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Uniwebb Software Recognized as Top AI Developer in Robotics!

Uniwebb Software Recognized as Top AI Developer in Robotics!

According to Clutch reviews, Uniwebb Software is one of the top AI robotics agencies in the world!

At Uniwebb Software, we believe in the future of business process improvement: robots. Robotic solutions for businesses come in many forms. Our team specializes in the ones that look like software programs, called robotic process automation.

Are they here to take over your jobs? — well, specifically, the mundane and repetitive ones. Think data capture, image processing, ERP management, and more.

That way, you can focus on the tasks much better suited for humans, like reaching out to customers and delivering the best possible version of your product or services!

We believe more jobs will be created than displaced. In fact the insight report released by the World Economic Forum, the Swiss think tank predicts that robots will displace 75 million jobs globally by 2022 but create 133 million new ones – a “net positive”.

Our customers already have applauded how robotic and AI solutions have improved their day-to-day processes. In fact, they’re so pleased that we’ve been awarded as a leading AI company by Clutch!

In case you haven’t heard of it, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that collects evaluations of global service providers on the B2B market. It then ranks those agencies based on those evaluations — which combine case study-like answers with star ratings — as well as their market presence, skill set, business expertise, and other important factors.

According to its algorithms, we’re one of the top AI robotics agencies in the world!

We couldn’t have gotten here without the faith of our customers in our digital solutions. We promise to continue producing top-quality software that brings innovation and ease to your businesses. We want to save you time to do the things you love, and we’ll never stop pursuing that goal with every customer.

Want to learn if a robot is right for your business? Contact us today!

About Uniwebb Software

Uniwebb Software is a full cycle software development company with a focus on 4th industry technologies to include Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT), Optical Character Recognition and XR (VR/AR) to complement our mobile and web application development services.

About Clutch

Clutch is an independent platform that collects objective feedback from clients about each company registered on the site. They perform in-depth interviews with clients and customers about the quality of their interaction with each Clutch-registered company. Based on the data gathered, the service formulates a fair rating of all the firms. Clutch categorizes companies by their geographic location, a field of their expertise and the focus on proven skills.

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