AI Data Scientist - Los Angeles, USA

Analytics , Data Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning , Nlp , Predictive Model , Python , R , Segmentation , Statistical Modeling

Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist

Los Angeles, CA
7+ Years of experience

Job Description and Responsibilities
This position is for engineers with strong interest in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning and related technologies. Engineers will have a great opportunity to involve in companywide strategic platform development and AI application development projects.

AI Engineer is responsible for understanding the business problems, identifying/applying right AI or cognitive computing technologies to solve problems and involving in formulation and execution of technologies recipes for commercial deployment.
Identify and choose the right AI or cognitive computing technologies for solving problems and formulate AI recipes for development.
Develop required machine learning algorithm, models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem and find solutions .
Involve in development of AI Platform and AI enablement of the projects.
Design and build Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP infrastructure, models and applications to generate scalable and high-performance
Prediction, Evaluation, Recommendation, anomaly detection, bots, sentiment insights and ontologies from structured/unstructured Big Data and domain rules.
Determine the best AI technique for a particular customer problem in any industry domain and apply, learn, and adapt.
Create and validate models, deliver Proof of Technology projects using latest research and production quality components and build solutions in our various labs.
Actively participate in hackathons
Create new intellectual property and submit for patents.
Represent Innovation Incubator in Technology conferences.

Skills and qualifications

Minimum 3 years of development experience using one of JAVA, C, C++ or python languages.
Minimum 3 years of experience in web application development.
Minimum 2 years of experience in building of API driven interface development.
Experience in developing cloud applications running on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix etc.
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, APIs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Technologies.
Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing.
Experiences with RDBM databases, NoSQL Database, Graph Database.
Experience in search platform such as Solr, Elastic Search
Python, Scala, R, Java, RDF
Non-linear and linear Regression Analysis, Linear algebra, optimization, Multi Criteria Group Decision Making, Neural Networks.
Use Tensor Flow/Theano, Stanford NLP, CNTK, Keras, MxNet, AWS AI, Universe OpenAI, Caffe2, DeepLearning4j, IBM Watson, Spacy,,,, etc.
Good knowledge of semantic graph/ontology and GraphDB, dimensionality reduction techniques (SVD, PCA), image processing
Training and Validating Models.
SQL, No SQL, Hadoop HDFS, Spark, Apex.
Should be a self-starter, creative thinker, collaborator and a confident communicator with a passion for excellence.
Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
Open source enthusiast.
Experience in agile software development or similar methodologies.
Demonstrated ability to deliver working solutions on a tight schedule.

Preferred Qualifications & Experience

7+ years of experience
Quantitative major from premier institutes

Required Skills

Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Data Science
Predictive Modeling
Statistical Modeling
2 years of experience with Hadoop, Big Data Technologies, and/or cloud computing platforms.


Los Angeles, USA

Minimum Education

MS/M.Tech/B.Tech or PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning, AI, Data Science or related field.

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