VR Relaxation Application

VR Relaxation App

 This case study explores the achievements of a leading global distributor specializing in software and hardware products designed to combat mental health challenges such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and more.


A Middle East based healthcare organization




2021 - ongoing


AWS, Swift, Firebase and more


WordPress, iOS

Revolutionizing Mental Wellness: Bridging Technology and Meditation for Enhanced User Engagement

Company Profile

Company: Confidential
Industry: Healthcare 
Location:  Middle East


Uniwebb Software's Pioneering Meditation Technology Ecosystem

Uniwebb Software has embarked on a transformative journey in this case study. Our latest project – a comprehensive ecosystem centered around meditation technology – stands at the forefront of this exciting convergence. This case study delves into the intricacies of developing a state-of-the-art virtual relaxation platform, blending sophisticated technology with the timeless practice of meditation to address common challenges such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

At the heart of this endeavor is a dynamic suite of applications, including a cutting-edge VR meditation experience and a complementary iOS app, all tied together with an online storefront. This ecosystem is designed not just to sell meditation-related hardware but to provide an immersive, integrated experience aimed at enhancing user engagement and promoting mental wellness.

Engaging the Technical and the Novice Alike

Our narrative is twofold, catering both to tech aficionados keen on the backend wizardry that makes such an ecosystem possible, and to curious readers interested in the practical benefits of merging meditation with modern technology. We will unpack the layers of development, from front-end aesthetics to back-end functionality, without losing sight of the user experience that sits at the core of the project’s success.

A Symphony of Technologies

A diverse array of technologies powers the ecosystem. The front-end development utilizes tools like UIKit, MVC for iOS apps, and web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Ajax for creating an intuitive online store experience. The back-end is equally robust, built on Django and the Django REST framework, with PHP and MySQL ensuring that the server-side runs smoothly.

The development of the iOS app leverages Swift’s capabilities to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience. Meanwhile, the VR application is a marvel of 3D design, brought to life with the Unity Engine and tailored for Oculus Quest 2 users, offering an unparalleled immersive meditation journey.

Cloud services, provided by AWS, offer the backbone for hosting, storage, and scalability. At the same time, WordPress emerges as the CMS choice, facilitating content management with agility. Payment processing integrates seamlessly into the user experience, supported by technologies like StoreKit, PayPal API, and WooCommerce, ensuring a smooth transactional flow for users acquiring meditation devices.

The Ecosystem’s Impact

The culmination of this technological symphony is a meditation technology ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries. It not only enhances user engagement through interactive and immersive experiences but also pioneers a new path in mental wellness, where technology acts as a bridge to tranquility.

As we explore this case study by Uniwebb Software, we invite readers to appreciate the intricate dance of technology and wellness. This narrative is not just about the technical feats achieved but about opening new horizons for mental health in the digital age.


Navigating Technical Complexity to Foster User Engagement

In our quest to revolutionize the mental wellness landscape through technology, we faced a multifaceted challenge that tested the limits of innovation and collaboration. At the core of our ambition was the goal to deeply engage users with a meditation platform that was not only technologically advanced but also intuitively aligned with the users’ quest for mental tranquility. This objective, however, presented a series of hurdles:

  1. Technical Expertise Gap:The intricate nature of developing a cohesive ecosystem combining iOS and VR applications with an online storefront demanded a broad spectrum of technical expertise. From front-end design to back-end stability, each component required specialized knowledge, challenging our resources.
  2. Seamless Hardware-Software Integration: The project’s success hinged on flawlessly integrating physical meditation devices with digital applications. This integration needed to be not just functional but also intuitive, ensuring users could effortlessly navigate between the physical and digital realms of their meditation practice.
  3. User Experience Optimization: Creating an engaging user experience across diverse platforms (iOS for mobile and Unity Engine for VR) added another layer of complexity. Our team needed to ensure that both tech-savvy and less technical users could find solace and simplicity in using the applications, without being overwhelmed by the technology itself.
  4. Maintaining Engagement Across Platforms: The diversity of platforms presented a unique challenge in maintaining a consistent level of engagement. The experience had to be captivating whether accessed through a VR headset in a 3D-rendered environment or through the tactile interface of an iOS application.
  5. Market Differentiation: In this setting we needed more than just technical innovation; We had to create a unique value proposition that resonated with users on a personal level, encouraging them to integrate the platform into their daily wellness routine.


What is the meditation technology ecosystem developed by Uniwebb Software?

The ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of digital and physical products designed to enhance mental wellness through meditation. It includes an iOS app, a Unity-based VR application, and an online store selling meditation-related devices.

How did the iOS and VR applications improve user engagement?

The applications offered immersive and personalized meditation experiences, leading to a 41% increase in user engagement and retention by providing accessible meditation sessions in various languages and categories.

What kind of meditation devices does the online store offer?

The store features innovative devices like a meditation mask and an EEG headband, designed to enhance the digital meditation experience by providing real-time feedback and creating an immersive environment for meditation.

What technologies were used to develop the ecosystem?

The development utilized a wide range of technologies, including Swift for the iOS app, Unity Engine for the VR app, Django and PHP for backend processes, and AWS for cloud infrastructure, among others.

How does the EEG headband work with the applications?

The EEG headband integrates with both the iOS and VR applications to provide real-time feedback on brain activity during meditation sessions, helping users gauge their relaxation and concentration levels.

Can users access the meditation content in multiple languages?

Yes, the meditation sessions available through the applications are accessible in 7 languages, catering to a global audience and ensuring inclusivity in mental wellness practices.

What was the approach to the development process?

Uniwebb Software adopted an agile and Kanban-based workflow, emphasizing continuous delivery, iterative development, and cross-disciplinary collaboration to meet evolving project needs and user feedback.

What were the key challenges faced during the ecosystem's development?

The project encountered challenges such as integrating hardware with software, ensuring a seamless user experience across different platforms, and maintaining user engagement and accessibility in a diverse market.

How has the ecosystem impacted the field of mental wellness?

By seamlessly integrating technology with traditional meditation practices, the ecosystem has set a new standard in digital wellness, making meditation more accessible and engaging for users worldwide.

What are the future plans for the meditation technology ecosystem?

Uniwebb Software plans to continue innovating and expanding the ecosystem, exploring new technologies, adding more personalized features, and reaching wider audiences to further enhance mental wellness through technology.


Increase in user retention and engagement


Increase in meditation accessibility


Crafting a Harmonized Ecosystem of Mental Wellness

In this endeavor we engineered a solution that not only addressed the technical complexities but also profoundly connected with users on their mental wellness journey. The approach was multifaceted, integrating a diverse range of technologies and user-centric design philosophies to create a seamless meditation technology ecosystem.

Unified Development Approach

Our solution unfolded in the creation of a sophisticated yet accessible suite of applications and services, each designed to harmonize with the others, forming a cohesive user experience that spanned from tactile hardware to immersive virtual environments.

  1. Expert Collaboration:

    To bridge the expertise gap, we assembled a diverse team of specialists, from front-end designers skilled in UIKit and JavaScript to back-end developers proficient in Django and AWS cloud services. This collaboration ensured that each element of the ecosystem, from the iOS and VR applications to the online storefront, was built on a foundation of excellence and innovation.

  2. Seamless Hardware-Software Integration:

    At the heart of the ecosystem was the intuitive integration of meditation devices with the digital applications. By leveraging technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for efficient device communication and Swift for fluid iOS app interactions, our team ensured that users could effortlessly connect their physical meditation aids with their digital counterparts, enhancing the meditation experience.

  3. User Experience Optimization:

    Recognizing the importance of user engagement, our solution focused on optimizing the experience across platforms. The iOS app was designed with a user-friendly interface, employing SnapKit for layout constraints and Alamofire for networking. Meanwhile, the VR application utilized the Unity Engine and Oculus Unity Integration to deliver an immersive meditation experience, transporting users to serene, virtual landscapes that promoted mental relaxation.

  4. Consistent Engagement and Accessibility:

    To maintain engagement across platforms, our team implemented features like multi-language support, categorized meditation sessions, and real-time feedback on meditation progress through EEG sensor integration. These features ensured that users had a personalized and rewarding experience, regardless of the platform.

  5. Distinct Market Positioning:

    Uniwebb Software differentiated its meditation ecosystem with a unique blend of technological innovation and user-centric design. The integration of advanced analytics, including Firebase and AppsFlyer, allowed for continuous improvement based on user feedback and engagement metrics, ensuring the platform remained relevant and valuable to its audience.

Final Outcome

The culmination of these efforts was a revolutionary meditation technology ecosystem that stood out not only for its technical sophistication but also for its ability to meet users where they were on their mental wellness journey. By addressing the challenges with a holistic and user-focused approach, we at Uniwebb Software succeeded in creating a platform that not only engaged users but also enriched their lives with peace and mindfulness, setting a new standard in the intersection of technology and mental health.

iOS Application

In the heart of Uniwebb Software’s mental wellness ecosystem lies its iOS application, designed with the precise intention of making meditation accessible, engaging, and deeply beneficial for users grappling with the stresses of modern life. This app represents a convergence of thoughtful design, technological sophistication, and user-centric functionality, tailored to offer a sanctuary of calm and clarity.

Core Features and Functionalities

  • Rich Meditation Library: Offering over 100 meditation sessions accessible in 7 languages, the app caters to a global audience seeking solace from anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Sessions are thoughtfully categorized into stress relief, sleep aids, positive affirmations, and breathwork exercises, making navigation intuitive and fulfilling the user’s immediate needs.

  • Seamless Device Integration: Leveraging Swift’s robust capabilities, the app ensures seamless integration with proprietary meditation devices — a meditation mask and an EEG headband. This connectivity not only enhances the meditation experience but also brings the physical and digital realms of wellness together, offering a holistic approach to mental health.

  • User-Friendly Design: The app’s interface, developed with UIKit and complemented by SnapKit for adaptive layout design, offers a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate user experience. This design philosophy ensures that users of all technical proficiencies can engage with the app’s features without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Personalized User Experience: Understanding the diversity of its user base, the app incorporates I2 Localization to provide a personalized experience, adjusting content based on the user’s language preferences and meditation goals. This level of personalization fosters a deeper connection between the user and their meditation practice.

  • Technology-Driven Insights: Integration with BLE technology allows the app to connect with meditation devices efficiently, offering users feedback on their meditation sessions through real-time data. This feedback encourages users to understand their progress and deepens their meditation practice.

Development Approach

The development of the iOS application employed a meticulous approach, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics. Using Swift allowed for the creation of a stable, efficient app capable of handling complex integrations and data management. The application’s back-end, powered by Django, ensures robustness and scalability, while the front end is a testament to modern design principles, offering a responsive and engaging user interface.

Enhancing User Engagement

The iOS app stands as a pillar of Uniwebb Software’s meditation technology ecosystem, significantly enhancing user engagement by providing an accessible, enriching meditation experience. Its development reflects a harmonious blend of technical innovation and a profound understanding of the user’s quest for mental wellness. Through this application, Uniwebb Software has not only advanced the field of mental health technology but also offered a valuable tool for individuals seeking peace, balance, and well-being in their daily lives.

virtual relaxation app

Unity-based VR Application: Immersing the Mind in Virtual Serenity

Uniwebb Software’s foray into the realm of mental wellness through technology finds another expression in its Unity-based VR application, a cornerstone of the meditation technology ecosystem. This application is designed to transcend traditional meditation methods, offering an immersive experience that captivates the senses and fosters deep mental relaxation. Leveraging the power of virtual reality, it introduces users to a world where peace and tranquility are not just concepts, but tangible experiences.

Immersive Meditation Environments

  • Custom Virtual Worlds: Crafted with the Unity Engine and enhanced by the Oculus Unity Integration, the app transports users to meticulously designed serene landscapes. These environments, ranging from tranquil forests to serene beaches, are optimized for meditation, providing an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

  • Interactive Meditation Sessions: The application offers a variety of meditation sessions, each integrated into the virtual environment to enhance the user’s immersion and focus. Leveraging the XR Interaction Toolkit, users can interact naturally with the virtual space, selecting meditation practices that resonate with their current state of mind.

Real-time Feedback and Personalization

  • EEG Sensor Integration: A standout feature of the VR application is its compatibility with proprietary EEG sensors, offering real-time feedback on brain activity. This integration enables users to monitor their meditation progress, providing insights into relaxation and concentration levels during each session.

  • Tailored Meditation Recommendations: Utilizing I2 Localization, the application personalizes the user experience by recommending meditation sessions based on the user’s preferences and previous interactions. This personalized approach ensures that each user’s journey is unique and aligned with their wellness goals.

Development Challenges and Innovations

  • Creating Immersive Experiences: Developing an immersive VR experience required overcoming significant technical challenges, including optimizing 3D environments for performance and ensuring seamless integration with real-time feedback mechanisms.

  • User Interface and Interaction: Designing an intuitive user interface within the VR environment posed unique challenges. The development team employed innovative solutions to enable easy navigation and interaction, ensuring that users could focus on their meditation without distractions.

  • Accessibility and Engagement: Making the VR meditation experience accessible and engaging for users of varying familiarity with VR technology was paramount. Through user-centric design and continuous testing, the application was refined to offer an inviting and beneficial experience to all users.

Impact on Mental Wellness

The Unity-based VR application redefines the meditation experience, offering users a novel and effective tool for achieving mental wellness. By combining the immersive power of virtual reality with the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, Uniwebb Software has created an application that not only captivates users but also promotes profound mental health benefits.

This application stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of Uniwebb Software, showcasing the potential of VR technology to enhance mental wellness. It highlights the company’s commitment to advancing mental health solutions through technology, offering users a captivating escape into tranquility and a powerful tool for mindfulness.


At the juncture of innovation and accessibility, Uniwebb Software’s online store serves as the critical nexus in their meditation technology ecosystem. Designed to seamlessly bridge users with the hardware components essential for enhancing their meditation practice, this digital storefront embodies the convergence of technology, wellness, and consumer convenience. It represents a pivotal element in making advanced meditation technologies readily available to a global audience, furthering Uniwebb Software’s mission to improve mental wellness through digital solutions.

Key Features of the Online Store

  • Intuitive Shopping Experience: Utilizing a combination of JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SASS/SCSS for the front-end development, the online store offers a clean, user-friendly interface that simplifies the browsing and purchasing process. This ensures that users of all tech-savviness levels can navigate the store with ease, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Comprehensive Product Catalog: The store features an extensive range of meditation devices, including the innovative meditation mask and EEG headband. Each product is accompanied by detailed descriptions, user reviews, and instructional content, helping customers make informed decisions tailored to their meditation needs.

  • Seamless Payment Integration: By incorporating a variety of payment processing technologies such as StoreKit, PayPal API, and WooCommerce, the online store offers a secure and versatile checkout experience. Customers can complete transactions effortlessly, choosing from multiple payment options to suit their preferences.

  • Real-Time Stock Management and Analytics: The backend, powered by Django and supported by databases like Postgres and Redis, ensures real-time stock management and analytics. This robust infrastructure allows Uniwebb Software to efficiently manage inventory, track sales trends, and optimize the store based on customer behavior and feedback.

Bridging Hardware with Digital Meditation Practices

The online store is not merely a point of sale; it’s an integral part of the ecosystem that connects users with the hardware needed to unlock the full potential of the Uniwebb Software meditation apps. With each device designed to integrate seamlessly with the iOS and VR applications, the store plays a crucial role in providing a holistic meditation experience that combines the physical and digital realms.

Development Challenges and Solutions

  • Creating a Responsive Web App: Ensuring the online store’s responsiveness and performance across devices and browsers was paramount. The development team employed a mobile-first design approach, leveraging WordPress with Gutenberg for content management, ensuring the site’s adaptability and speed.

  • Enhancing User Engagement: To drive user engagement and organic traffic, the store was optimized for search engines in collaboration with the client’s SEO team. Advanced SEO techniques and content strategies were applied, making the store not only a sales platform but also a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their meditation practice.

  • Security and Scalability: Implementing robust security measures and ensuring the platform’s scalability were key considerations. Cloud technologies from AWS, including CloudFormation and ECS, provided the infrastructure needed for secure, scalable, and reliable hosting.

Elevating the Meditation Journey

Uniwebb Software’s online store is more than just a commercial outlet; it’s a vital component of a larger ecosystem designed to elevate the meditation journey. By making it easy for users to access innovative meditation devices, the store plays a pivotal role in Uniwebb Software’s mission to merge technology with traditional meditation practices, offering a path to enhanced mental wellness that is both accessible and effective.

virtual relaxation app online store


In creating a comprehensive meditation technology ecosystem, Uniwebb Software embarked on a development journey characterized by agile methodologies, collaborative efforts, and continuous iteration. This process was meticulously designed to align with the project’s ambitious goals, ensuring that each component—from the iOS and VR applications to the online store—was developed with the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Embracing Agile and Kanban

Kanban for Continuous Delivery: At the core of the project’s development process was the adoption of the Kanban workflow. This approach facilitated a continuous delivery model, allowing the team to prioritize flexibility and adjust to evolving project needs in real-time. By visualizing work on a Kanban board, the team could streamline task management, enhance workflow transparency, and ensure that progress was steady and manageable.

Iterative Development and Feedback Loops: The iterative nature of the Kanban method enabled regular review cycles and rapid incorporation of feedback. These feedback loops were instrumental in refining product features, addressing user experience challenges, and adapting to technical discoveries as development progressed. This responsiveness ensured that the final products remained aligned with user needs and project objectives.

Collaborative Cross-Disciplinary Teams

Specialized Teams for Each Component: Recognizing the diversity of technologies and skills required, Uniwebb Software assembled specialized teams for the iOS application, VR application, and online store development. Each team comprised experts in their respective fields, from Swift and Unity developers to Django and WordPress specialists, ensuring that each component of the ecosystem benefited from targeted expertise.

Regular Cross-Team Syncs: To maintain cohesion across the project, regular sync meetings were held, enabling cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing. These sessions allowed teams to align on common goals, discuss integration challenges, and devise cohesive strategies for the ecosystem’s seamless functionality.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies

Adopting Modern Tech Stacks: Each team leveraged a modern tech stack, carefully selected to optimize the development of their component. Front-end technologies like UIKit, JavaScript, and SASS/SCSS ensured that user interfaces were intuitive and engaging. Back-end frameworks and databases, including Django, PHP, and Redis, provided the necessary robustness and scalability for the applications and online store.

Cloud Infrastructure for Scalability: Utilizing AWS cloud services facilitated a scalable and reliable infrastructure, supporting the ecosystem’s growth and ensuring a smooth user experience. Technologies such as CloudFormation and ECS played a crucial role in deploying and managing the applications with agility and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Data-Driven Insights for Refinement: Post-launch, the project continued to evolve, driven by user engagement data and analytics from Firebase and AppsFlyer. These insights informed ongoing optimization efforts, enabling Uniwebb Software to refine features, enhance user engagement, and adapt to changing user needs.

SEO and Market Positioning: Working closely with the SEO team, Uniwebb Software ensured that the online store was not only a hub for meditation devices but also a well-positioned resource in the digital wellness space. SEO strategies were integral in attracting organic traffic, increasing visibility, and establishing the ecosystem as a leader in technology-driven mental wellness solutions.

A Testament to Agile Innovation

The process adopted by Uniwebb Software in developing its meditation technology ecosystem is a testament to the power of agile methodologies in managing complex, innovative projects. By emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement, the team succeeded in creating an ecosystem that not only meets the current demands of mental wellness technology but is also poised to evolve with the future needs of its users.


The culmination of Uniwebb Software's meticulous process, innovative solutions, and dedicated teamwork is a meditation technology ecosystem that has redefined the landscape of digital wellness. The integration of a user-friendly iOS application, an immersive Unity-based VR application, and a comprehensive online store has achieved remarkable outcomes, underscoring the project's success in enhancing mental wellness through technology.

Key Achievements

  • Increased User Engagement and Retention: The seamless interactivity and immersive experiences offered by the iOS and VR applications led to a significant 41% increase in user engagement and retention. This surge reflects the ecosystem's effectiveness in captivating users' interest and sustaining their meditation practices over time.

  • Accessibility and Diversity in Meditation Practices: With over 100 meditation sessions available in 7 languages and categorized across various needs, the platform has made meditation more accessible to a global audience. Users can easily navigate and select sessions that best fit their mental wellness goals, enhancing the inclusivity and reach of the meditation ecosystem.

AR Relaxation Application Resultes
  • Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software: The intuitive integration between the meditation devices sold through the online store and the digital applications has created a holistic meditation experience. Users appreciate the enhanced meditation sessions enabled by the meditation mask and EEG headband, evidencing the successful fusion of physical and digital wellness tools.

  • Positive Feedback on Personalized Experiences: The personalization features, including real-time feedback from the EEG sensor and tailored meditation recommendations, have been highly praised. Users report feeling more connected to their meditation practice and value the insights into their progress, fostering a deeper understanding of their mental health.

  • Scalability and Robust Infrastructure: The cloud-based infrastructure powered by AWS ensured the ecosystem’s scalability, reliability, and security. This robust foundation supports the continuous growth of the user base and the addition of new features, demonstrating the ecosystem’s readiness to evolve with advancing technology and user expectations.

  • Organic Growth Through SEO and Market Positioning: The strategic SEO efforts and the online store’s market positioning have driven organic growth, attracting users seeking technology-driven mental wellness solutions. This growth not only highlights the ecosystem’s value proposition but also establishes Uniwebb Software as a leader in the intersection of technology and mental health.

Looking Ahead

The results of Uniwebb Software’s meditation technology ecosystem project have not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new benchmark in the digital wellness domain. The success of this initiative serves as a compelling case study for the potential of technology to positively impact mental wellness.

Looking ahead, Uniwebb Software is positioned to continue innovating at the forefront of mental wellness technology. With a proven track record of enhancing user engagement, accessibility, and satisfaction, the future holds promising avenues for expanding the ecosystem’s capabilities, exploring new technologies, and reaching wider audiences.

This journey underscores a pivotal shift towards embracing technology as a vital tool in promoting mental health, highlighting Uniwebb Software’s role in pioneering solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern society. The remarkable outcomes of this project not only reflect the team’s dedication and expertise but also reinforce the transformative power of integrating technology with traditional wellness practices.


advanced deep learning solutions

Business Analyst


QA Engineer


Python Developer


Project Manager


Unity Developer


iOS Developer


Front-end Developer


Senior Unity Developer
5+ years of experience

Andrew B.

Senior Unity Developer with wide experience in coordinating development teams and solving cases in different technical spheres. Experience in designing and creating 3D-models based on Unity engine, projects with Mixed Reality for Microsoft HoloLens, VR, and AR.

C | C# | C++ | CSS | HTML | JAVA | Unity | Blender | MySQL | Java | JavaScript | Pyhton

Senior iOS Developer
5+ years of experience

Andrew R.

Andrew specializes in developing and maintaining iOS apps for the e-commerce industry.

Alamofire | Combine | CoreData | GCD | iOS SDK | DeviceKit | Swift | RxSwift | UiKit | XCTest | Objective-C | SwiftUI | Realm

Senior Python Developer
5+ years of experience

Harry V.

Harry specializes in backend development and designing complex solutions. 

AioHttp | Alembic | AsyncIO | AWS | Celery | CI/CD | Django | Docker | FastAPI | Flask | MySQL | PostgreSQL |  Python | SQLAlchemy 




Django, Django REST framework, PHP 7.4, MySQL, PHPUnit



UIKit, MVC, Alamofire, SnapKit, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SASS/SCSS, Gutenberg, Ajax



Docker, Docker compose, BitBucket Pipelines, Lando






AWS (CloudFormation, ECS, EC2, ECR, S3)



Postgres, Redis



Unity Engine, XR Interaction Toolkit, Oculus Unity Integration, I2 Localization



WordPress, ACF

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

StoreKit, PayPal API, WooCommerce



Firebase, AppsFlyer, Facebook

Version control system


Git, GitHub

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