customers in order to provide a forum for receiving direct feedback from the end user as well.

It is our philosophy at Uniwebb to provide open, candid feedback to our clients on an ongoing basis, using forward, innovative thinking and best practices to streamline and deliver the optimal solution. We focus on providing a healthy balance of innovative and practical suggestions for your project as we go along.
Can the Client take the program code at any time to another development company for future edits, expansions, or opinions?
Yes. Upon request, Uniwebb will provide the Client the latest code set to be shared with other development companies.
Does the code come with proper documentation to allow for migration and scalability?

Yes, Uniwebb uses a standard framework for documentation. We document in a way that allows us to auto-generate documentation for the project at the click of a button without adding additional costs, and can quickly update the documentation any time changes are made to the code. Uniwebb uses VSdocman which is an API documenting tool for Visual Studio developers that auto-compiles any properly documented code into a friendly, API navigation tool for easy navigation later. VSdocman, as a .NET documentation compiler, is directly integrated in Visual Studio (the standard development tool for .NET applications) so it assists with the complete process of creating documentation. This includes intelligent semi-automatic commenting of code elements, creating additional topics (non-API reference), generating and deploying the documentation. Based on the settings, VSdocman scans a VS project or a solution, and then it generates the final documentation. It automatically reads namespaces, types and their members. Summary, remarks, parameter descriptions and other content are extracted from XML documentation comments (which start with /// or ''') in the code.

Flexible output format

This tool enables our team to create professional technical documentation in multiple and localizable formats - HTML, CHM, Microsoft Help Viewer (VS 2010 help), MS Help 2 (VS 2002 - 2008 help), RTF, Help & Manual , XML and others.

Automatic Commenting

The VSdocman tool automatically comments our code for standard portions. We don't author the XML comments and common phrases manually. Intelligent comment templates make it significantly easier to write comments.

Class Diagram

This tool allows us to add clickable class diagrams anywhere in your documentation.

Complete Authoring Solution

The tool also enables for creation of a complete end-user manual with our own topics, such as overview, examples, license agreement, usage descriptions, etc.

Simple Document

This tool allows for web deployment of the documentation or easy deployment and registering of the documentation on target computers should we desire more integrated documentation tool.

Here are the benefits to our process:

  • All in one solution. We can create complex comments, generate VS documentation and then deploy and register it. Everything directly from Visual Studio (our integrated development tool).
  • Professional documentation of our code can be created in seconds.
  • Consistency. All changes in the code are automatically reflected in newly generated documentation which is always up to date and accurate.
  • Documentation in various formats and languages can be produced with a few mouse clicks.
  • Efficient communication within a team, especially with our version control. Each developer comments his code. Everybody in the team can then see the comments, get an on-line help and use IntelliSense tooltips to easily understand the code.
  • The source code is precisely commented and looks professional.
Does Uniwebb provide servers and web management services? Where are the Uniwebb servers stored? How does Uniwebb charge for servers and space?

Yes, Uniwebb does provide service for servers and web system assistance. Uniwebb utilizes third party services and depending upon the client’s needs and level of service, we can establish provider relationships that guarantee specific network uptime and direct service. We will make strategic recommendations for phase I as well as future phases based on traffic levels (including but not limited to Cloud hosting options, dedicated servers, shared servers and setting up internal based hosting if you host on-site at your facilities). Uniwebb provides management of servers as well as hands-on assistance for servers.

Uniwebb offers co-location services as well and can provide a detailed estimate based on further review with the Client team (we would need to discuss requirements in detail in order to provide an accurate estimate).

Finally, Uniwebb recommends dedicated hosting options as an alternative to co-location. We can provide secure dedicated machines from $100-800/month with options for 24/7/365 monitoring, built-in intrusion detection and firewalls, on-site security, enterprise level protocols for managing and preparing for any outages including daily automated backups with three different backup types and 30 days of rolling backups available.

Will the Client maintain ownership of the programming code at all times?

Yes, in general, any partner the Client works with should be willing to provide full ownership of the programming code to the Client. It is critical that this is outlined in the legal documentation. Uniwebb would be able to provide a weekly update of the code set or as requested by the Client.

Please find enclosed the terms from the Uniwebb Software Project Agreement: All programming (source) code to build the website/s pages are the property of the client company. Any working files related to the Websites and/or Database are the property of the client company. Further, any code, databases, documents, and any other items prepared for and submitted to the client company by Uniwebb Software in connection with the services rendered under the agreement shall belong exclusively to the client company. The client company must be in good standing and have paid all undisputed invoices to Uniwebb Software for work completed in order to receive the source code.

Would there be a copyright issue, such as code that was copy written by someone else?
Unless Uniwebb notifies the Client otherwise, there will not be a copyright issue in regards to code written by the Uniwebb team. There may be third party add-ins that are required and these might require copyright and licensing considerations. There may also be copy wright issues with any content or imagery that the Client company provides or requests from Uniwebb . Uniwebb recommends a detailed audit of the site prior to going live to establish any copy wright concerns before completing the go-live site sign-off.
How would comments be used to provide ease of migration & readability by other developers?
In utilizing tools such as VSdocman, all backend code written by Uniwebb staff is very well commented and annotated so it would be simple for another developer to get into and expand upon the product that Uniwebb delivers. Any code that Uniwebb did not create would not be a responsibility of Uniwebb's to comment unless the Client requests this additional work (which we would be happy to provide an estimate for once we are able to view the source code, etc.). As part of our standard processes, Uniwebb has weekly code reviews to ensure all best practices are followed and the required level of detail is provided on a regular basis for each project. Furthermore, all functions and processes are cleanly named such that another developer will be able to quickly locate specific code.
Are there coding guidelines and conventions in place?

Yes, in addition to our 200 point document to address our frontend development guidelines, Uniwebb has a thirty-page backend coding documentation that outlines our processes to ensure coding standards are met and implemented for every project.

Code is architected and designed with reusability in mind. Core functionality is stored centrally so that it can be quickly reused or changed for all parts of the application easily. For example, all code that reads and writes to the database is stored centrally rather than at each page. This allows multiple pages to use the same data access code call rather than managing multiple instances of the code. All code is clearly named and commented such that another developer would have no problem understanding the system should any changes be needed. Each developer is responsible for meeting internal coding standards and each developer is subject to a code review process in which their code is examined and scored to ensure that the code is in line with Uniwebb practices and standards. High level documentation regarding our coding guidelines and review process is attached as an addendum.

Will there be security testing and methods used to find and fix vulnerabilities?

Yes, we recommend a daily audit tool, Trustwave SIEM Operations Edition (OE) an event management software that is scalable, flexible and easily integrated with the enterprise infrastructure. SIEM OE automatically transforms logs into security events and prioritizes high risk events, providing actionable alerts to help businesses stay secure and compliant.

Trustwave will provide a site seal for security purposes and a daily email that notifies us of the level of urgency of any adjustments that are needed as well as suggestions for resolving the issue.

Uniwebb also recommends additional 3rd party tools and resources for daily and more granular auditing and security. Please advise if you would like and we will provide additional information.

What type of stress testing methods will be used to check the site's scalability & tolerance for traffic growth?

Application quality should be monitored throughout the lifecycle, not just at the end. The rising complexity of applications requires development and testing teams to work closely together. For this particular project, Uniwebb will use Visual studio load testing which will allow us to stress test the application throughout its development lifecycle with realistically modeled simulated load. Scenario and goal-based load testing ensures that your solution copes with real-world demands and behaves in a predictable manner. It enables us to validate that critical requirements such as end-user responsiveness, throughput, system stability and scalability are met. By understanding the assumed level of risk associated with your application, Uniwebb will ensure a high level of confidence at launch.

With specialist testers sharing common testing infrastructure with our development team, load tests are accessible and affordable to ensure multiple members of the team can benefit from it. Uniwebb will conduct performance and scalability testing earlier in your application lifecycle to prevent major performance issues that are very expensive to fix late in the development cycle.

We will be able to drive large loads against your business critical applications with the flexibility of virtual user packs, regardless of your projects’ variable needs. Each Virtual User pack with Visual Studio includes 1,000 virtual users, which we can aggregate when used in conjunction with Visual Studio Test Agents to achieve the most demanding loads.

The tool will also provide us graphical visualizations of what users are doing during a load test. This enables us to see what tests or pages are running during a CPU spike.

To fully utilize your investment into your custom application, Uniwebb's approach to responsive development combines tooling with best practices to best optimize your solution. An efficient process will streamline collaboration and reduce wasted efforts in all phases of the development lifecycle.

How many programmers would be dedicated to the Client systems?
Uniwebb will assign a dedicated team to the Client project that consists of one partner and two senior developers as well as a flexing group of one to three front-end developers. Uniwebb will add these front-end resources, up to three at any given time, based on the pace to ensure timing of deliverables.
How does Uniwebb manage and ensure quality control?
Clarity employs a 200+ point, documented process for managing projects.
Is Uniwebb experienced in developing multilingual websites?
Yes, Uniwebb has integrated multilingual functionality into many of our website projects with languages from all over the world.
Which content management systems (CMS) does Uniwebb have experience developing with?
Uniwebb uses it's own state of the art content management system in most projects and has developed many CMS-based websites with DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.
How can I add additional functionality to my site?
The possibilities for adding additional functionality to your site are nearly endless. Whether you’re looking for a more attractive and functional product catalog, a CRM or ERP system, a streamlined payroll system, an organized task management system, a more transparent shipping process, or a better way to communicate with your customers, Uniwebb can help you examine your personal needs and decide what would be right for your business and client base. Ask a consultant today to demo some of the successful projects we’ve implemented for other businesses in your niche.
Since I will likely be making changes to small details after development is completed, can the site remain in its development phase for a transitional period, before I have to start paying for hosting?
We can leave the site on our development server, with a development domain name, until you are ready to take it live. This would give you the freedom to make last-minute changes to your site without paying a hosting fee or making it public. When you are ready, we can help you take your site live.
Do you use a default development language?
By default, we code in C# and ASP.NET 4.0 with a three-tier data system. However, our developers are skilled in many languages, and we can leverage another language upon request.
What are some of the most important features of a great website?

While the important features of a successful website vary depending on your business or industry needs, we have found that certain features are consistent across the board. First and foremost, the core functionality must be impeccably executed and the user experience must stay positive throughout your website. This means making everything as simple as possible while still taking into consideration the complex functionality your website requires. Your primary business goals must be met clearly and attractively: information for an information site, a beautiful “storefront” for an eCommerce site, or a robust membership portal for a membership site.

Clear, well-written, compelling content is also a “must” for every great website. Not only will poor content hurt your SEO, but it will also reduce your visitors’ trust in your expertise and lead to a much lower conversion rate. Additionally, the overall site architecture, including the site map and meta content, must be clean and SEO-friendly.

Finally, at Uniwebb, we believe that client satisfaction is the primary indicator of a great website. Only you know the intricacies of what your business or customers need, and it’s critical for us to have you sign off on a job well-done at the end of the day.

You recommend Microsoft, but I use another CRM/ERP system. Can you still work with me?
Although we are a Microsoft Certified Partner, our team of development professionals can absolutely work with any CRM system, ERP system, or CMS system you choose. We understand that the most important part of integrating these systems into your site is your familiarity with their functionality and customizable options. So choose the systems you already work with the most, and we can help tailor them to fit your needs.
How will code be transferred to me once development is complete? What environment will I use to read the code?
We will send the code to you in a ZIP file format. You can use a free, standard code editing tool like Notepad++ or Visual Studio to view the code. We also send database backup files, which provide the back-end “database” layer of the site. These will also be in ZIP format, and standard database viewers are also free.
Would I be able to host the site at my own hosting facility, as opposed to your site?
We can definitely host your site at the hosting facility of your choice. We also offer “helping hands” support and implementation assistance to ensure a smooth “go live” process for implementation on your server. If you want to host on a third party host, we recommend Amazon, Rackspace, serverpoint and Liquidweb. The only time your staged site is hosted at our site is during development. This is to improve efficiency, especially during QA, and gives us complete control over the security of the site during development.
Are your shopping cart credit cards orders compatible with Authorize.Net?
Yes, the majority of our systems leverage Authorize.Net and we offer extensive capabilities off the shelf. We’ve set up advanced options within Authorize.Net, including ARB and enabling ACH and Debit payments.
Does your CMT allow one to queue up and save updates prior to letting them go live?
Yes, there is a standard workflow that allows for staging changes, reviewing and publishing. We can always schedule updates prior to letting them go live. For example, you can make changes and schedule them to go live on a certain day at a certain time, for a new product launch. This functionality is included with the standard package deal.
What if I need to track changes (who made them and when) on the site? Is this included in the standard package deal?
The modules (each pane on a page) will keep date-stamped back-up copies as they are edited. This makes it easy to roll back to any version or date. You can also export (or import) the contents of any module to an XML. We also leverage auditing and log files upon request to support HIPPA or SOX levels of compliance.
What are the hosting environment requirements for DotNetNuke and the common configuration settings required?

The server requirements are as follows

  1. MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or greater – Express edition is fine
  2. ASP.Net 4.0
  3. IIS 6.0 or greater (7.0 is preferred)
  4. SMTP server settings to update CMS and
    enable e-mails

Important configuration steps to remember are as follows:
  1. Set permissions for read/write for Network Service (or whatever account assigned
    to app pool account) for \Portals\0 folder
  2.  Change Portal Alias entries to live domains instead of .info domains
  3. Install Uniwebb CMS license for friendly urls (Uniwebb will send this when ready and it will go in a specific folder)
  4. Reset Admin and Host passwords to be secure
  5. Run final click through and test on entire site including content management login and functionality review
What is the success percentage of Uniwebb meeting projects on time? How is this monitored?

Uniwebb's success percentage is very high with creating long-term high-payoff business relationships which come as a result of delivering on-time consistently and monitoring our ability to deliver for Client requirements on each particular project we engage with them on.

Uniwebb will work closely with the Client so they are aware of what is required by Uniwebb to ensure a timely delivery.

Uniwebb will allocate the appropriate resources per the Clients’s requirements. A project timeline will be created with specific milestones to ensure the project stays on track. Uniwebb has a tried, trusted, and standardized approach to design and development.

With larger development projects such as the Client’s, it is important to understand the current status and billable hours that have been used throughout the project. Uniwebb will provide the Client access to our Project Management Tools that will allow the Client team to check the status at any given moment to see how the project is progressing.

Finally, Uniwebb will be assigning our seasoned team of web development specialists to the project along with two of the founding Partners of the firm. Our goal will be to establish a solid, long term relationship by delivering on your deadline.

  • Your Project Manager will provide real-time access to a live development site so you can view, monitor and communicate about your new website as its being built.
  • Your Project Manager will provide timeline & milestone dates through our secure project management site. We will report on and you can monitor (in real time if you like) to ensure we complete each task on time.
  • Uniwebb will provide the Client with weekly Project Status Reports (more often upon request).
What if my plan exceeds my budget?
We will always do our best to help you design a plan that fits within your budget. If you find yourself in need of a feature that exceeds your original budget, we can consult with you and help you prioritize. That way you can make an informed choice about which features both fit within your budget and will maximize the functionality of your website.
How does Uniwebb monitor and manage your operations to make sure that the timelines of projects are met?

Uniwebb utilizes several tools to monitor and manage the project from start to finish. These are our tools of choice:

  • Basecamp (communication)
  • Lighthouse (ticketing system)
  • GoToMeeting (screen sharing)
  • Team Foundation Server (version control)
  • Camtasia (screen capture)
  • EasyProjects (automated time log reports)

Our team of seasoned developers leverages these tools of choice to enable real-time collaboration and communication, largely eliminating the need to travel or go onsite. In addition to our development team we also assign a project manager and a Client service contact to your project. These additional team members will assist with communication and accountability internally at Uniwebb to ensure our team stays on track by reviewing in our internal weekly and daily reviews of your project.

We begin the project with a client orientation meeting. This allows the Client to meet our team and provide in-depth project details and answer specific questions our team may have before getting started. We will introduce the above tools to the Client team and designate specific dates for each milestone (and will incorporate “padding”) to ensure a successful launch timeline.

Following the client orientation meeting, we will schedule on-going project check-in meetings. These meetings provide timely project updates that allow you to keep tabs on completion status, progress, and hours used to date just to name a few. Typically we will hold these either two or three times a week given the timeline requirements.

Uniwebb will ensure that the Client development site is live and testable as early as the first week of the development project. The Client team will be able to monitor Uniwebb's progress on the project through a live development website. We believe in quickly getting potential users in front of the application and fielding feedback. That’s where all these great tools come in. The Client project will require a significant focus on detail to ensure that all the feedback and suggestions are incorporated into the final result. With the Lighthouse ticketing system, Basecamp communication, and GoToMeeting to share screens and hold conference calls, Uniwebb will deliver a complete project management solution to the Client.

Does Uniwebb assign a Project Manager to each project?
Yes, Uniwebb dedicates a Project Manager to ensure your project's success.
How can I track my project status?

Uniwebb can help you stay on top of the status of your project in several ways. First, you’ll be provided with a link to the development site, so you can watch the changes happen as they are made. We will also provide you with a log-in to Basecamp, our online task management system. There, you will be able to identify what, precisely, we are working on, and you can track time logs as tasks get checked off the list.

On request, Uniwebb can provide you with weekly Project Status Reports, which includes a detailed time log report complete with the developer’s comments as they relate to each time entry.

In return, Uniwebb expects open communication from you, the client. If your feedback or expectations shift at any point, please contact Uniwebb so that we can accommodate you and help you meet your needs.

What if I want to change my website design or strategies in the middle of a project?
You may discover, as you begin watching your project unfold, that you have new ideas or you would like to shift tactics or strategies. Not only can Uniwebb accommodate you, but we often help point to strategies that were not in the project’s original scope. If this happens, we will work with you to move your hours toward new tasks, help you prioritize, offer you a new estimate if applicable, and consult with you about how to redirect your work while staying within your original budget.
In the initial project stages, what research is required on the client side?

Years of experience have taught us that our clients are happiest with their end product if they do a bit of homework before approaching us. If you, the client, can create a list of benchmark websites you enjoy, and provide feedback about the functions and designs you appreciate, then Uniwebb can get a better idea of how to customize a project to meet your specific needs and desires.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want out of your website, Uniwebb can demo past websites we have worked on and provide you with information about the best systems, designs and functions as they relate to your specific industry. In order to provide you with the best possible results, we try not to make any assumptions about what you want out of your site.

What kind of maintenance or support will I receive if I have issues (log-ins, users, etc)?
Part of Uniwebb's commitment to providing you with an excellent experience is its willingness to help you with ongoing site maintenance and customer support. If you have trouble with log-ins, need to add or delete users, or need to customize your back-end systems even more, simply contact us and we will help you in the timeliest manner possible.
How much time will my project take?

Your project timeline will depend entirely on the extent of your needs. The average web design project, for example, typically takes from two to five weeks to complete depending on the rate at which the client can respond to changes and provide feedback.

If you need a project completed within a specific time frame, we can do our best to accommodate you by laying out a well-organized game plan and communicating our needs to you. From a client end, it is important to meet your deadline by staying in close communication with us, approaching your project with a clear idea of what you want, and avoiding changes mid-project.

What if I need additional advice?
Uniwebb has extensive experience providing support to small- and medium-sized start-ups. This includes giving branding, development, and other entrepreneurial advice. We have not just helped other businesses with their successful start-ups; we have run them. Contact Uniwebb if you’d like to learn about our entrepreneurial consulting services.
Do you provide your clients with a separate Statement of Work (SOW), or does your proposal act as the SOW?
Our proposal acts as the SOW. Since we bill on an hourly basis, everything in our proposal is an estimate, which is why you may notice ranges; we generally fall within 80-90% accuracy of the hours proposed.


How often do you offer technical updates? For support for Microsoft & GP updates, for example, is it up to the client to stay on top of this and approach you for the updates?
Yes. As an extension of your team, you tell us, via the maintenance agreement, how often and how you would like us to perform updates. We typically recommend that you contact us once a quarter or once every 6 months as a minimum depending on your business logic and needs.
Does Uniwebb have experience with project management and custom development projects for B2B eCommerce?
Yes, in fact, one of Uniwebb's core competencies is B2B enterprise eCommerce and custom development of advanced eCommerce systems.
How many products can I host on my website?
Uniwebb routinely provides eCommerce solutions with unlimited product variants.
What is a product matrix and does Uniwebb offer it as part of the eCommerce solution?
A product matrix is a great way to make side-by-side comparisons of your products to compare pricing, features, and more. Uniwebb offers this as part of the eCommerce solution and upon request can implement interactive elements and advanced filtering.
Can I sell digital or downloadable products (soft goods)?

Yes, Uniwebb can provide a platform with which you can promote and sell digital products such as software. These sales are protected by the stability and secure connection that is included with Uniwebb's eCommerce solution.

Here are some additional details:

  • Download URL fully secure and hidden from user
  • Anti-piracy features for electronic products
  • Velocity Checks - number of times and/or number of days to allow file to be downloaded by a recipient
  • PDF Watermarking/Stamping - Stamp every page with pre-defined fields from the order. Stamps are secure and cannot be removed.
What payment methods does Uniwebb provide?

The following payment methods are provided:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, etc.) - Accept, verify and process credit cards in realtime or delay processing until a later time.
  • Authorize Only or Authorize with automatic settlement (capture)
  • Both domestic and foreign credit cards
  • Real time ACH eCheck processing with account number and routing number verification
  • Check By Mail, Check with account number and routing number entry / Check without account number and routing number entry
  • Internet Banking, Purchase Order (PO), Cash on Delivery (COD), Cash, Telephone
  • PayPal, Request For Quote
  • Skip account creation on checkout - anonymous
Does Uniwebb offer integrated shipping?
  • Real Time Shipping Rates
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post
  • Cart calculates real time shipping rates using "from" and "to" zip codes and product weight
  • Shipping Zones
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total, Order Weight, Order Quantity, Zip Code
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Item Shipping Costs Specify All Orders As Free Shipping
  • Allow "Free shipping over $X" for site
  • Custom defined shipping methods
  • Configure shipping methods/costs at the order level or product level
  • Tax Shipping/No Tax on Shipping
  • Restrict shipping by state
  • Shipping Tracking #'s e-mailed to Customers
  • Option to have shipping & handling combined to a single line item or displayed as separate line items
  • Separate domestic and international handling charge configurable in module settings
  • Option to charge a flat handling or no handling charge
  • Handling by Product
  • International ship to addresses
  • Calculate real time international shipping costs
  • UPS Worldship integration
  • Print shipping labels and postage using Endicia and UPS Worldship
Can you develop Bobby Compliant websites?
We certainly can upon request. Today, more than 95% of our clients do not want to pay for Section 508 or WAI compliance, so we do not add that in our base estimates. As a time and materials vendor with experience in accessibility compliance development, we’re happy to discuss which sections or functions of compliance you need; we can also guide, teach or do the work ourselves for you.
Can you develop a “Save This Order” feature for my site?
Yes, Uniwebb can design and develop a customized wish list feature for your website.
Does Uniwebb's eCommerce platform handle regional tax support?

Yes, Uniwebb's eCommerce platform offers tax support for all types of specific regions and regulations. Uniwebb also offers the following:

  • Real time tax calculation - Cart computes exact tax rate based on tax table look up
  • Apply Tax only in certain States
  • Tax by country, region and province
  • Tax by tax district (custom grouping)
  • Charge a flat rate tax, Charge no tax
  • Tax can be applied to shipping costs
  • Individual Products can be marked taxable or tax exempt, Configure tax exempt by CMS role
  • VAT/GST Tax
What if I need to offer discounts or alternative pricing to members?

Uniwebb's eCommerce platform offers the ability to offer multiple levels of custom discount pricing to members.

  • Member Pricing by CMS Role(s)
  • Member Discounts by Amount/Percentage by CMS role(s): Order Level, Product Level
  • Price Class Discounts by CMS Role
  • Tiered Member Pricing by CMS Role - Great for reseller, distributor or wholesale pricing
What is Uniwebb's eCommerce discount pricing feature set?

Uniwebb offers the following discount/coupon solutions:

  • Order based coupons (apply to entire order)
  • Order level discounts by amount/percentage by role(s)
  • Coupon discounts by amount or percent
  • Quantity discounts by product (tiered pricing)
  • Quantity discounts by category
  • Price Class discounts
  • Coupons can offer shipping discounts or free shipping
  • Coupons can have expiration date
  • Product level coupons/discounts
  • Product Specific Coupons (apply to specified product)
  • Coupon discounts by amount or percent
  • Coupon limits can be set per product
  • Require a coupon to purchase a product
  • Coupons can be excluded from specific products
  • Discounts can be applied up to a certain order/product quantity or no limit
What does the Uniwebb eCommerce platform offer for its cart and checkout process?

Uniwebb offers the following for a premium cart and checkout system:

  • Streamlined user friendly checkout
  • Mini Cart Module
  • Separate "Ship To" and "Bill To" names and addresses
  • Customer can define multiple shipping addresses and select during checkout
  • International address support
  • Option to prompt user to login at the beginning of checkout
  • Cart retrieves logged in users profile information to enable "Fast Checkout"
  • Require user to create CMS login or allow anonymous checkout for all orders or by product
  • Assign one or more CMS roles to user based on product purchased. Role expiration support
  • Company name and title support for B to B transactions
  • Create your own custom checkout fields (textboxes, dropdowns, checkboxes and dates)
  • Special instructions multiline textbox on confirmation page
  • Supports request a quote/request for quote checkout
  • Partial quantities
  • Authorize only transactions with settlement request initiated by store administrator
  • Authorize and settle credit cards automatically
  • Bill Me Later feature allows payment now or later
  • Bundled products - create master & child skus
  • Automated email order confirmations to your customer and store administrator
  • Ability to cc: an order with order details to third party fulfillment house for drop shipping
  • Email confirmation invoice template driven
  • Insert your own custom page in the checkout
  • Custom configurable redirect URL and image button
  • on order confirmation screen. Useful for redirecting back to referring affiliate website or page on your site after order completes.
  • Cart supports adding products directly to your cart by adding productid in the url or querystring.
  • OnCheckoutComplete event - Ability to call a custom stored procedure or web service after successful payment has been made on your store
  • SSL Fully Supported
Does Uniwebb provide product ratings and review functionality?

Uniwebb provides integration of product ratings and review functionality:

  • Customers can review rate products (if enabled)
  • Administrator can moderate product review comments
  • Add/update/delete customer comments
With Uniwebb's eCommerce platform, are customers able to save their cart or keep a wishlist?

In short, yes. Here are the eCommmerce solutions Uniwebb provides for saving product lists:

  • Customer can save their cart or add to Wish List (Persists over Customer Visits also)
  • Customer can save multiple carts
  • Customer can move saved cart to regular cart for checkout
  • Customer can add, update and delete saved carts
  • Print quote - generates a custom html invoice which the user can print
  • Automated email reminder notifying users with aging saved carts to buy. The email reminder frequency or number of days since the cart was saved is configurable by store admin
  • Share Saved Cart/Wish List - Invite users to login/create an account. Email others your saved cart
What does Uniwebb provide for eCommerce SEO (search engine optimization)?

Uniwebb provides the following features/services for eCommerce SEO:

  • Custom configurable URLs
  • Search engine optimized product catalog enables you to create title tag, meta description and meta keywords by product.
  • Alt tags for images
  • Google Analytics support
  • ... and more! Uniwebb provides custom eCommerce SEO services upon request
Can you add thumbnails to my eCommerce site and allow the user to zoom in on each product image?
Yes, this feature comes as a default in Uniwebb's eCommerce package.
Can you design an advanced search function for my website that excludes certain keywords from the search, to avoid turning up too many results?
Yes, this is called a relational exclusion list. Much like product attributes, a table with values can be defined for words you want excluded from your search.
What kind of analytics can help us learn about our customers on our site (the number of customers who came to our site but didn’t purchase anything, etc.)?
There are numerous analytics we provide out-of-the-box, and we can add additional reporting for business trends. For the example above, we also offer an Abandoned Shopping Cart follow-up email campaign.
We’d like to have an advanced search bar where the customer can sort and filter by certain criteria. Is this possible?
Yes. Advanced Catalog search provides this for any attribute you specify (brand, category, color, size, price range, etc.)
How does Uniwebb's eCommerce platform integrate with marketing and affiliate programs?

Uniwebb knows how important marketing and affiliate integration is, and that is why we provide the following:

  • Opt In checkbox presented to user during checkout that enables you to build white list of email address that you can use for email marketing and email blasting. Opt In field stored to database with the customer email address.
  • Many custom dropdown lists, textboxes - Show/hide custom configurable dropdown list displayed to the user during checkout. Useful for collecting marketing data like "How did you hear about us"
  • Cart stores IP Address of user who successfully purchases. This feature enables you to comply with CANSPAM requirements for opt in email marketing.
  • Custom Affiliate Tracker module included with cart
  • Affiliate Tracker saves affiliate id in order table on successful purchase.
  • Affiliates can link to any page on your site and the affiliate tracker module will track affiliate id to purchase.
  • Integrated with STP Systems Multi-Tier Affiliate Manager for CMS.
  • Pay out commissions to your affiliates in a multi-level marketing (MLM) model.
What type of automated management reports are available?

Uniwebb offers the following integrated management reports:

  • Top Products
  • Top Customers
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Quarterly Sales Report
  • Order History Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Customer Listing Report
  • Coupon Usage Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Sort and filter on any field
  • Drill down to order detail
How will I be able to administer the eCommerce store and its orders?

provides the following benefits for store and order administration:

  • Clear, simple admin control panel for maintaining your shop
  • Add/update/delete categories and products
  • Activate/deactivate products
  • Add/update/delete customers, orders, ship tracking number and payment history
  • Printable invoice report can be used as a packing slip
  • Multiple order statuses to manage your orders (Processing, Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Stock, Packing, Dispatched and Canceled)
  • Custom order statuses available
  • Automated email sent to customer when the status of their order is changed.
  • Inventory - Quantity on hand field lets you manage product inventory and know when inventory is low and you need to reorder.
  • Search for customers, orders and payment history using any search criteria
  • Sort customers, orders and payment history by any field in ascending or descending order
  • Import categories and products from xls file
  • Export orders and email to fulfillment house
  • QuickBooks export of customer list to csv
  • QuickBooks export of orders to QuickBooks IIF
  • QuickBooks real time customer & order import
  • Integration with UPS Worldship with tracking # import
  • Settlement button on manage order detail page that allows you to manually settle (capture) auth-only credit card transactions (Supported with Authorize.Net only)
How can my eCommerce store be customized for currency and language localization?

Uniwebb offers the following benefits for currency and language localization:

  • Cart is programmed with .net language localization built in.
  • RESX files included
  • All languages supported (Some languages may require resx file translation)
  • All currencies supported - Cart setting to select your specific currency
Is Uniwebb eCommerce certified for PCI compliance?

The online catalog system is built to process, store and transmit credit card information to be fully PCI compliant. We have implemented PCI standards regarding secure storage of data, strong access control, and other requirements.

  • Credit Card Encryption - The cart store credit card numbers in the database using RSA 256 bit encryption which is an approved encryption by PCI.
  • Option to not save credit card numbers in database
  • Card Security Code - CVV/CID on the back of a credit card is collected from the user and sent to the payment gateway for authorization but is never stored in the database.
  • SSL fully supported - both single domain and wildcard SSL certificates
  • Hack-Proof - The online catalog system has undergone rigorous testing validation for SQL injection and cross site scripting to prevent unauthorized access to the database.
  • Sensitive customer data like passwords are encrypted using 256 bit encryption.
  • The online catalog system is programmed to prevent cross site scripting and sql injection attacks.
  • Full compliance with PCI PA-DSS standards
Does Uniwebb eCommerce come with the source code included?
Yes, the online catalog system comes with complete source code. This allows your team to maintain and update the catalog system and make specific updates that make sense for your business.
I want to create a customer registration process that is simple, self-sufficient, and extremely usable for customers on my B2B website. What does Uniwebb recommend?
While Uniwebb cannot make any firm recommendations until we have a thorough overview of your unique workflow and business process, we can give you an explanation of how a typical customer registration works. We will pick a key – usually the customer’s email address, because it’s easy for them to remember – and when the user enters their email address upon login, we can set up an integration such that your CRM system instantly looks up the address. If the address is in the system (providing the customer has registered before, it will be), the website will then prompt them to enter their password. Based on what information is available in the CRM system, we can automatically prompt them, if necessary, for additional information.
Will customers be able to see their purchase history?
Yes. We can also add functionality to allow a customer to print their purchase history to PDF if they’d like.
Is there a function of your site that would allow a B2B eCommerce customer to become an administrator of sorts and control what items his or her company could view/purchase from us?
Yes. It’s called “store within a store,” and it allows users to define which products are displayed in “their” store from your master eCommerce store.
Does Uniwebb provide SEO services?
At Uniwebb , we provide a suite of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) services that help you use the Internet to power your online marketing program and deliver. And we back those services with our team of certified SEO experts who deliver on this promise by generating qualified traffic for our Client’s day in and day out. With a combined total of nearly four million page views per month in traffic generation, why would you choose anyone else?
What techniques does Uniwebb use in order to boost my search engine rankings?
Uniwebb implements proven White hat (long-term) SEO practices to deliver results for our Clients. Our work begins with understanding your business model, your high margin business areas, and how your preferred visitors “think.” We delve deep into understanding the competitive environment to select keywords that strike an optimal balance between high volume and low competition factors. Our SEO-Certified Team then begins updating your sites’ on-page elements.
What elements on my website does Uniwebb audit to determine SEO action items?

The following are on-page elements that Uniwebb (in most cases) audits right away for Search Engine Optimization:

Title Tags, Description Tags, Keywords, Alt Tags, File Names, URL Names, Keyword Proximity, Unique Content, Page size, Outbound Links, Internal Link Structure, Internal Link Building, Navigation and breadcrumbs, CSS and JavaScript optimization, automated sitemaps, & more.

Does Uniwebb consider long-term strategies when approaching a SEO project?
Yes. Upon implementing on page factors we then focus our efforts on long-term off-page optimization to deliver quality links, fresh content, and ongoing value that bring new traffic. Our off-page optimization efforts integrate specific elements catered to your industry, your goals, and your preferred budget.
What does Uniwebb suggest as a well-rounded content strategy?

With advanced/long-term SEO it’s all about generating quality content and making sure that content is found. In order to stimulate the search engines and help them index your content as highly as possible, Uniwebb suggests choosing from the strategies below:

Blogs, Sub-sites, Multi-lingual portals, RSS news feeds, Articles, Glossaries, Bios, Certifications, Detailed Locations, Landing Pages, Products & Services Listings, Directories, Anchor Text Optimization, Link Campaign, Competitor Link Audits & Analysis, Social Marketing, Press Release Optimization, Related Link Building, Link Tracking and Monitoring, and more.

How does Uniwebb track the progress and success of SEO?
Uniwebb runs monthly rank tracking reports to list and show progress on keywords and variations of keywords. The reports list rankings of the SEO optimized site on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other requested search engines. We also provide real-time analytics and click tracking with down to the second, and keyword typed reports for every page clicked by all visitors to the site. See appendices and case studies for specific examples and screen shots.
How can I take advantage of increased traffic on my website after SEO success?
Uniwebb's SEO and SEM services generate new business, but it’s more than just the standard marketing approach. Uniwebb leverages cutting edge technology to enable you to view all site visitors who visit specific pages and then alert internal sales and marketing resources about these visitors. Visitor information includes (if available): Business name, address, annual revenue, SIC information, phone number for each point of contact at the company, and all pages visited on the site and for how long. See appendices and case studies for specific examples and screen shots.
What is a master keyword list?
A master keyword list is a critical element of the standard SEO campaign. It is a list of the most effective keywords and all alternative spellings or ways to phrase the core keywords (including long-tail keywords). The master keyword list can range in length from several hundred keywords for a very small, regionally focused SEO project to tens of thousands of keywords for an international or large national SEO project.
How does a master keyword list provide transparency to my SEO campaign?

With a master keyword list, Uniwebb's seasoned SEO experts complete a full keyword traffic and competitiveness report. The traffic portion of the report gives a specific snapshot of the average monthly search volume for a specific keyword phrase. This monthly search volume information gives transparency into the most trafficked keywords.

The competitiveness portion of the report gives a specific snapshot into the resources required to reach a top ranking position within the search engines for each particular keyword. If a keyword has high traffic but also high competitiveness it may not be a good opportunity to pursue immediately.

What is a rank tracking report?
Upon completing the master keywords list, the Uniwebb SEO team implements the list to complete a comprehensive “scan” of all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in all countries of interest for each of the keywords to determine where (if at all) the website ranks for each of these keywords. This report is called a “rank tracking” report.
How does Uniwebb use the rank tracking report in my SEO campaign?
The Uniwebb SEO teams implement the “rank tracking” report on a periodic basis (quarterly, monthly, or weekly) for the ongoing SEO review. This “rank tracking” report is a powerful tool to enable the Uniwebb team to expose trends in the “rank” for each keyword within the specific search engines. By watching the rank for each keyword and the overall number of keywords within the top 10 and top 3 rankings, the ongoing SEO reviews are very fact based to ensure the analytic information is available to monitor and track the SEO results from recent adjustments and updates to the site.
What is on-page optimization?
After completing the master keyword list, the next, most high payoff task for SEO is typically what is referred to as “on-page” optimization. A loose definition of “on-page optimization” includes any SEO-friendly solutions that can be changed on the actual website itself (i.e. not a link pointing to the site).
How much expertise does the Uniwebb staff have in the field of SEO?

Uniwebb's marketing team has extensive experience with SEO, including onsite optimization, link building, blog development, blogger outreach, analytics, Pay-Per-Click advertising, social search and social media campaign development, and more. Our marketing efforts are results-driven, which means we help you track and measure everything we do.

Just as important as our technical SEO experience is our writing expertise. Our marketers are also well-established writers who can help you make sure your web content shines. After years of staying on top of shifting search algorithms and trends in the realm of SEO, we understand that great content always lies at the heart of every SEO strategy.

If I don’t direct my budget to SEO, will my site still have SEO functionality?

Even if you don’t write SEO into your budget, our developers design each website with SEO functionality in mind. This means Titles, Meta Tags, and other elements of your website architecture will be designed to be easily crawled by search engines and sorted into the appropriate keyword category.

If you do decide to work SEO into your budget, we will move beyond basic optimization and perform link building, pay-per-click marketing, and more.

What is Uniwebb Software
For more than 5 years, servicing startups to Fortune 500s, Uniwebb Software, Inc. has been creating waves in the web application development, eCommerce and business software community. We average over 50% of growth every year, Uniwebb Software is on track to become the next “Who’s Who” in the web design and development sector. While remaining lean and mean, Uniwebb is about to experience another round of growth that will bring on board some of the brightest minds available in the marketplace.
Is Uniwebb Software based in the U.S.?
Yes, Uniwebb Software is located in Sacramento’s technology hub, Folsom, California near Intel.
Why should I switch my website to Responsive Design?

Before the concept of RWD, we used to make different website for each devices like smartphone, tablet, kindle etc. Responsive website looks great of the desktop screen but the same may not be true when your site is viewed on a smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader (like the Kindle). Once you make the design responsive, the website will look good (and readable) on all screens and not just the desktop.

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How do I get started with Responsive Web Design?

Uniwebb is an expert in responsive web design and development. Simply contact us!

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Does Uniwebb utilize a structured and web application framework? Do you utilize MVC architecture?

Uniwebb develops a wide variety of solutions for different types of clients and situations. This is one of Uniwebb's key strengths. Uniwebb leverages its experience to determine the best architecture to meet the client’s needs and deliver the best solution to ensure an ideal user experience. Rather than putting a square peg in a round hole, Uniwebb will provide a framework that is extensible, meets client needs, and is in line with Uniwebb's high development standards.

Depending on the application’s requirements, Uniwebb developers leverage a standard set of tools in developing the best solution for the client. These tools normally include MVC or Forms based development, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010, C#, Ruby on Rails,Java, AngularJS, Laravel, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2,  MYSQL, PostgreSQL as well as ORM tools such as the CodeSmith, Codeigniter, CakePHP Tools for database interfacing code generation, third party component libraries such as jQuery, Telerik, and Ext.Net.

Also, Uniwebb is well versed in leveraging CMS tools such as DotNetNuke, Wordpress, Sitefinity, Drupal, Jumla, Orchard, composit C1, Daisy, Alfresco, Fedura, Radient. Each solution is custom tailored in a way that best meets the client’s business needs and objectives. We build our systems to scale gracefully while making choices about where to leverage off the shelf or standard functionality to keep initial investment within a reasonable amount.

What type of quality assurance testing will be in place and what methods are being used to perform bug testing and corrections? Will bug testing and corrections be performed for all browsers?

Uniwebb provides a thorough cross browser inspection to ensure compatibility and will make detailed adjustments to ensure consistent presentation of the following browsers – IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Uniwebb leverages a 200+ point checklist that the team utilizes to ensure quality assurance for each and every project. Checking against our x-browser, user interface, content audit, and requirements/user stories checklists ensures we cover each step as we validate the Client site prior to launch.

In addition to the 200+ point checklist, Uniwebb will also perform unit testing throughout the development which is a key process for backend development validation. Due to the nature of the standard development architecture, unit tests for data access functions and other operations can be quickly implemented insuring that the system is ready to handle different situations and inputs by any given user or process. The unit tests can either be automatically created by the ORM modeling tools or created by developers from Visual Studio 2010's testing framework.

To communicate bugs and issues, Uniwebb uses a fully integrated tool called Redmine which enables Uniwebb and the client to collaborate effortlessly on projects. The client is able to submit tickets to the Uniwebb team in order to track issues and bugs. The tool automatically organizes tasks and assigns team members to allow for an easy-to-use reporting and tracking.

Uniwebb will follow industry best practices in taking the Client site live. We have included our Go Live Steps and Service Levels (Communication Plans) for a detailed outline of protocols for taking site updates live and communication throughout the process.

Development Site Approval

  • A. Client to review functionality with Uniwebb on the development site
  • B. Upon client providing approval, Uniwebb pushes updates to staging site

Staging Site Approval

  • A. Upon receiving approval from the client that functionality on the development site is ready to go live, Uniwebb will push updates to the live server, but onto a staging site as opposed to the live site for debugging and addressing any other issues.
  • B. Uniwebb will request immediate review of the staging site to ensure that both Uniwebb and the client are completing a full site audit at this stage
  • C. Note that Uniwebb will notify the client when this step (moving updates to the staging site) is completed
  • D. The staging site will provide IP blocking by default
  • a. The client will need to provide IP’s to whitelist before they will be able to view the staging site
  • b. Clients will not see the staging site unless their IP is unblocked upon request
  • E. This will be a stable environment for confirming the updates about to go live
  • F. Providing a staging site on the live server will dramatically lower the risk of uncovering unexpected bugs upon taking the site updates “live” on the live server

Live Site Confirmation & Support (adjustments once live)

  • A. Upon receiving approval from the client that all appears to be working as expected on the staging site, Uniwebb will push updates to the live website
  • B. Uniwebb will provide “emergency” level support for any outages or bug requests from the client as stated below in the Service Levels section
  • C. Uniwebb will request immediate review of the live site once Uniwebb pushes updates live to ensure that both Uniwebb and the client are completing a full site audit at this stage
  • D. Uniwebb will provide a written notification that the site updates are live immediately after pushing updates live (we will not push updates live without notifying the client and making our team available on standby for support, etc.)

Uniwebb will schedule these live pushes such that they occur during planned time slots when we have staff available to assist with any urgent items that need to be addressed.

Uniwebb will provide development and customer service resources for bug fixes and site adjustments prior to launching site updates and as ongoing maintenance/support for the site. Uniwebb will provide a clear, documented escalation path for ensuring a timely response for immediate (“Hot” or “Emergency”) support issues as well as non-critical support issues. Our ongoing goal will be to ensure a reliable maintenance and go-live experience for the client and support team going forward.

Would I have access to the native site files if I want to make edits or tweak code in Dreamweaver? How about the style sheets?

For any templates or style sheets, you will be provided with access to the native files. For the other pages, you can create and test your HTML/designs in any tool that you want, and then copy and paste it into your Content Management System. Speak with a Uniwebb consultant if you’re not sure how to do this.

Will my new site ensure browser and W3C compliance?

Yes. Our standard line item for browser compatibility covers adjustments to ensure consistent presentation of the following browsers: IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. We also enable mobile compatibility as a default (such as iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows phone).

How often can I expect communication from Uniwebb about my project?

Your developer will communicate with you whenever they need your advice or feedback about a change. Beyond that, while you will always be able to monitor project status both in Uniwebb PM and on the development site, if you have questions, concerns, or need specific information, it is your responsibility to request it of us. We are happy to answer questions at any time, but we expect our clients to be proactive in the communication process.