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Case Study: Skyline Homes Construction Inspection App


Skyline Homes, a leading player in the manufactured home industry, approached Uniwebb Software to enhance their construction quality assurance process through the development of a specialized Construction Inspection App. The goal was to streamline inspections, improve defect tracking, and ensure high-quality outcomes across all construction phases.

Background on Merger

Skyline and Champion Home Builders closed a merger in 2018 to create the nation’s largest publicly traded factory-built housing company. Champion Homes brings its extensive network of 40 manufacturing facilities across North America and a rich history dating back to 1953, selling over 3 million high-quality structures. This merger expands the scope and capabilities of Skyline Homes, further enhancing their market presence.

The Challenge

Despite being an industry leader, Skyline Homes faced significant challenges in managing their inspection processes. These included inefficient defect tracking, inconsistent data capture, and delayed communication, which often led to prolonged project timelines and increased costs.

The Solution

Uniwebb Software’s approach began with a thorough understanding of Skyline Homes’ operations. Our team visited their manufacturing facility in Woodland, CA, engaging in several sessions to walk through their facilities and interact directly with all stakeholders. This immersive approach allowed us to gather detailed insights into their existing processes and the challenges faced by their team.

To address these needs, Uniwebb assembled a dedicated team of developers, project managers, and designers. This team was tasked with creating a robust Android tablet application, the Construction Inspection App, designed to address the specific challenges identified during the discovery phase.

Development Process

Under strict confidentiality, Uniwebb’s team worked closely with Skyline Homes to design and develop the Construction Inspection App. Key features of the app included:

Real-Time Data Capture:

Enabling inspectors to enter data directly into the system during inspections, reducing errors and ensuring immediate availability of information.

Photo Documentation:

Allowing inspectors to attach photos to each defect report for better accuracy and accountability.

Defect Tracking and Prioritization:

Implementing a system to track defects in real-time and prioritize them based on severity, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

Offline Capability:

Ensuring the app could function without internet connectivity, which is crucial in remote areas of the construction site.


The deployment of the Construction Inspection App significantly transformed the inspection process at Skyline Homes:

Increased Efficiency: The app reduced the cycle time for defect detection to resolution by approximately 30%.

Improved Accuracy: With standardized data entry and photo documentation, the accuracy of inspections improved, reducing rework and associated costs.

Enhanced Communication: Real-time data updates and dashboard summaries improved communication across teams, enabling faster decision-making and adjustments.


The Construction Inspection App developed by Uniwebb Software for Skyline Homes exemplifies how digital transformation can significantly enhance operational efficiencies in the construction industry. Despite the limitations imposed by the NDA, the success of this project speaks volumes about the potential impact of tailored technology solutions in improving quality assurance processes.

Skyline Homes has not only seen improved operational efficiency but also enhanced quality outputs, setting a new standard in the modular home construction industry. This app is poised to support not only current inspection workflows but also future growth as indicated by early feedback.

Early Feedback from Clutch

Prior to full deployment, the Construction Inspection App received an early review on Clutch, where Skyline Homes awarded it a 5-star rating. The feedback highlighted the app’s user-friendly design which streamlines complex processes, making it easier for inspectors and managers to conduct their tasks more efficiently. According to Skyline Homes, the app encourages future growth due to its scalable design and robust capabilities.

Clutch Review: “Although the solution is not yet live, it has already received positive feedback from internal stakeholders. The app’s user-friendly design streamlines complex processes and encourages future growth. The team is committed and provides personable service. They are flexible and iterate quickly.” This early review, prior to full deployment, reflects the confidence Skyline Homes has in the app’s potential to transform their operations significantly.”

Testimonial from Clutch

“Working with Uniwebb Software was a transformative experience for our quality assurance process. The Construction Inspection App they developed has become an indispensable tool for our inspectors, substantially enhancing our operational efficiency and product quality. Uniwebb’s commitment to understanding our needs and delivering a tailored solution was evident throughout our collaboration. We highly recommend their services for anyone looking to innovate and improve their business processes.” Operations Excellence Manager, Skyline Homes”

Project Development and Collaboration

Engagement with Uniwebb Software

Skyline Homes initiated their partnership with Uniwebb Software in February 2018, following a thorough selection process. After conducting an online search for local businesses and evaluating several mobile app vendors, Skyline Homes chose Uniwebb Software. This decision was influenced by Uniwebb’s relevant experience and technical proficiency, which closely aligned with Skyline Homes’ requirements. The budget for the project was set between $50,000–$100,000, reflecting the scope and expectations for the Construction Inspection App.

Development Process

The development journey began with Uniwebb Software guiding Skyline through the initial production steps, including a comprehensive sharing of internal data. Together, they brainstormed methods to efficiently capture information using a mobile, cloud-based solution, and defined the project scope and goals.

Uniwebb produced multiple web-based simulations for the mobile app, facilitating an iterative feedback process. This phase was crucial in refining the app’s workflows, which included inspection stations and defect fixes, adapting to increasingly complex requirements. Following development, Uniwebb set up a new test server and made on-site adjustments to the app. While the testing phase has been completed, the app is not yet live, as Skyline Homes continues to populate it with essential data.

Feedback and Results

Initial users have praised the app for its simple UI and user-friendly functionalities, which successfully streamline complicated processes. Even in its pre-launch phase, the app has demonstrated significant potential to enhance operational efficiency at Skyline Homes. The initial presentations to the corporate office not only validated the app’s effectiveness but also fueled further determination from Uniwebb’s side to deliver a top-notch product. This enthusiasm was evident during the demonstrations to the local management team, sparking new potential growth opportunities for Skyline Homes.

Project Management and Impact

Uniwebb Software has provided excellent and attentive service throughout the project. Bo, the lead project manager from Uniwebb, dedicated a significant amount of time and effort, offering logical suggestions that greatly benefited the project. Regular Skype sessions, lasting between 2-3 hours, have been pivotal in addressing complex requests and integrating immediate feedback.

What Stands Out?

Uniwebb Software’s flexibility in adopting new requests and integrating them into existing frameworks has been particularly impressive. This approach allowed the team to quickly modify and improve the app based on ongoing feedback from Skyline Homes.


The partnership between Skyline Homes and Uniwebb Software highlights the transformative potential of tailored technological solutions in the construction industry. The Construction Inspection App, once fully deployed, is expected to significantly enhance quality control processes, providing Skyline Homes with a powerful tool to manage their expanded operations following the merger with Champion Home Builders. This case study underscores the importance of a collaborative, responsive, and client-focused approach in developing technological solutions that meet and exceed expectations.


What is an QA Inspection APP?

A Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection App is a specialized software tool designed to streamline and enhance the quality assurance processes within various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and service delivery. These apps are particularly useful in settings where precise standards and consistent quality are crucial. Here's a breakdown of what a QA Inspection App typically involves:

Key Features

  • Real-Time Data Capture: Allows inspectors to input data directly into the app during inspections, minimizing errors and eliminating the need for redundant paper records.
  • Photo Documentation: Enables users to attach photographs of the inspected items or areas directly to the inspection report, providing visual proof and detailed context for assessments.
  • Defect Tracking: Implements a system to identify, categorize, and track defects or issues as they are discovered, facilitating quicker resolutions.
  • Prioritization Tools: Helps users prioritize issues based on severity, risk, or other criteria to allocate resources efficiently and address the most critical problems first.
  • Offline Capability: Ensures the app can function without internet connectivity, which is essential in remote or network-unstable environments.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines the inspection process by reducing the cycle time from defect detection to resolution.
  • Improved Accuracy: Standardizes data entry and integrates checks to ensure high accuracy and reduce human error.
  • Better Communication: Facilitates real-time updates and shares information across teams, improving collaboration and decision-making.
  • Increased Transparency: Offers clear audit trails and history logs, enhancing accountability and visibility into the quality assurance processes.


  • Construction: Used to ensure that building projects meet safety and quality specifications.
  • Manufacturing: Helps maintain product quality by regular inspection of the production lines and finished products.
  • Healthcare: Ensures facilities and services meet health and safety standards through regular compliance checks.
  • Food Safety: Used in food production and handling to ensure compliance with hygiene standards and prevent contamination.

QA Inspection Apps are integral to maintaining high standards and operational efficiency, and they continue to evolve with advancements in mobile technology, making them more robust, user-friendly, and adaptable to various industry needs.

What prompted Skyline Homes to develop the Construction Inspection App?

Skyline Homes partnered with Uniwebb Software to address challenges such as inefficient defect tracking, inconsistent data capture, and delayed communication in their inspection processes, aiming to enhance construction quality assurance.

How does the Construction Inspection App improve the inspection process?

The app increases efficiency by allowing real-time data capture and photo documentation during inspections, implements a system for tracking and prioritizing defects, and ensures robust offline functionality for use in remote areas.

What specific features does the Construction Inspection App include?

Key features include real-time data capture, photo documentation, defect tracking and prioritization, and offline capability, all designed to streamline the construction quality assurance process.

What were the results of implementing the Construction Inspection App at Skyline Homes?

The app led to a 30% reduction in defect detection to resolution time, improved accuracy of inspections, enhanced communication across teams, and overall increased operational efficiency.

Can the Construction Inspection App function without internet connectivity?

Yes, one of the critical features of the app is its offline capability, allowing it to function effectively even in remote parts of construction sites without internet access.

How was the app developed to meet Skyline Homes’ specific needs?

Uniwebb Software’s team engaged directly with stakeholders at Skyline Homes’ facilities to understand their processes and challenges, which guided the tailored development of the app.

What impact did the merger between Skyline Homes and Champion Home Builders have on the app’s development?

The merger expanded the operational scope and capabilities of Skyline Homes, necessitating a robust app that could scale across a larger organizational structure with enhanced functionalities.

How has the Construction Inspection App been received internally at Skyline Homes?

Prior to full deployment, the app received a 5-star rating in early reviews on Clutch, highlighting its user-friendly design and potential to streamline complex processes.

How does the Construction Inspection App align with modern trends in construction technology?

The app exemplifies digital transformation in construction by integrating advanced technologies such as real-time data analytics and mobile cloud solutions to enhance quality assurance and operational efficiency.

Team Composition

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Exploring the Roles of Various Stakeholders in the Construction Inspector QA App

The Construction Inspection App developed for Skyline Homes is designed not only to streamline the inspection process but also to integrate various organizational roles into the quality assurance and reporting ecosystem. Each stakeholder accesses tailored functionalities within the Construction Inspection App, enabling a cohesive and informed operation. Below, we explore the specific roles and responsibilities that different stakeholders have in utilizing the app.


The Admin plays a pivotal role in the overall system management. They are responsible for setting up and managing user profiles, ensuring that each user has the appropriate level of access based on their role and responsibilities within the company. The Admin also manages the document repository within the app, where all relevant documents, including safety protocols, inspection standards, and quality guidelines, are stored. This centralized management ensures that updates and important information dissemination are consistent and timely.

Division Manager

Division Managers utilize the app to oversee the compliance and performance of their specific divisions. They have access to detailed reports and dashboards that provide insights into the quality control processes of their respective areas. This oversight capability allows Division Managers to pinpoint areas needing improvement, ensure adherence to quality standards, and maintain high efficiency across production lines.

Sales Manager

For Sales Managers, the app provides data that directly impacts sales strategies and customer relations. By accessing real-time quality reports and historical data, Sales Managers can assure potential and current customers of the high standards of quality upheld by Skyline Homes. This transparency not only aids in building customer trust but also enables the Sales team to highlight the company’s commitment to quality in their sales pitches.

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Managers rely on the app to make informed decisions regarding material and component procurement. By analyzing quality reports and defect data, they can identify trends related to materials or supplier performance that affect product quality. This information is crucial for negotiating supplier contracts, making purchase decisions that reduce defects, and ultimately optimizing the cost-effectiveness of the production process.

Department Supervisor

Department Supervisors monitor real-time data and defect reports specific to their departments through the Construction Inspection App. This role involves a hands-on approach to managing the day-to-day quality control efforts. Supervisors can assign tasks, manage repair priorities, and communicate directly with inspectors and repair teams to ensure timely resolution of issues. The app allows them to maintain a tight loop of feedback and correction, which is essential for maintaining operational continuity and product quality.

Service Manager

Service Managers use the Construction Inspection App to enhance the quality and responsiveness of after-sales service operations. They monitor issues reported by customers, manage service schedules, and dispatch service personnel equipped with historical data and details of customer-specific issues. By having access to comprehensive product quality data and customer feedback within the app, Service Managers can ensure that service teams are well-prepared to address and resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently.


The Construction Inspector QA App serves as a multi-functional tool that brings together various stakeholders within Skyline Homes under a unified system of quality assurance and control. By providing role-specific access and functionalities, the app ensures that every stakeholder can effectively contribute to and leverage the company’s commitment to quality, from production to post-sales service. This holistic approach not only optimizes internal operations but also enhances the overall customer experience, reinforcing Skyline Homes’ position as a leader in the modular home industry.

Story: A Day in the Life of a QA Inspector at Skyline Homes


Meet James, a seasoned Quality Assurance (QA) inspector at Skyline Homes, a leading manufacturer of manufactured homes. Armed with his trusty Android tablet featuring the newly developed Construction Inspection App by Uniwebb Software, James plays a crucial role in ensuring each home meets the company’s high standards. Today, we follow James through his inspection process, showcasing the pivotal role the app plays in his daily routine.

Morning Inspection

James starts his day early in the expansive Skyline Homes manufacturing facility located in Woodland, CA. After a quick login to the Construction Inspection App on his tablet, he selects the current date, his name, and the specific floor production number from the app’s intuitive interface. The app’s dashboard immediately updates to display the floor plan of the home he is inspecting today.

As he walks through the initial sections of a nearly completed modular home, James uses the Construction Inspection app to tap on specific areas of the digital floor plan where he notices discrepancies. The app, designed for quick data entry, allows him to select the nature of the defect from a standardized list, and he adds a brief description for clarity. Importantly, he snaps a photo of the defect, which is attached directly to the report, ensuring visual evidence is logged accurately.

Midday Review and Prioritization

By midday, James has identified several minor and a few critical issues. Using the app, he prioritizes the defects, marking critical ones with high urgency, which triggers real-time alerts to the repair team. This functionality helps streamline the repair process, ensuring that severe problems are addressed promptly, minimizing delays in the production schedule.

Back at his mobile workstation, James reviews the real-time data captured by the Construction Inspection app, displayed on department dashboards. The clear, visual format helps him quickly assess the day’s findings and plan his post-lunch inspection route.

Afternoon Repairs and Final Checks

Post-lunch, James revisits the homes he inspected in the morning to verify that all critical repairs have been completed. He updates each item’s status on the Construction Inspection app, from “pending” to “completed”, as he assesses the quality of the repairs. The app’s seamless interface allows him to efficiently close out resolved issues, ensuring the system is up-to-date.

James’s final task for the day is to conduct a ready-to-ship inspection for a unit scheduled for delivery. He selects the “Ready to Ship” inspection type on his Construction Inspection tablet, which displays a summary of all prior defects, now marked as repaired. As he walks through the modular home, James verifies each repair. The app allows him to confirm each fix directly on his device, ensuring that no unresolved issues remain before the home is cleared for shipment.

End of Day Reporting

At the end of his shift, James uses the app to generate a daily report summarizing his activities, findings, and the statuses of all inspected units. This report is automatically shared with the production and quality management teams, providing them with insights into quality trends and potential areas for improvement.


The day in the life of James, a QA inspector at Skyline Homes, illustrates the transformative impact of the Construction Inspection App. By integrating real-time data capture, photo documentation, defect prioritization, and seamless communication features, the app not only enhances the efficiency of the inspection process but also significantly improves the overall quality of the modular homes produced. James finishes his day knowing that his work, facilitated by advanced technology, ensures that Skyline Homes maintains its reputation for quality and reliability in the modular home industry.

Confidentiality Notice

Please be aware that specific technical details and functionalities of the Construction Inspection App developed for Skyline Homes are not disclosed in this case study due to the constraints of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between Uniwebb Software and Skyline Homes. The information presented has been generalized to maintain confidentiality and respect the terms of the agreement. We appreciate your understanding regarding the non-disclosure of certain aspects of this project.


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