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Most Powerful Frameworks to Create Chatbot for Your Business

Most Powerful Frameworks to Create Chatbot for Your Business

Personalized marketing now becomes a top priority for businesses. It plays a crucial part in enhancing the customer experience. Rationalization allows businesses to generate unique and relevant experiences. It, therefore, maintain their attention for a long period.


Keeping this aspect in mind, several applications are emerging to give product offers and individualized messages to prospective customers. Among all, the chatbot is the leading one. 

Now, almost all brands are integrating chatbots to their chat systems and website. Telegram and facebook have built and deployed their own chatbots and have made their move. 

It is an application that can work in your absence and can take your place intelligently. Chatbots engages the customers with its impressive communication. From customer service to marketing, chatbots have made their impact on B2C and B2B organizations. It uses elevated service, lead generation, and information gathering.  

Undoubtedly, it tends to accomplish almost 50% of your work. Notably, there is a change in the chatbots because of regular developments in AI module and machine learning. 

It understands the language accurately and responds to the visitor like a real person while communicating. Chatbots instantly gather the data you need from the existing or future customers.

According to the recent statistics:

  • Almost 67% of customers are using chatbots for customer support.
  • Till 2020, most of the customer interactions will be handled by the chatbots only.
  • It is tough to know whether the real human or a chatbot is helping and 40% have experienced the same.
  • It increases the response time and gives solutions to more than 80% of the queries regularly. Hence, it is saving 30% of customer support and customer service costs. 


  • There are 79,943 chats handled by chatbots every month
  • From all the chats, 59% are of chatbots.
  • 53% of companies recognize AI as a tool for building a customer-first culture.
  • 70% has experienced positive chatbot experiences.
  • 57% accept the fact that the chatbots are addressing high ROI with less effort.
  • 90% has more active complaint resolution with bots.

The AI platforms can serve better to create exceptional chatbots. All you need is to train your bot and define the architecture, its abilities, and the channel where it is deploying. 

In this blog, we will give some of the best chatbot frameworks to develop creative and useful chatbots for your business to increase and make profitable results. The best Chatbot Development Company can simplify your task and make you easily find the chatbot framework from their experience and quality research. Nevertheless, let’s get started with the article.

Best Chatbot framework to create chatbots

AiX – AI Customer Service Platform

Enter AiX, the latest innovation from RPAiX, a Uniwebb Software entity, poised to transform customer support as we know it.

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, AiX is more than just a chatbot—it’s a comprehensive customer service solution designed to streamline support operations and enhance user experiences. Imagine having a virtual assistant at your fingertips, capable of handling customer queries with precision and efficiency, while also empowering your support team to deliver exceptional service.

At its core, AiX combines the prowess of conversational AI with a streamlined help desk and proactive assistance features. This synergy not only ensures cost-efficiency for businesses but also invigorates support teams and leaves customers thoroughly satisfied.

With AiX, businesses can expect to resolve up to 75% of customer queries instantly, thanks to its unique AI technology. But the magic doesn’t stop there—AiX also boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 95% and beyond, ensuring that customers receive precise and reliable responses every time.

One of the standout features of AiX is its effortless accuracy. Through continuous training, AiX gets smarter over time, guaranteeing precise and reliable responses for customers. Moreover, AiX offers exceptional support by providing quicker solutions, resulting in happier customers and improved brand loyalty.

But AiX isn’t just about resolving queries—it’s about maximizing business efficiency. With its unified platform, AiX seamlessly integrates automation, conversations, ticketing, customer data, and advanced reporting, allowing businesses to unlock their full potential and stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to its powerful features, AiX is fully customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and branding. Whether it’s renaming the virtual assistant or customizing the look and feel of the interface, AiX offers flexibility and versatility to suit any business requirement.

Transform Your Customer Support with Our AI Customer Service Platform in 2024

Disclaimer: This blog post has been updated to reflect the introduction of AiX developed by RPAiX, a Uniwebb Software entity, subsequent to the original publication date. The inclusion of AiX in this updated version represents the latest advancements in customer service technology and innovation.

Microsoft Bot Framework

It behaves as a talking bot that permits developers to create a more engaging platform for serving, supporting and communicating. This framework has a comprehensive emulator that debugs the bots to verify the features and functionalities of the chatbots.  

Microsoft Bot Framework uses the pre-built models, like, Facebook messenger, Slack, and Skype to assure effective and efficient communication with the customers.

IBM Watson

This framework is the popular AI software that is used by the business developers for creating bots for their brand. It is a virtual assistant that replies to the customers promptly. Also, it offers some productive information to business owners. 

This framework aids the businesses to easily automate their daily operations from supervising the employees to customer requests via internal processes. IBM Watson assures better service externally and internally.  


It builds a fully-functional chatbot merely in some minutes without coding. Chatfuel fulfills some of the fundamental needs that every business requires. It can be easily integrated with different platforms. This framework can be developed easily for facebook messenger for delivering a perfect experience to the customers. 

Also, engaging them by integrating the content cards and sharing with the followers is easy with chatfuel. It is blended with the AI methods to assure scripting interactive communication with the visitors. Some of the premium users it holds are; British Airways, Adidas, Volkswagen, and MTV. Chatbot Platform

It showcases the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for creating powerful software and applications. This framework uses the active interface and focuses more on the applications. Majorly, the applications that run on tiny devices and mobile devices are preferable. 

The best part is that it is multiple languages supportive and uses machine learning algorithms to obtain more useful information. It assures your data privacy and safety while sharing it with the developers to integrate the features into the applications. 


It does not require coding to build the chatbots. Botsify is blended with the Dashbot for conversational analytics. And it easily understands what the customer is asking about.  

Botsify amalgamates the drag and drop option and human takeover feature. The human takeover feature assures that the human can handle the communication at any time. Botsify is used by some of the leading brands, such as Unicef NZ, Shazam, and Apple. 

RASA Stack 

It is known as the open-source framework. RASA Stack experiences the machine learning abilities with the chief components, such as RASA Core and RASA NLU.

RASA NLU runs on NLP of the chatbots. Whereas, the RASA Core runs on the inputs according to the entities and the intent. 

RASA Stack shows its active ability to connect with the APIs, maintain contextual dialogues identify intents. It also obtains entities with adequate data control to assist properly and to fulfill users’ requirements. 

Amazon Lex

This framework is a division of Alexa’s tech. Amazon Lex builds the conversational interfaces in an application with the text and the voice. If you want to create a chatbot on the Lex, then, you have to mention Intent. The intent is the action performed by the user. 

The chatbots can be built directly with the Amazon lex console. The Amazon lex console gives GUI and a possibility to configure the bot with the Lambda function. It can be easily linked with the Twilio SMS, Facebook Messengers, and Slack.

Amazon Lex is known for its fully managed services. After the improvement in user engagement, it gives the infrastructure to enhance your bot experience. 


The aim of ManyChat is to enhance sales and marketing for businesses. With this, you can build a Facebook Messenger bot easily. 

Some bots are there that require a development team that can assemble it. Whereas, some bots do not need it. ManyChat came into this category and claims that it can create a bot in two minutes only. The requirement is that a Facebook page is needed for you to connect to ManyChat.

Any sales rep and marketing will guide you with the significance of ‘Follow-up’. Besides, it develops trust and credibility with eminent customers. This framework provides you with only the best solution to sustain your leads. The best advantage of using ManyChat is that many customers have the Messenger app already in their devices. You can take benefit and let your business be a part of it.

Dialog Flow

This framework is taken by Google. It develops an intent-based chatbot that solves user queries solved in one to one basis. Dialog Flow practices the chat history in the content and does not use the predefined flow. Similar to the Microsoft bot framework, it combines the bot with several platforms, like, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Surely, it is the reliable chatbot developed on the Google Infrastructure. 

It is used by the Domino’s Pizza as the AI-powered virtual assistant to place the customer’s order.  According to them, it is by far the best Natural language processing they have used.

Flow XO 

This framework has a unique capability. Like, you can execute more than 100 integrations effortlessly even with the uncomplicated and visual editor. 

You only need to create it once for many platforms because it eradicates the necessity to generate different chatbots for different platforms.

Siphoning Flow XO is a smarter option for your business. The free version may not give you a great solution. But, the premium version can give you immense benefits. It expands your ability to use the latest conversations with your users.


This framework is generally an Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS). The Artificial intelligence-based markup language is used in Pandorabots. It incorporates Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity ( A.L.I.C.E), a natural language processing chatbot.

Recently, it has incorporated new features for visualizing the AIML.  Pandorabots also gives Chatterbot integration on different websites, messaging platforms, and applications, etc.

Wrapping Up

Everyone is aware of the popularity of the chatbots. Several businesses compete to use the AI-equipped virtual assistants or chatbots for managing the customers easily. Customers are the base of every business. Without them, you cannot succeed. Therefore, it is critical to follow the approaches that do not let this happen. Sustain them for life long efficiency.

The chatbot framework for your business lets you work by aligning your strategy and business needs. It offers you the features which are needed for your particular bot building project.

From the above-mentioned chatbot framework, the one that can fit best to your needs should be chosen. If you know some other chatbot frameworks then let us know in the comment section below.

Are you using any of the chatbot frameworks? 

If yes, then share your experience with us. 

Thanks for reading!!

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