Data Management Systems

Data management is a process that involves capturing data

Database management systems are an integral part of any well structured company’s technology platform. Data management is a process that involves capturing data , validating, storing , protecting and processing it to ascertain the accessibility, reliability and timeliness of the data for its users.

Today Big Data is used more than ever by enterprises and organizations to make intelligent business decisions and deeply understand customer behavior, business trends and opportunities for creating exceptional customer experiences.

Whether you are an IoT provider or an enterprise adopter, We empower your devices with IoT solutions to help your business outplay competition and reach out your audience with advanced IOT applications.

How do we make sense of this large quantities of data collected over time?

There are few leading data management platforms available that enterprises use to leverage Big Data , structured or unstructured collectively acquired from all data sources and in real time, to allow for more effective engagement with customers.

Examples of possible sources of data

Social networks.
Large streams of data collected from mobile network subscribers.
Data collected from space like massive spatio-temporal Earth and Space observation data collected by a variety of sensors - ranging from ground based to space-borne - and the synergetic use of data coming from other sources and communities.
Audio/video recording devices.
Data collected from company.

Possible solutions for data management

Data gathering and analysis systems.
Create data visualization system.

How can we help?

Our exercise in data management systems development makes us a perfect partner for all of your data management needs. For example we have developed a system of data collection for large amounts of data within a specialized corporate portal. Such data include video surveillance systems data, meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, etc.)

Collecting data is the first step, making sense of it, however requires proper data analysis to be presented in the form of graphs, diagrams and 3D-models. We create advanced data analysis dashboards suitable for your industry.

We are competent in the following areas developing data management systems software:

Big Data.
Data Throttling.
Data sharing.
Data forecasting.
Remote profiling
JASON, SOAP data format
API Throttling
Various Spreadsheets like XLS or CSV.
Authentication (Oauth, Open ID, LDAP).
Geo files processing
Custom files synchronization
Data sharding (horizontally partition of data in a database

Challenging Software Projects

Our engineers at Uniwebb Software are not only programmers but are also applied computer scientists and love to solve and build scalable products and applications that are challenging. In fact the more esoteric the problem, the happier we are.
We specialize in:
Mathematical entities and organizations
Systems and numeric analysis
Dynamic programming
Signal processing
challenging Software Application Development

Software Development Process

At Uniwebb Software we know how to build sophisticated applications and employ methodology that is best suited for such projects.

In all of our project development processes we use both formal (Waterfall) and agile(Scrum and Kanban) methodologies to deliver fully functioning programs and exceed our customer’s expectations.
Sofware Development Process

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