Uniwebb Software’s 50/50 Start-up Assistance Plan allows new companies to easily finance elite software

Elk Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Uniwebb has introduced a program to merge Start-up companies’ innovative ideas with needed software solutions.

Uniwebb’s 50-50 Startup Assistance Partnership Program was created to help Start-ups fund projects with just 50% of the design and development cost up front. In exchange, Uniwebb negotiates for a mutually beneficial equity share or defers the rest of the payment. In the latter case, the deferred 50% is paid after the first investment round or after project monetization.

Because of financial realities, many startups fail without a premier technology team. However, Uniwebb offers its full technology services to qualified businesses for just 50% of a project’s initial cost. This includes advanced software, skilled programmers and a full design and marketing staff. 

Effective communication is championed as a touchstone of the 50/50 Start-up Software plan; included in the program are total availability, weekly review sessions, and extended maintenance support. Additionally, Uniwebb contributes to all 50/50 plan investments by helping with research, marketing and next-round fundraising. 

Uniwebb CEO Bo Sepehr said in a statement, “we created this program because we would consistently come across great entrepreneurs with amazing ideas who just couldn’t quite afford our software. This was frustrating and disheartening and I thought long and hard about creating some sort of investment program. This way we can keep these companies in the game, while allowing us to do what we do best and experience the thrills and rewards of working with a rapidly growing Start-up.”

To learn more about Uniwebb’s 50/50 plan, visit our Start-up page and complete a brief contact form. 

About Uniwebb Software
Uniwebb Software is a web development company, based out of Elk Grove, CA. They specialize in custom software - web design, mobile application development and portal development.

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