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Latest trends on Best mobile app development for iOS

Latest trends on Best mobile app development for iOS

The latest trends that we are sharing in this blog will make it easy for developers to understand the iOS applications and technologies that are going to arrive in the future.


iOS applications in total have nearly reached the two million mark. According to the latest figures, a total of four million applications are available for the users. From the user’s point of view, there are many applications to use for nearly anything they need them for. App Store has several applications, hence, the developer needs to stay updated to the newest trends of iOS. This blog is about the newest mobile application development trends for iOS.

Development trends for iOS mobile application

    The latest trends that we are sharing in this blog will make it easy for developers to understand the iOS applications and technologies that are going to arrive in the future.

    1) Improved Security Protocols

    Apple maintains an uncompromising policy that doesn’t allow anyone to break the security layer of the Apple devices. Their security algorithms are well known and the security protocols they follow are an essential trend for the mobile application.

    As in recent years, there has been an uncommon rise in several hacking attempts, a single loophole has the potential to inflict significant damage. To improve upon these loopholes, an endeavor has been taken by Apple to provide a secure environment for the users. Overall security has improved and this has significantly reduced the attempts of data theft and cyber-attacks. 

    Apple has launched ASWebAuthentication, a password Autofill. Cookies and website data are synchronized when signed in, and the device can include password manager applications by using authentication services structure.  

    2) The Apple Inc.Homekit

    A remarkable software framework that provides the user with various benefits. With the help of Apple Homekit, connected devices or accessories can be controlled and communicated through an application. 

    The current focus of business is to develop smart products that are compatible with these applications. Such innovation will enable developers to develop products and applications that are compatible with Apple Homekit. These innovations will lead to growth in IoT and will cause significant advancement for home automation. 

    3) Apple Pay to be Easier to Use

    “User-friendly” has become an important phrase for developers when creating applications for iOS or Android. Various innovations are taking place and are being implemented to make applications very easy to use.

    Apple Pay is bringing forth many user-friendly changes in their applications to make financial transactions easier to process. User is not required to store their debit or credit card particulars on their smartphones anymore.

    There is an application called NFC or near-field communication installed in the device of a user that does the entire work. By focusing on making their application user-friendly, as per figures, This platform has grown with a substantial 500% increased transactions done by users around the globe.

    4) ARKit and the Augment Reality 

    With the launch of iOS 11, developers have transitioned from Augment Reality to ARKit. 3D and virtual-based mobile applications are being developed with the help of Apple ARKit by the developers. To bring forth more innovations in ARKit, teamed up with Amazon, Apple now wants to take the user experience to another level. 

    Both Amazon and Apple plan to add augment and virtual reality into their services to further provide better services for their clients. In the future, clients will rely on virtual ecosystems to identify the business and Apple has already started integrating its application development methods with the ARKit. 

    5) Machine reality and Artifical Intelligence

    Siri is a virtual assistant that is a part of Apple Inc. The user can use this virtual assistant to organize meetings, maintain their schedules, etc. Developers are currently working to make Siri’s responses more authentic and faultless. Experts are hoping that in future Siri should be able to analyze what’s happening with the user and provide suitable suggestions. Since Siri is connected to the phone, it should be able to form more customized shortcuts.

    A new framework called Core machine learning 2 or Core ML2 has been released by Apple with the purpose to solve issues, for example, parts of speech, identification of language or script, etc. 

    6) Wearable Devices

    As per CCS Insights, the number of wearable devices will increase to two hundred and forty-five million users in 2019. In terms of money, wearable devices will be roughly thirty-three billion in value by the end of this year. These devices require a strong connection to a user’s phone, hence, it is important to develop applications simultaneously.

    Developers need to focus on making these applications compatible with the devices. Companies are investing their resources on building applications for Apple watches as these devices provide convenience and permanent access to all of the application’s important functions.

    7) Internet of Things

    As per Statista, by 2025 roughly seventy-five billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Various fields such as healthcare, e-commerce have gained huge profits because of IoT. 

    Experts are hoping for positive changes and improvements because of the implementation of IoT in areas such as the retail industry, real estate, etc. It is very useful in developing temperature monitoring applications to identify the temperature for certain processes that are not surpassing beyond the allowed limits.

    8) Swift Programming

    Swift is the official language of Apple and it is used for building iOS applications. As per the latest data, there are roughly more than three hundred thousand applications developed in Swift which are available on the Apple App Store. Some advantages of this programming language are its features such as scalability, flexibility, security, and efficiency.

    9) On-Demand Applications

    Applications such as Uber and Postmates have started a new trend. The on-demand applications can now deliver even more. For example, services such as cleaning, product delivering, shopping are more comfortable to do because of the geolocation, payment service, etc. These applications are developed to simplify the daily tasks which we are required to complete every day.


    We have listed all the current trends that are influencing the development domain of iOS applications. As this technology advances, there will be more iOS applications coming into the market. There has been an increase in demand to hire iOS app developers due to advancements in iOS. As this technology develops further, there will be more innovative technological advancements in the coming years.

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