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How to Meet the UX Expectations of Generation Z

How to Meet the UX Expectations of Generation Z


Generation Z is a generation of digital natives. This means they grew up familiar with cell phones, the Internet, and computers. As a result, the generation anticipates an intuitive User experience (UX) for every browsing experience.

Your website has little room for error when it comes to a UX that will resonate with this generation . When you invest effort in crafting a robust digital experience, you’re better positioned to sell to consumers born after 1997. 

Ensuring you can engage Gen Z is important because the group is on track to become the largest generation of consumers within a few years. In 2018, they already brought over $1 billion in buying power to the market.

This article will discuss how to create a user experience to sell your goods and services to this young generation of consumers.

Prioritize Immediate Gratification to Satisfy Centennials’ Short Attention Spans

While every UX should provide rapid site speed, Generation Z has even less patience for loading time than most users. 

More so than older generations, centennials are inundated with advice, news, and ideas from many digital channels each day. To optimize their efforts, studies show Gen Z is strategic about where they spend their time. 

In fact, they will exit a channel if it doesn’t immediately prove itself useful. Gen Z consumers are 60% more likely than other customers to hang up the phone if it isn’t answered in 45 seconds, according to a study by Marchex. 

Your brand should make sure it’s easy for users to quickly gain access to key information they’re seeking. 

If a slower loading time is inevitable, your company can maintain interest by building engaging preloaders, or the screen you see during loading time.

Source: Dribble

For instance, the SurveyPlanet app loader animation shows a tiny spaceship circling a green planet. These entertaining GIFS deter users with short attention spans from leaving your page.

An animated preloader is a good way to hold any users’ attention. But, it’ll be especially useful for mitigating Gen Z’s tendency to exit experiences that require patience.

Your website should deliver useful information quickly. If it doesn’t, this new generation of consumers will find their answers elsewhere.

Recognize Gen Z’s Desire for Reliability By Offering a Consistent UX

Studies show that Gen Z has the worst mental health of any generation. Many have grown up consuming media about environmental degradation and school shootings. As a result, this generation places a high value on straightforward, reliable brands they can trust. 

Brands that offer a standard experience across platforms are perceived as authentic. While all users value genuine messages, the security offered by this approach will appeal to Gen Z.face

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Standard brand guidelines are important, but designing for consistency encapsulates much more than that. You can craft a clear, reliable UX in a variety of ways including:

  1. Establish a uniform tone across your website copy
  2. Ensure your features function reliably across each page
  3. Use familiar design patterns consumers are already aware of

Google does an excellent job of maintaining consistency while adding an innovative touch. Google products always have a clean, sharp interface. But, they also deliver delightful surprises like Google’s changing logo design.

Source: Google

  • Google functions in a consistent manner, but its logo changes for specific occasions. For instance, the corporation published this first day of school graphic in Singapore on January 2, 2019.
    A standard UX means users know exactly what information you’re offering and how to access it.
    Influencers, who are especially popular among Gen Z consumers, achieve success by regularly posting on-brand messages. In this way, they form a strong relationship with young consumers.
    Ultimately, a centennial user is more likely to become your loyal customer if you offer an authentic, consistent experience they can rely on.
    Custom-craft Personalized Experiences to Meet Post-Millennials Expectations

    More so than other groups of consumers, Generation Z has acclimated to technology that predicts their unique needs. In a Forbes and YPulse study, 80% of respondents ages 14–29 said they expect tailored digital experiences that target location and recognize their interests and habits.
    A study by WP Engine reports that over one-third of Gen Z users (44%) will offer private data in return for personalization. In fact, they value personalization more than Millenials do, according to WWD.
    You can experience an example of effective individualization whenever you log into Amazon. The home screen displays customized information to make your shopping experience more efficient. 
    Source: SmashMagazineThe first screen you see after logging into Amazon displays your shopping cart items, stored address, and first name. The featured advertisements are relevant to your recent purchases and browsing history.With an average 8-second attention span , the youngest consumers to enter the marketplace will favor the convenience these individualized features offer.There are a variety of ways to personalize your digital product for Gen Z users
    • Show name recognition
    • Target your product recommendations
    • Display yearly summaries of activity
    You can also implement user research to identify your audiences’ specific preferences. In general, Gen Z tends to share common expectations, but more segmented groups may have unique needs.For example, studies show Gen Z values brands that take a stand for social issues. However, the topic you choose to highlight on your site could change depending on the sub-group you’re targeting.  If you want to provide the most personalized experience possible, consider investing in user research.When you prioritize an individualized UX, you’ll design an experience that seamlessly funnels Gen Z users through your platform to the ultimate call-to-action.Invest Time in Understanding Gen Z Before Designing Your UXGen Z uses digital technology differently than any other generation. They have a range of priorities and expectations based on the technologies they grew up with.Ultimately, a UX that is consistent, immediately gratifying, and personalized will be the most effective with this group of consumers.Managers must consider Gen Z’s unique characteristics if they want to design a website that resonates powerfully with the post-millennial generation.
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