iPhone/iPad Development - Mobile Task Tracker

Mobile Task Tracker

designed for business work groups, teammates, families and social groups to ensure total control and accountability monitoring assigned tasks and to get instant verification of the receipt of your mobile messages.
Its “delegated task” management system time stamps tasks as they are sent and when they are received by your team members (“Assignees”). The app’s color-coded task progression system uses six colored status “lights” to notify you, the “Delegator”, when a task has been sent, received, accepted, forwarded to another team member, rejected, and completed. And for accountability, time and date stamping each status update. All tasks are automatically logged by due date on your device. Both Delegators and Assignees can set reminder alarms that keep time sensitive assignments prioritized. Assigning tasks to yourself facilitates simple "to do list" processing.


Special Features

  • "Cloud" based version available for ANY platform (smartphone, computer, tablet etc.) accessed directly or via our website using browser with internet connection
  • Quick and easy set up - Short Video Tutorials (illustrating set up options and demonstration of app), quick start manual, and more on web site
  • Delegator receives status updates of receipt, acceptance, rejection, forwarding and completion of designated tasks via 6 color-coded "status" states with time and date stamp
  • Set-up individuals and define groups to receive tasks and notifications. Entire "Groups" can be selected with one click
  • Prioritizes tasks automatically by due date & time.
  • Notification system sends ‘text’ messages to one or more "receivers" and automatically lets the sender know who has received and read the message and who has not.
  • Auto Reply feature in Notification module makes this system an SMS Messenger made for business communication, providing date and time stamping while verifying message receipt with a status light update
  • Complete confirmation log of assigned and completed tasks for the ultimate in accountability
  • Simplified personal "To Do" list management
  • Set reminders and alarms for both delegated and received time sensitive assignments
  • Automatically converts all time stamps to the local time zone of the user. For example, a task created at 1:00 p.m. in New York shows a creation time of 10:00 a.m. on the “Assignee’s” device in Los Angeles
  • Auto correct spelling feature in all text entry functions
  • Combines three useful functions in one app (Delegation and tracking system, SMS Business Messaging & Personal to do list), eliminating app switching to perform these related activities.