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Posted in StartupTechnology 28 Sep

Tempo, a SRI-incubated smart calendar app that launched in February, is announcing that it has raised a $10 million Series A.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

YouTube just announced (as part of this week’s Cannes Lions advertising event) that it’s expanding its partner program to include advertisers.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

In a week where Tumblr CEO David Karp did the rounds at the Cannes Lions advertising confab in France, Yahoo has now confirmed that it has completed its acquisition of the social network and blogging site for $1.1 billion — first announced in May.

Posted in EntertainmentTechnology 28 Sep

Ender's Game director Gavin Hood, producer Bob Orci and actor Asa Butterfield will unveil the science fiction movie's first teaser trailer in a Google+ Hangout on May 7.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

It would be an understatement to note that there is hype surrounding Google Glass. In a recent op-ed, Mashable's Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff called Google Glass the future of technology, and many businesses are already making moves to get their services on the product.