iPhone Game Development - Mr. Chicken


SAY GOODBYE to Protecting eggs for the birds and say hello to the world of gathering as many eggs as you can from these cock-o-doodle hens (so that you always have enough eggs for breakfast)
The crazy birds are laying eggs in a frenzy and your job as MR. CHICKEN is to fill your Basket with as many eggs you can (FOR HEY WE ALL LOVE EGGS IN EVERY WAY THEY ARE SERVED TO US) The trick is not to let any of these eggs fall to ground. From time to time these lovely hens with lay SPECIAL EGGS which are bonuses and if you collect them you will earn yourself supernatural powers and MR. CHICKEN for that time will become our new SUPERHERO.
These fluttering birds from time to time lay MAGICAL EGGS which gives you wonderful powers Magical Eggs like the Golden Eggs (Which doubles the points of each egg collected) Black colored eggs and the WARP EGG will fall every now and then. Be careful not to drop then as these eggs will make the whole experience ever more fascinate.
Run, Jump, Stretch ……….do whatever it takes to put as many eggs in your basket and make sure your friends do not collect more eggs than you. Lets see who will be our new MR. CHICKEN and who will the ones who will CHICKEN OUT. So come on download our latest offering for all our I Phone and I Pod touch owners and dance the FUNKY CHICKEN like no one else can.

Technology:  iOS

Special Features

  • Fast paced acttion filled Game Play
  • No Limits * No time boundation so keep collecting and keep egging fwd
  • Open Fient / Facebook enabled for let you know who the real Mr.Chiken is.
  • 3 Magical eggs
    Golden Egg
    Colored Egg
    Warp Egg