Agritech Software Development

Custom software development services for farmers and farming facilities around the globe.

The world is demanding agriculture Automation

According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the world will need to produce 70% more food by 2050

IoT Smart Farming Solutions

Monitor your field conditions from anywhere! We automate your crops monitoring and irrigation system both indoor and outdoor by using drones and sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, crop health, etc.)
Automate for improved efficiency

Automate for improved agritech efficiency

Autoamte your agritech production processes with intelligent and custom apps designed for agriculure and farmers to achieve the highest level of efficiency.
 Enhance information flow

Reduce waste and enhance productivity

IoT can help conserve resoruces like water and electricity by communicating to connected sensors and apply the right amount to ensure optimal conditions for the crops to grow.
Reduce operational cost

Reduce operational cost

As an innovative agritech organization, employ emerging technologies such as IoT(internet of Things), AI, deep learning, computer vision, machine learning and blockchain to cut down operational costs.

AI Solutions for Agriculture

Our AI powered visual inspection capabilities can automatically detect for defects and estimate the characteristics of plant and food products.
Visual plant disease detection

Plant Diseases


Monitor big farm crops
Automatically detect early symptoms of disease
Require a set of defect images, with our SMALL DATA TECHNOLOGY


Botany research

Business Value

Improve quality, reduce cost, and enhances productivity
Grading and Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables


Deep learning - Automatic learning
Can self-adjusted to classify (grade) additional fruits or vegetables based on the sample sets.
Automatic classification and grading of vegetables and fruits
Require 1- 10 images, with our SMALL DATA TECHNOLOGY


Botany research

Business Value

Improve quality, reduce cost, and enhances productivity


Automatic plant detection
Recognize specific plant structures such as the fruit and flowers
Obtain measurements such as dimensions, colour and yield.


Botany research

Business Value

Improve quality, productivity, enhance precision
Reduce waste & labor
Drones for Crop Monitoring

Drones have become a major player in precision agriculture and farming. While freely maneuvering over the fields , this autonomous flying object can capture terabites of data through a camera installed for computer vision detection and training.


Mapping of agricultural fields and data analysis for the right forecasting.
Livestock management to recognize livestock, count them and monitor them without human’s help.
Crop yield prediction
Analysis of the aerial images of trees taken by drones to monitor the deforestation activities and monitor the health condition of trees


Animal Farms

Business Value

Reduce cost, waste
Improve quality, revenue, make smart predictions

Computer Vision Application Examples

Streamline your agricultural business process with Store4, our
scalable automated sales force ERP System.

It is the first ever social ERP user friendly cloud application where you can manage your entire sales order/inventory/billing/shipping process smoothly.

Team members can communicate and collaborate with each other within a private social networking environment, make comments, share documents and follow company protocols. It comes in two versions: SaaS, subscription based services and enterprise.

Advanced software platforms for your business

We develop applications for mobile, web, wearables, tv, IoT, chatbot

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Agriculture Business Management Software Solutions

Customizable CRM, CMS, ERP, MRP Systems for agriculture (Agritech) sectors

We have created customizable, scalable and real-time software products to streamline your agritech organization process and meet your business needs

store4 CRM

Store4 CRM

Customer Relationship Management
A cloud based customizable, scalable and modular Agritech CRM plus a collaborative professional private networking system between employees and executives. Improve customer relations and optimize your marketing.
store4 ERP

Store4 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning
Modern, efficient and feature rich business specific customizable Agritech ERP system with functionality that automates complex processes and delivers the industrial and operational insights to make sensitive and strategic decisions.
store4 MRP

Store4 MRP

Agriculture Resource Planning
A customizable Agritech MRP based on your specific business needs. Manage inventory, intelligently project company’s cash flow, track accurate changes in delivery times, predict customer orders, due dates and outcomes!
store4 CMS

Store4 CMS

Content Management System
We built our CMS to address the needs of Agritech startups and well funded organizations. It is highly customizable, scalable, modular, secure and built to handle large data and support your everyday website management needs.
store4 booking system

Store4 Booking

Booking System
Our cloud based booking system is perfect for your success as it increases both employee and client satisfaction anytime, anywhere. It is customizable accroding to your Agritech business model.
store4 social

Store4 Social

Social Management
A professional private networking system for Agritech startups that allows real-time communication and collaboration between employees. Can share version controlled documents, images and videos.