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What’s machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence(AI)

This may sound a far fetched idea from reality, but surprisingly machine learning is not new. It goes back as far as 1940s when the first manually operated computer system, ENIAC, we invented.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence(AI), where its mathematical algorithms enable computers to learn from data, improve themselves continuously, without being explicitly programmed.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used by many leading companies to inform business decisions and optimize their operations.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

are used by many leading companies to inform business decisions and optimize their operations.

Here are few practical examples of AI and machine learning:
Google brain project- Deep learning for Image recognition, language processing on Youtube.
Google self driving car.
Twitter process lots of data through deep neural networks to learn overtime what user’s preferences are.
Targeted advertising.
Unsolicited action detections.
Email filtering.
Netflix uses Big data analytics is helping them to predict what its customers will enjoy watching.
And the list goes on...

How Machine Learning Works?

Simply put: We feed the machine with large amounts of data. Next we teach the machine to get desired output and then the machine will generate this output.

What does machine learning (ML) do for you?

Immediate data processing and analysis.
Obtain valuable insights from data analysis.
If you’re thinking to build your IoT (Internet of Things) device, then ML can play a major role in its performance and viability. Building a functional IoT system is not an easy task and requires well calculated, clearly defined and concrete intermediary objectives to systematically collect, store, analyze and use such data to improve process efficiency and meet your goals.

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Technologies used in Machine Learning Software Projects:

We recommend writing machine learning algorithms in Python, C++ and Java. There are great libraries available for ML applications, such as Tensorflow, Theanco, Scikit-learn, Keras, Microsoft cognitive toolkit, Torch,, Weka, Deeplearning4, ELKI,Massive Online Analysis (MOA).

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