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There's only one way that you can increase the revenue that your businesses generates - you have to increase the amount of business you do by scaling your operations.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

Getting lost is a thing of the past. Google introduced the latest version of Google maps at its recent I/O conference, showing how the program is more customizable and interactive. This is one of the best applications that Google has ever invented and has literally changed how people find their way from place to place.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

Rumors abound when we talk about Google, Nexus, and the ever sought after LTE. And of course there is much reason for there to be excitement about it as it appears on many people’s tech wish list.

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The hype surrounding the cloud web hosting hasn’t decreased for the last couple of years. The popularity of online services continues to grow and traditional servers increasingly become a restriction for every business seeking to improve their online services.

Posted in Technology 28 Sep

I’ve spent a little over three weeks with Google Glass, and I’ve noted that the utility aspect of the device is strong, but the fun isn’t there yet. It feels a lot like the original iPhone did, before it had the App Store.