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Automated sales force solution ERP, MRP, CRM, CMS, Booking System, Social ERP, AI-Powered Conversational Commerce Chatbot

Scalable integrated business software system

We built a suite of powerful customizable business applications suitable to your needs.
Available for both cloud and on-premise.


Our Business Management Products

CRM, CMS, ERP, MRP Systems for your business

We have created modern, customizable, scalable and real-time software products to streamline your SMEs business processes. All products are availabe on-premise and in the cloud, (SaaS) solutions.

store4 CRM

Store4 CRM

Customer Relationship Management
A cloud based customizable, scalable and modular CRM plus a collaborative professional private networking system between employees and executives. Improve customer relations and optimize your marketing.
store4 ERP

Store4 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning
Modern, efficient and feature rich customizable ERP system with functionality that automates complex processes and delivers the industrial and operational insights to make sensitive and strategic decisions.
store4 MRP

Store4 MRP

Manufacturing Resource Planning
A customizable MRP based on your specific business needs. Manage inventory, intelligently project company’s cash flow, track accurate changes in delivery times, predict customer orders and outcomes!
store4 CMS

Store4 CMS

Content Management System
We built our CMS to address the needs of well funded organizations. It is highly customizable, scalable, modular, secure and built to handle large data and support your everyday website management needs.
store4 booking system

Store4 Booking

Booking System
Our cloud based booking system for is perfect for your success as it increases both employee and client satisfaction anytime, anywhere.
store4 social

Store4 Social

Social Management
A professional private networking system for your business that allows real-time communication and collaboration between employees. Can share version controlled documents, images and videos.

AI-powered Conversational Commerce Chatbot Platform

We created a fantastic conversational commerce chatbot platform using artificial intelligence technology. It can be used for customer service oriented companies, like ecommerce, manufacturers, real estate, just to mention a few. It simply increases your click-through rates, and help your company in many ways. It can identify your customers, provide product information, resolve problems by answering questions and provide intelligent responses in much the same way a human can.

See it in action on your own website in less than a minute!!

AI-powered conversation commerce chatbot

We transform your ideas into an amazing software products

Earlier we mentioned we’re advocates of nature-inspired coordination models.

A complex mathematical computational system that provides abstractions and mechanisms to harness space of interaction.

Just as how nature-inspired technology is transforming our world, Our science minded engineers enjoy transforming your ideas into an amazing software solution.

At Uniwebb Software, We have the skillsets and capabilities to build and create the most challenging software products there is.
challenging Software Application Development