Augmented Reality Mobile App development

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development


Tech company, Bay Area, CA



Technology, Office Environment


Since 2019 till present. 


Since 2019 till present. 

Team Composition

1 Developer, 1 Designer

Duration: 8 Months


Android Mobile App

Technologies Used:

Frontend: Android, ARToolkit

Backend: Spring Boot, PostgreSQL+cube

Other Technologies: DLib, Google Vision, ARToolkit

Revolutionizing Enterprise Efficiency with Augmented Reality Mobile App


In the dynamic tech landscape of California, a forward-thinking company tapped into the potential of augmented reality (AR) to transform their business processes. This vision led to the conceptualization of a state-of-the-art application aimed not only at streamlining internal operations but also at enhancing the visitor experience through innovative AR technologies.

Project Objective:

The main ambition was to develop an Augmented Reality Mobile App that integrates comprehensive AR functionalities such as real-time visualization, indoor navigation, and facial recognition, meticulously tailored for enterprise environments. This project sought to elevate our client as a leader in digital innovation within their sector.

Solution Development

Conceptualization and Design

The journey began with an in-depth planning stage, where our dedicated team, consisting of a developer and a designer, engaged deeply with the client to ensure that the application’s features aligned seamlessly with their business needs and cultural ethos. Accessibility was prioritized, focusing on user-friendly interfaces that accommodate both seasoned and first-time users, a core principle of Augmented Reality App Development.

Implementation of AR Features

Employee Recognition and Information Retrieval:

Using the cutting-edge Google Vision technology for facial recognition, the application enables visitors to quickly identify employees and access their professional information instantly. This feature not only personalizes interactions but also reinforces security within the enterprise setting.

AR-Guided Tours with Smart Glasses:

An innovative aspect of the app is equipping visitors with Epson Moverio BT-300 AR glasses. As guests walk through the “Glory Alley,” showcasing the company’s milestones and achievements, they experience augmented overlays of project details by simply looking at designated markers.

Addressing Technical Challenges

Challenge: The initial implementation revealed challenges with image alignment and clarity when viewed through the AR glasses, further complicated by inaccurate sensor data that impacted navigation accuracy.


  • Calibration and Alignment: A bespoke calibration method was developed, refining the projection matrices for each user to ensure that the augmented content perfectly aligned with physical markers in the real world.
  • Magnetic Field-Based Navigation: Addressing the erratic magnetometer data, our team crafted a new calibration technique that adapted the readings based on the user’s directional movement, resulting in consistent and accurate indoor navigation, as facilitated by PostgreSQL+cube for backend data management.

Project Outcome

  • Enhanced User Experience: The application masterfully merges digital information with the real environment, offering an immersive and interactive visitor experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: By integrating Enterprise Augmented Reality Applications, the client has seen significant improvements in managing guest interactions and internal communication.
  • Technological Edge: The project has established the client as a trailblazer in adopting AR technology, setting a new benchmark within the industry.


This Augmented Reality Mobile App project not only met the ambitious goals set by our client but also pushed the boundaries of what is possible with augmented reality in enterprise applications. Through addressing intricate challenges with tailored solutions, Uniwebb Software has not only delivered a functional and innovative app but has also demonstrated its leadership and expertise in Augmented Reality App Development. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of AR technology in enhancing business operations and enriching user interactions across various corporate environments.


What is the purpose of the Augmented Reality Mobile App developed by Uniwebb Software?

The app is designed to enhance enterprise operations by integrating AR visualization, indoor navigation, and facial recognition to improve visitor interactions and internal communication within office environments.

How does the facial recognition feature work in the app?

The facial recognition feature uses advanced computer vision and neural networks to identify employees' faces in real time. Once recognized, the app displays relevant professional information, enhancing security and personalizing visitor experiences.

What are the benefits of using AR glasses with the app?

The AR glasses provide a hands-free, immersive experience that allows users to access detailed information about the company’s projects and milestones by simply looking at designated markers within the office space.

Can the app be used on any Android device?

Yes, the app is developed for Android platforms, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Android smartphones and devices that support AR functionalities.

What were the major technical challenges faced during the development of the app?

Major challenges included aligning augmented images with real-world objects and ensuring accurate indoor navigation. These were addressed through custom calibration methods and innovative solutions for sensor inaccuracies.

How accurate is the indoor navigation feature?

The indoor navigation is calibrated to achieve location accuracy within 5 to 6.5 feet, utilizing a custom-designed magnetic field mapping system that compensates for device orientation changes.

Where can I see a demonstration of the Augmented Reality Mobile App?

Demonstrations of the app can be arranged through Uniwebb Software's client service. Additionally, video demonstrations and case studies are available on the Uniwebb Software website for potential clients and interested parties.

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Confidentiality Notice

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