Advanced face recognition software

Advanced face recognition software

Elevating Security Measures: Streamlining Processes with Our Advanced Identification Solution


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Uniwebb Software's Vision: Achieving 80% Accuracy in Face Recognition

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Uniwebb Software has spearheaded the creation of an innovative face recognition technology aimed at bolstering security and refining the process of identifying individuals. Our development was for a prominent US Based company renowned for its expertise in software development and IT consultancy within the retail sector. This client boasts a stellar history of devising, crafting, and deploying a myriad of digital solutions tailored for retail, covering an array of product lines from general goods to clothing and food items.

Globally recognized, the client provides a broad spectrum of scalable digital products, catering to a wide client demographic, including big-name international retailers and small shop owners.


The main challenge was to augment the accuracy of facial recognition within the retail sphere. Our mission was to engineer a state-of-the-art facial recognition framework that was both scalable and decentralized, utilizing a variety of algorithms to ensure precise face detection.

We faced obstacles due to the inconsistency in video quality and characteristics, mainly caused by diverse lighting conditions and the variable quality of the video frames. These issues affected the system’s ability to correctly identify and analyze facial points and surrounding features, which was crucial for the solution’s reliability and efficiency.

The images presented were affected by uneven lighting, blurriness, or a combination of both, complicating the achievement of satisfactory recognition results based on such frames.

Advanced face recognition software


To address these challenges, Uniwebb embarked on crafting a bespoke facial recognition software designed specifically for the retail industry, incorporating a suite of face recognition algorithms. These algorithms, including unmanaged and managed PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and managed eigenfaces, provided the flexibility to adapt to varying needs.

  • Unmanaged Face Recognition PCA: Utilizes PCA to identify and highlight essential facial features effectively under various conditions.
  • Managed Face Recognition PCA: Builds on the basic PCA, introducing precision management to enhance feature extraction for reliable recognition across different image qualities.
  • Managed Face Recognition Eigenfaces: Uses the eigenfaces approach for a refined selection of eigenvectors, improving efficiency in processing large image datasets.

To boost image accuracy and system performance, we integrated two OpenCV algorithms for face and eye detection, achieving consistent and dependable face recognition. Adjustments were made to enhance eye detection accuracy, significantly improving system stability and facilitating accurate image adjustments and filtering.

Efficient Batch Image Processing:

A batch image processing module was developed to streamline the processing of images from series, videos, or cameras, significantly reducing time and effort and ensuring smooth operations for large data volumes.

Integration with CCTV Systems: By integrating the facial recognition technology with existing CCTV infrastructure, we elevated surveillance capabilities, enabling precise, real-time identification in stores or warehouses. This combination not only enhances security against unauthorized entry but also improves employee management by monitoring attendance and behavior, promoting a safer and more efficient retail environment.

This solution enables access to live video feeds, allowing for the real-time analysis of faces within the video stream. Employing sophisticated algorithms, it can detect and analyze facial features from footage, enhancing situational awareness and offering a comprehensive view of employee activities through features like facial tracking.

Advanced face recognition software


The journey to develop our cutting-edge facial recognition technology began with an in-depth analysis of our client’s specific needs. We embraced the Scrum methodology to ensure an agile and efficient development process. This method facilitated daily stand-up meetings for immediate progress reports and monthly demos to showcase our progress and gather feedback from the client.

Our project management and documentation were streamlined through the use of Jira and Confluence, which allowed for effective task management and information sharing. Microsoft Teams was our primary communication channel with the client, ensuring clear and continuous dialogue.

At the core of our technical approach was the adoption of advanced algorithms for accurate face and eye recognition. A pivotal breakthrough was enhancing the system’s ability to pinpoint the centers of pupils, alongside improvements in image stabilization and normalization, addressing the challenge of variable video input quality directly.

This Agile framework enabled us to tailor a facial recognition system that not only fulfilled our client’s unique requirements but also underscored our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Our efforts culminated in a system capable of distinguishing individuals with high accuracy, even from lower-quality sources. This precision has significantly bolstered security by facilitating robust authentication protocols. Authorized personnel can now access secure areas and systems confidently, mitigating risks of unauthorized breaches. The system also supports real-time surveillance, quickly alerting security staff about any unauthorized or suspicious entry attempts.

The deployment of this facial recognition solution has proven to be highly effective, offering a reliable, efficient, and secure means of identification and authentication. Its impact extends beyond security, enhancing access control, attendance tracking, and even enriching customer experiences across various industries.


What is the main goal of the facial recognition system developed by Uniwebb Software?

The primary objective was to enhance security and streamline the identification process within the retail industry, by accurately identifying and distinguishing individuals even in challenging conditions.

What challenges did Uniwebb Software face during the development of the facial recognition system?

The team encountered issues related to the inconsistency in video input quality, primarily due to varying lighting conditions and the disparate quality of input frames, which impacted the system's ability to accurately analyze facial features.

How did Uniwebb Software address the issue of inconsistent video quality?

By integrating advanced algorithms for face and eye detection and refining the system to improve image stabilization, rotation, and scale normalization, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the facial recognition system.

Can the facial recognition system integrate with existing security infrastructure?

Yes, the system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing CCTV systems, enhancing surveillance capabilities by allowing precise real-time identification of individuals within stores or warehouses.

How does the facial recognition system enhance security measures?

It provides robust authentication, allowing only authorized individuals to access restricted areas and systems, and supports real-time monitoring through video surveillance, promptly detecting unauthorized or suspicious individuals.

What are the key technical innovations in the facial recognition system?

Innovations include the use of advanced face and eye recognition algorithms, the ability to detect pupil centers for improved accuracy, and enhancements in image quality through better stabilization and normalization.

What kind of accuracy does the facial recognition system achieve?

The system boasts a high level of accuracy in identifying and distinguishing individuals, even when working with lower-quality sources, significantly enhancing security and authentication processes.

Who can benefit from using this facial recognition system?

The system offers wide-ranging benefits for various sectors, including retail for enhanced security and customer experience, access control, and attendance management across multiple industries.

How does the facial recognition system improve customer experience and operational efficiency in the retail sector?

By streamlining the identification process, it not only enhances security but also facilitates a more personalized shopping experience. It can also optimize employee management by monitoring attendance and behavior, contributing to a safer and more efficient operational environment.


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    Unlike other firms that may need to search and find talent for each project, Uniwebb Software boasts a diverse in-house team of experts across various domains and technologies. This allows us to promptly assemble the perfect team for your project, tailored to your specific needs without the delay of sourcing external talent, ensuring an efficient kickoff and streamlined project execution.

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    Client involvement is crucial for project success. We encourage regular communication, feedback, and decision-making collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

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    Uniwebb Software employs Agile methodology to manage projects, allowing us to gracefully accommodate changes or new requirements. This approach ensures flexibility and adaptability, with iterative cycles that welcome evolving needs and feedback. Regular sprint reviews provide opportunities to assess and integrate changes, ensuring the project remains aligned with your goals while efficiently managing scope, timeline, and costs.