Getting lost is a thing of the past. Google introduced the latest version of Google maps at its recent I/O conference, showing how the program is more customizable and interactive. This is one of the best applications that Google has ever invented and has literally changed how people find their way from place to place.

With the release, Google shifted some attention from Google Glass, which has incited security concerns amid the anticipation, according to Internetproviders.com.

More Than A Map

Google rebuilt the entire maps program from the ground up, with a focus on the design and interactions directly within the map itself, according to Mashable. With a number of images, like clouds and sunsets, in real time, Google maps is now an amalgam of Google Earth and Street View, making it more than just a helpful tool to get around town. It mixes the company's own imagery with amazing user-generated photos that have been uploaded and submitted to Google maps, making it an ever-changing, always unique view of the world.

Beyond the beautiful photos, Google maps will also use the map to highlight businesses in the areas you are searching and offer deals and promotions from those businesses. It’s a more interactive feature that really makes the retooled program even more immersive.

Google Maps could be the beginning of the end for GPS. Its geofencing mode can determine whether the user is in a car, biking or walking, allowing the application to give you directions at the appropriate speed and choosing the best route.

The new maps application is not just for Android or iOS devices either, as the company is launching an app for tablets this summer, allowing you to find directions on just about any device you own. In short, just about everything Google Maps lacked in the past (and there weren’t many of these things) it probably has now.


While the announcement for the spectacular maps program dominated much of the conference, there was no mention of Google Glass, according to Internetproviders.com. Despite security concerns, smaller, stylist problems have presented themselves. Will everyone just be staring into their glasses ignoring each other?


The technology was mocked on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, truly addressing it’s problems in the popular culture. The fact that Google didn’t mention Google Glass at their annual I/O conference clearly says it is not quite ready everyone to try it out. Google CEO Larry Page even addressed “the negativity of stories” in the news media, saying it was “zero-sum” and “isn’t how we make progress.” However, this philosophy doesn’t change the points made by critics.

In the meantime, it’s nice to see that they haven’t been distracted from doing the things that they do best, like the Maps program, and have made them the world changing company they currently are.

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